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Are you going to buy exclusive gifts and souvenirs? And do you know about their history?

• MAGNET. The largest number of magnets was collected by American Louise Greenfarb. Its collection numbers more than 30 thousand of different magnets, more than 7 thousand of them are on display in the Las Vegas Museum of the Guinness Book of Records. Everyone calls the woman "Magnetic Lady", and she, it seems, is not going to stop there.

• PORTSIGAR. From the 17th century, cigarette cases were made only of precious metals and were the prerogative of only the upper strata of society. Special love for aristocrats used "boxes for cigars", made by Carl Faberge. Such a gift was also given to Nikolai II, a 20-year-old. Later this tradition took root, and he had a whole collection, one of the most valuable specimens in it was a cigarette-case with the image of Princess Olga and Tatiana, who gave Empress Alexandra Feodorovna to Nicholas II.

• LIGHTER. The lighter is older than the match, but the mass production of steel only after the end of the First World War. But the famous lighters Zippo have a lifetime guarantee: they can be sent back to the factory and get either repaired or a new one. This rule does not apply to external damage. The most expensive lighter Zippo sold for 6.81 million dollars: it was gold, covered with precious stones, and in the body was a small gun with several miniature cartridges.

• PORTMONE. The first people who began to put money in bags were the residents of Lydia (now it is the territory of Turkey). In Russia, except for money in a purse, they also put various attributes - for example, scales and weights. In Japan and China, instead of a purse, a leather or silk lace was used: coins with special holes were threaded on them.

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