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USSR medals

Orders and medals of the USSR in the military shop "Voenmag"

In the army hypermarket "Voenmag" you can at any time order with delivery to the house models of honorary badges, orders, medals and awards of the USSR. All products are made with jewelry meticulousness and they can easily be confused with the originals. Copies of the Soviet Union's incentive badges are stamped from brass, while the colored elements on the medals are made with the technique of applying hot organic enamel. This guarantees durability and wear resistance to the coating.

The price range for the presented awards of the highest state model of the USSR favorably differs from the pricelists of other military trades by its modesty. For example, if in the similar Internet shops a breastplate «Order of the Red Banner» will cost you 50 USD, but we sell this product at a price of 10 USD. Saving is obvious.

Moreover, many years of work in the market allowed us to develop great contacts with suppliers and manufacturers of medals and badges. Therefore, we are proud to offer our customers rare orders in the Soviet Union for certain categories of servicemen, for example, the Order of Glory, which until 1974 was the only award in the entire USSR designed to reward individuals. This badge of honor could not have been awarded to a division or any organization, but only servants for personal feats for the good of the state. By the way, here you can buy all three classes of this medal. 

By leafing through a huge number of pages in our catalog, you will find that we can really offer customers absolutely all the awards that have ever been released to the USSR. Whether it's the Star of the Hero of the Soviet Union, Labor or the Sickle and the Hammer medal, designed for the heroes of socialist labor. These awards are also presented in three classes.

A large section in our assortment is allotted to models and copies of the orders of the commanders of the USSR. Unlike other stores, the Internet shop "Voentorg" proudly offers you these awards in several variants. For example, M.I. Kutuzov can be bought in gold, silver and brass colour. In addition, with us you will be able to purchase orders, timed to the names of such famous naval commanders as F.F. Ushakov, P.S. Nakhimov. In the assortment there are awards in honor of A.V. Suvorov, Bogdan Khmelnitsky (first, second and third classes), Marshal Zhukov and Alexander Nevsky. It is interesting that during his lifetime not a single portrait of this great commander was preserved, so it was decided to release this order with the image of Nikolai Cherkasov, an actor who played the role of Alexander Nevsky in the production of the same name. All listed awards are offered in both gold and silver versions. Close attention should be paid to the Soviet Union's high rank award for exploits during the Second World War - the Order of Victory, which is also always available. These copies of medals fit perfectly into your collection or decorate the stands of historical museums.

The guide to medals and orders of the USSR

The function of orders is to distinguish a person from others for certain merits. The tradition of rewarding people with special badges of honor begins from time immemorial. For example, even in Kievan Rus, the most valiant warriors were awarded a golden hryvnia, which they were supposed to wear around their necks. Honorable was the respect and universal respect in any principality. A supporter of progress and radical measures, Peter the First established a medal "For Drunkenness". It is possible to guess for what merits the subjects were awarded with "honor" to wear a cast iron medal weighing 7 kilograms on their necks. By the way, it was strictly forbidden to take it off earlier than a week later.

The earliest USSR medal was published in 1919. It was the Order of the October Revolution. By the way, you can easily buy this rarity in the online store "Voenmag". In all, 91 medals were issued in the Soviet Union. Many of them were classified into three classes or made of gold, silver and bronze. It is interesting that some citizens were awarded right from birth. These were medals "Born on the Volga River" or "Born in the Kuban". The girls were given medals covered with pink enamel, and boys - blue.

September 16, 1918 All-Russian Central Executive Committee (VTsIK) issued a decree on the establishment of the Order of the Red Banner. This honorary badge was given to people who showed special courage and courage in battle. It was this order that became the founder of the award system of the RSFSR, which differed markedly from that of pre-revolutionary Russia. For people from the simple class, this award became a symbol of freedom, since any daredevil could receive it, regardless of what kind it occurred. In the people of the service, awarded this award, affectionately called "red banners." They were always honored and the rest of the fighters for justice tried to be like them. Our customers can at any time make an order for this order. Voentorg "Voenmag" can carry out even wholesale supplies of this sign of honor.

The most honorable award of the USSR deservedly is the Order of the Red Star. About four million citizens of the Soviet Union were able to receive this honorary mark for outstanding work for the good of the Motherland. This order is rightly called the most massive in the USSR. By the way, it was issued not only during the war, but also in peacetime. In addition, among the honored soldiers of other countries also met.

