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Medals tokens have an amazing history

• Chingis-khan warriors used stones instead of tokens: they left them for battle, left them, and returned back - they took them. But this made it possible to learn only the number of dead, but not their names.

• the tokens are mentioned by the Spartans. So Diodorus of Scyli wrote about small plaques with names that the Lacedaemonians fixed on their hands before the battle.

• Therefore, at the same time in Russia, soldiers wore on their bodies during the battle two icons: one in the figure of the patron saint of the principality, the other with the image of his patron.

• The first markings were given to the sons of the German cobbler in the middle of the 19th century. With the help of small tin tags, someone had to find out his sons and tell them about their death to their father.

• In the Russian Empire, the "fire sign" was known, which became the first official recognition mark for some of the army ranks, and the ordering of the introduction of such signs was the streamlining of military life. If soldiers left the territory of the unit, they were required to take such tokens. Returning, they took them.

• Often, soldiers are given two tokens: if you can not take the body off the battlefield, take one token with you, and leave the other on the body so that you can identify the soldier later.

• For the same purposes, medals are used for signs of tokens with a special crack in the middle: so it can be safely broken and carried away with a half. The information on both sides is duplicated.

• During the Great Patriotic War, not everyone had enough quality tokens, so instead of them can be used pencil cases or shells for Mosin's rifle.

• at the end of 1942 wearing a token for the army was canceled: it was believed that enough and Red Army book. However, some soldiers continued to wear signs by tradition.

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