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Voentorg "Voenmag" offers icons Cosmos at discount prices!

Everyone knows that the USSR is the first country to launch a man into space. Not surprisingly, in the award system of the Russian Federation and the USSR, a large niche is reserved for cosmonaut medals . However, in this section you will see only space icons, among which nevertheless there are awards that are not inferior to the popularity of the medal for space exploration.

Did you know that the Russian Falerist community considers the collection of space icons to be the most popular among all awards topics? All this is due to the fact that during the existence of the USSR, these signs of honor were given special attention. As a result, so many awards have been established that the opinion of the Falerists about the attribution of certain signs to the space theme has been divided.

There are adherents of "pure cosmos" who believe that the segment of these awards should not include signs issued in honor of celestial bodies, space vehicles or rockets. Their supporters believe that everything that has to do with outer space should be included in the collection of space icons. We are adherents of the second approach, so we can find signs with the attributes of the first satellites or rockets. Moreover, we have international-scale icons in honor of The First Man on the Moon , and also in honor of soft landing on the Earth satellite . We, as an online store, consider it our duty to convey the entire history of the country to our descendants.

Despite the fact that the first flight into space was made on April 12, 1961, a sign that opens a niche of awards to astronauts was established in 1957. It was in this year that the first space satellite was launched. In addition, party leaders of the time made the decision to represent scientists who were distinguished by successes in the development of a new niche of science and by medals named Tsiolkovsky.

If we consider the 20th century from the point of view of humanity's breakthrough to the stars, then each sign of space can be considered a symbol of a new page in the history of planet Earth. Such signs of honor were a reflection of mankind's striving for new heights and a happy future and were given to those who achieved success in the field of space exploration. It is for this reason that the cosmos icons are present in almost every collection of today's faleristov.

Military cosmonauts, civilians, scientists and researchers in the field of space science, public figures or veterans of cosmonautics of the USSR were awarded with cosmonauts . The price for an icon depends on how small the release was. Rare insignias of VKS are sold more expensive than those that were awarded to a large number of people.

Becoming an astronaut dreamed more than half of all boys and boys who studied in the Soviet Union. So, this section of awards "Voenmag" is dedicated to those who managed to realize the childhood dream.

What are the Cosmos icons you can buy in the Voenmag military store

In the catalog of icons of the space of our online store, you can find a large number of icons VKS, both public and established by public organizations.

Many of you, for sure, know that in Russia, since 2001, Space troops have existed for ten years. The decision to allocate these troops to a separate type that was part of the Strategic Missile Forces was due to the growing role of "star" tasks in the well-being of the country as a whole.

However, in 2011 this type of army was disbanded and became a member of the EKO (Space Defense Forces), and four years later it was decided to return everything to its proper place. So in the Russian Federation there were Space troops again. This time not as a separate unit, but as part of the VCS (Aerospace Forces). By the way, icons VKS with collet fastening, which is freely available in our catalog, you can buy for ridiculous money. Do not miss this opportunity.

It is impossible to overestimate the contribution of space troops to today's welfare of the country. After all, they are responsible for neutralizing threats from outer space. This is not about the invasion of aliens, but about the satellites of other countries and nuclear attacks. Moreover, this kind of troops is responsible for the development and launch of new missiles into space, both military and civilian. In addition, servicemen in the space forces support satellites, as well as the means of their launch and control in combat readiness.

If you want to note the work of a military officer close to you as part of the Russian Space Forces, then we are happy to offer you signs for the services of the VKS. You also have the right to choose the " Space Marine Excellence " badge, which is sold at an amazingly low cost in our online store.

If we talk about the era of the USSR, the first part of the space mission (which was later transformed into the Strategic Missile Forces) was formed back in 1955. In that year, it was just decided to build a test site for scientific research in the field of space exploration. Later this polygon was named Baikonur. In honor of this "star" town every anniversary anniversary is issued a commemorative sign. All of them you can buy in the military "Voenmag". We are talking about Badges Baikonur 40 years, 45 years, 50 years, 55 years. We have a whole series of awards in honor of this legendary "star" parade ground. There is also a simple metal Badge on this topic with a rocket on the background of a blue globe.