Given that during the Civil War - and even against the backdrop of intervention by other states - not only the front-line soldiers were living hard, but also those who stayed at home and had to work hard. All this was done to provide soldiers with everything necessary. Therefore, the government decided to establish also the Order of the Red Banner of Labor. In 1935 was also approved the release of the Order of Honor, which could get both people and businesses for extraordinary feats in the world of work. Three years later, a medal For Labour Valour was added to the list of awards for workers, along with an Honorary Badge For Distinguished Labour. All these awards are present in the electronic catalog of the military shop "Voenmag".

After the offensive of the Great Patriotic War, the Supreme Soviet of the USSR began to pay special attention to the issue of incentive marks for soldiers and workers of the rear. He opened the list of medals of the Great Patriotic War with the Order of the Patriotic War. It was manufactured in the first and second degrees. Our managers accept orders for delivery of both versions of this order right up to your doors.

The second wave of honor marks was timed to the names of the most outstanding commanders and naval commanders of the Second World War: M.I. Kutuzov, F.F. Ushakov, P.S. Nakhimov, A.V. Suvorov, Marshal Zhukov, Bogdan Khmelnitsky, and Alexander Nevsky. Each of these awards we have in gold and silver execution.

Medal For military merits of the USSR, which appeared in 1938, was actively used during the war years. Interestingly, even Hitler was awarded this medal during the Second World War! Stalin's unconventional thinking has nothing to do with, just in the award chronicles, once instead of the name of the honorable soldier named Gitlev, Hitler was recorded. By the way, about 5 million servicemen were able to get this medal in due time.

For a great contribution to the domestic industry and work in factories, plants and in the field of agriculture, many citizens were awarded the Medal of the Workers of the Logistics. To date, the owners of these medals receive a special monthly allowance from the state in gratitude for their help during the Great Patriotic War.

In addition to all the signs of honor issued during the Second World War, the sign of the Guards is a special veteran's pride. People who are relevant to those difficult years for the country know the value of this award. If your grandfather accidentally lost such a medal, you can order a copy of it from us and then at a meeting of veterans your relative will undoubtedly be respected.

In addition to all of the above, in the catalog of the army hypermarket of military goods "Voenmag" there are also awards for defense, liberation, as well as taking various cities of the post-Soviet space. The final medal of the Great Patriotic War was the honorary sign For the victory over Germany, which was issued in 1945.

Voentorg "Voenmag" is a real Klondike for those who are fond of faleristics and numismatics. Only in our catalog you can find absolutely all medals, badges, orders and honorary signs of the USSR. It can be:

Jubilee medals;

Order for large women and just mothers;

Orders issued for feats in the defense of the Fatherland;

Orders for labor exploits and many others.

Please note that the online store of military goods is glad to offer its customers not only the medals and orders themselves, but also accessories to them at the most attractive prices. It can be a budget cardboard box for signs of honor or a luxurious velvet pads with lace edging.

Why it is worth buying medals and orders in the army hypermarket "Voenmag"

Our specialists give each customer the advice he or she needs. If you want to open your own military goods store in your hometown, our managers will prompt you what medals and USSR orders are most popular among the population. Taking into account the location of your store, an optimal grocery basket will be made for you.

All our products are systematized in a handy catalog. Having set the necessary parameters, you can easily find the thing you need, as well as view products in descending price and popularity.

We do not pretend to be a store selling original medals and orders of the USSR. We honestly warn our customers that all presented lots are moulages and copies of honorary badges. However, buying medals in other places, you can run into a dishonest seller, who for a lot of money will sell you a dummy in the guise of the original. Be carefull. In addition, different manufacturers of medals use different techniques and materials in their manufacture. Voentorg "Voenmag" works exclusively with proven manufacturers in the market. Therefore, we never get complaints from buyers about the quality of our medals. Such a policy allows not only to protect the specialists of our online store from additional work, but also to free up time for further expansion of the assortment.

Email us right now and we will discuss the terms of delivery and lot size with you. We work with both private and legal entities. Therefore, in a free order, we can accept payment for goods by bank transfer. We are waiting for you!

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