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Why do you need to buy souvenirs?

• GIFT. Of course, first of all souvenir products are produced precisely for this purpose. A wide range of our online store allows you to choose a gift to absolutely different people: from folding piles - as a gift to a man to souvenir plates - to a woman. In addition, the goods are sold with laser engraving, which will forever leave your gift in the memory of a person.

• ORNAMENT. If your design perfectly fits souvenir tea spoons or decorative souvenir plates, you can always order them in our online store. Such souvenir dishes are much more enjoyable to enjoy on great holidays, when the atmosphere itself gives an additional twist.

• FOR DAILY USE. Such souvenir items as Thermoses with laser engraving or mugs as a gift you can use every day. They will constantly remind you of an event or a person. Drink coffee from the cup, which depicts your favorite person - and the day will be asked since the morning!

We advise you to learn a few interesting facts before buying souvenirs.

• The first dishes were clay only: this material was the most convenient in processing and was not afraid of liquid. A little later, there was cast-iron and copper dishes, so that you could cook food on fire.

• In Russia, plates were used for gift to servants for special merits.

• in our understanding, the plate became an indispensable attribute at the table only in the 18th century.

• In Asia, you can often see a bowl - a cup without a handle.

• We have a pile, and in the English-speaking countries - a shot. It holds 45 ml of liquid, since the standard consumption of alcohol in one sip is one ounce (30 ml).

• The inventor of the thermos was the Scottish scientist James Dyuar, his vessel began to be used for domestic purposes started already in the 1900s.

• Pythagoras came up with a mug in which alcohol can be poured only up to a certain point - then it starts pouring out. This is due to the curved channel, which is in the center of the dishes.

• At one time, Napoleon decided to honor the most distinguished guests and ordered them to make them cutlery from aluminum. The rest of the guests continued to use the usual gold and silver dishes. Inspired by interesting facts and now you can not wait to buy yourself a souvenir dish? Then welcome to our online store!

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