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Souvenir stationery

Do you choose stationery symbols? Here you can find:

• notebooks and notebooks with the symbols of various units - the federal security service, internal troops, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Federal Security Service, military intelligence, the navy, the border guard service, etc.

• sets of postcards. One of the most striking series is a series depicting ships of the Navy - the Leningrad Naval Base, the Black Sea Fleet, the Northern Fleet.

• You can buy ballpoint pens on our website with engraved inscriptions for various holidays - in honor of the Great Victory, for example. Also we are happy to offer ballpoint pens with the symbols of FSIN, GRU Special Forces, FSO, MVD, STSI, Marines, Tank Troops, etc.

• Laser engraving on the pens looks prestigious, so pay attention to those products that are offered in our online store - handles engraved by the engineer troops, RZhD, VVS (Fly and win!), MES (Prevention, rescue, help! ), The Ministry of the Interior (I Serve the Law!), Marine Aviation (Above the Water, On Land and Air!), MP (Where We Are, There Is Victory!), Etc.

Did you know the following interesting facts about stationery symbols?

• Earlier cosmonauts had to use pencils, because the pens could not work in the absence of atmospheric pressure, in zero gravity and abnormal temperatures. However, in the 60's Fisher came up with special handles for use in outer space.

• The most expensive pen costs 1.5 million dollars. It is made by hand, its pen is 18-karat gold, and the hood and body contains thousands of diamonds and white gold - only about 1.5 thousand jewels.

• The Japanese have come up with an occupation that is now popular all over the world - penspinning. The only thing you need to do is deftly twist the pen in your hands and compete in it.

• but with postcards there are really terrible cases. In 1975, a resident of the American town received a postcard from her friend, whom her childhood friend sent 50 years ago! The girlfriend by this time has already died.

• Soviet soldiers (especially during the war in Afghanistan) could not afford to buy cards, so they did it themselves: poured and decorated old posters and wallpapers and sent without stamps. Such military cards always reached their destination.

• but the music cards that became popular with us in the early 2000s, appeared in 1994 in Spain.

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