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Buy souvenir textiles as a gift? Do not forget about the proper care for them!

• MATERIAL TOWEL. A soft and fluffy fabric needs special care: they need to be washed only in a delicate mode with a temperature of no more than 60 degrees. It is better to choose liquid detergents, in addition, they should be less than indicated on the package. Do not iron terry towels, even if you want them to dry faster: it will permanently damage the structure of the fabric.

• THE VELVET TOWEL. Wash velor towels better either manually or at a temperature of not more than 40 degrees. Do not use any chemicals. You can wring out the towel, but do not twist it. Iron it can be ironed up to 150 degrees, with the steam mode turned on.

• BEACH TOWEL. The only thing you can wish for here is wash it after each walk, taking into account the peculiarities of leaving on the label, depending on the fabric.

• A WAIST TOWEL. This is the easiest material to care for. They can be washed with any powder, but at a temperature not exceeding 40 degrees. They also withstand pressing and drying, as well as ironing with a hot iron.

• CASES ON CAR HEAD RESTRAINTS. This is one of the most famous places in the car, wash them as they get dirty at a temperature of not more than 40 degrees.

• EMPTY BAG. Embroidery is a very fragile thing, so try to wash these bags by hand, then give them time to dry yourself.

• COVER FOR THE FLAG. This is a great thing when you need to either disguise the jar or decorate it at your own discretion. And although the jar itself will remain clean, you will have to wash the cover frequently: always touching it with your hands, you will certainly mess it up. Therefore, if you do not want frequent washings, it is better not to get light covers for the jar. Also pay attention to the non-fabric covers.

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