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Want to buy medals of the USSR? Read interesting stories about some of them!

• Order of the red banner of Afghanistan. Unfortunately, the Order, which was awarded at the time of the VOv, did not cease to be relevant even after it. Only from 1980 to 1989. Soviet authorities handed in 1972 this award for cases when international assistance to Afghanistan was provided. In general, the award was given to the highest ranks for the qualitative organization of battles. However, known and exceptional cases. For example, ordinary Nikolai Kontsov was awarded a reward for seeing the ambush being prepared, when the column with food was moving to its destination. Thanks to his heroism, he managed to save the column from death and received the Order of the Red Banner.

medal of the labor veteran of the USSR. Awards were awarded mainly to those who have worked for many years in various areas of human life. However, it is interesting that she was rewarded also by people who worked in factories during Vov, being minors. There are several varieties of the medal, which makes each instance special.

maternity medal of the USSR, the price of which on our site is low, was given to mothers who raised 5 or 6 children. This award has been awarded to about 13 million women across the country. Mothers, who brought up 10 or more children, were awarded the order "Mother-heroine".

• The medal for courage in the USSR fire began to be awarded since 1957. One of the first to receive it was private VI. Boar. He extinguished a burning house when he noticed a child in the fire and, taking his life risked, took him out of the room. A Georgian fireman O. Gogoladze received the award three times!

Order of the Great Patriotic War received more than 9 million people, moreover, there are known cases , when they were awarded military units, military schools and cities - Smolensk, Kerch, Voronezh, Tiraspol, Orsha, Kishenov, etc.! It is also interesting that this order was first divided into degrees.

• table medals of the USSR. Anniversaries of the Great October Revolution, Congress of Soviets of the RSFSR, I.P. Pavlov, jubilees of the Leningrad Mint, International physiological congresses, the first flight of man into space - this is far from a complete list of those events, which you will be reminded of by the USSR medals.

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