Three years after the launch of the Baikonur project, the Soviet Government announced its intention to build another landfill, this time for launching intercontinental ballistic missiles. It is a question of the world famous cosmodrome Plesetsk. Unfortunately, the badge in honor of this cosmodrome was not released. But we have a medal for those who served on the famous polygon.

Do not even mention the first launch of a man into space - Yuri Gagarin on the spaceship Vostok - this date crashed into the memory not only of all our compatriots, but also of most foreign citizens. In honor of this event, which was watched by the whole planet, was released jubilee icon space on the pimp, timed to the 45th anniversary of the flight of Yuri Alekseevich. On the topic of this event, our managers can recommend a number of icons to customers. For example, a commemorative sign " East 1961 ", or icon of Yuri Gagarin . Polistav pages of our catalog, you will find many more awards in honor of the first person to be in space.

Since school, we all know that the first to see the space two dogs - the squirrel and the Arrow. Here you can order icon space in honor of their safe return to Earth .

Present VCS as they are were created in 1992. The Plesetsk, Golitsyno-2, Free and Legendary Baikonur Cosmodromes were given direct subordination to this type of troops.

In our catalog there are signs of classiness of the Soviet Union and Russia - from the first to the third. All icons are released at prices not exceeding 300 rubles.

When the Day of Space Forces is celebrated

In 2002, the President of the Russian Federation adopted a decree on the celebration of the Day of Space Forces on October 4. Why this date? Because in 1957 it was on October 4 that the first artificial Earth satellite was launched, which opened Russia's door to the world of military and civilian cosmonautics.

By the way, we are pleased to offer our customers an icon, which was issued in honor of The first satellite of the USSR . The circle of this icon indicates the date of its launch.

What emblems of the Space Forces exist in Russia

In the same 2002, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation ordered the creation of special heraldic signs, symbolizing the Space Forces. In the people, this attribute was simply nicknamed - space icons. A small, medium and large emblem of the Space Forces was developed.

  • The first one captures a silver missile in the form of a triangle against the background of our planet in the form of a ball divided by strips of Russian tricolor horizontally. This symbolizes the significance of our country's achievements from the point of view of world cosmonautics. Above, two equivalent triangles represent the antennas, with which space troops control the intergalactic space.
      • The second one depicts a golden two-headed eagle with arrows of Perun (pagan God) in the right paw, and a silver rod in the other. The arrows are pointing downwards and this means that the space forces can at any time repel an attack from other states, since they can all be seen as in the palm of your hand. Above is a rocket with an antenna. The chest of the eagle is decorated with a red shield with a rider who clashed in a fight with the dragon. & nbsp; & nbsp;
      • On the third emblem (in a different way, on the arms), a small, first emblem is imprinted, which is enclosed in a dark blue heraldic shield. The latter is framed with a wreath, in the upper part of which - the emblem of the RF Armed Forces. This wreath symbolizes the courage and courage of the fighters of the space front.

What are the cosmic icons produced in Voenmag

Our hypermarket cooperates with long-established manufacturers of medals and badges. All lots are made of high-alloy brass. Paints on space icons are marked with organic enamel by hot coating technique. This technique has been successfully used in the industry for several decades. It allows to achieve the ideal quality of the products due to the reliable adhesion of the paint to the workpiece.

Our customers are 100% confident that they order quality products that will serve them for a long period of time. All engraved details are printed by our manufacturers using a high-precision engraving machine. Everything, even the smallest details, is polished to a shine. No medal or badge is defective, because all finished products are carefully examined from all sides.

You can always buy space icons in Voenmag!

To do this, you just need to place an online application or leave us a request for a callback (button "Buy in one click"). Our consultants will quickly contact you on the phone left by you and will verbally accept the order.

If you urgently need icons of the USSR space - to buy in Moscow, these rare signs of honor are easy. You just need to call us and we will send you the goods by courier the next day (valid only for residents of Moscow and the Near Moscow region). Order in the "Voenmag" space icons - the lowest price on the Internet!

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