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Ribbons for awards

Voentorg "Voenmag" - you will find any ribbon for awards!

We are glad to welcome you on the pages of the online store "Voenmag"! We have all the goods involved in the world of faleristics, beginning with medals, orders, breastplates, and ending with accessories and ribbons for awards. On our electronic showcases are presented all kinds of tapes, which only meet in the domestic market and in the CIS market - more precisely 272 kinds. Any width, any color - whatever tape you need, you will find it with us. Otherwise, we will order the right product for you, and you will receive a moire tape produced by your sketch by courier or mail in the shortest possible time.

We can order both tapes for state awards, and purchase tapes for the awards of the USSR. The catalog is conveniently marked with explanations for each type of tape. Moreover, you can use the filter and arrange the tapes in descending order of popularity or novelty.

How to make a moiré tape

"Moire" from French translates as "embossing". For many years textile workers have been using this technique to create premium ribbons. It is through changing the pressure on the knitting folds that the thread density is achieved, which causes the fabric to "play" in the light. Do not think that this effect is achieved solely through the use of silk threads in the manufacture of moire tape. The latter can be made from a different material in composition. It can be both natural material and artificial, for example, natural silk, cotton, wool, lurex, polyester and other materials. In the military magazine "Voenmag" there are ribbons made mainly of silk, viscose or lavsan, twisted yarn. Products made from these materials are generally more uniform, have a strong, deep color and have increased durability.

Moreover, each material can be subdivided into several subspecies. For example, viscose yarn can be twisted, twisted, and also pneumatically-connected. The disadvantage of choosing an unreliable producer of viscose ribbons for awards can be an uneven coloring of the thread. For this reason, the military "Voenmag" works only with reputable manufacturers whose products are of a quality visible to the naked eye.

In order for the award ribbons to acquire the same overflow, similar to wood-cut, our suppliers subject the final product to such an expensive procedure as calendering. This technique allows you to slightly move the thread to get a wavy pattern.

Why it is worth ordering tapes for awards in the Voenmag military escort

The domestic market of manufacturers of ribbon-weaving products can not be called oversaturated. This branch of the textile and haberdashery industry requires the use of expensive equipment, as well as personnel trained to work on rare tape-less shuttleless machines that have a special design of batons.

We cooperate with the proven manufacturer of moire ribbons - a highly specialized enterprise that produces nothing more than ribbons for awards. Moreover, our partners work with a small number of buyers, so the quality of manufactured products is given an increased share of attention at all stages of its production:

  • At the stage of preparation of raw materials - if you take ribbons from viscose, then when they are made, a thread made exclusively using a centrifugal method is taken.
  • At the stage of strip manufacture - a method of parallel winding of the base on small beams with low beads is used. Threads are stretched with the same tension to avoid the heterogeneous density of the finished product, holes, loops and other defects.
  • At the final stage of finishing the finished tape for the award - its surface becomes smooth, shiny and soft. For this purpose, the products are impregnated with a finishing agent, dried, subjected to a calendering process (dried on hot drums), and then passed through an aprotrasonic machine.

After the completion of all procedures, the final product is carefully examined for compliance with all standards adopted in the industry. Therefore, be sure that all the ribbons presented in our store are evenly colored, resistant to abrasion, and have increased strength.

Faleristics: is it worth changing ribbons for rewards?

Perhaps this is the most frequent question asked by buyers. Will the fact of replacing the old tape with a new one reflect the cost of the award? One can unequivocally answer that this accessory does not affect the cost of the medal or order in any way. But the unpresentable appearance of the award can spoil the overall picture of the impression of it. So, if you want to refresh the look of a grandfather or grandmother's medal, then you can do it by tightening the pads, without losing the cost of the reward.

Over time, the shoe can take a somewhat lumpy appearance, and showing the medal will be simply embarrassing. In such cases, you can order the necessary ribbon for the award in our store and pull the shoe. On such accessories never left any special signs, so just a new ribbon will do.

The most common argument of opponents of replacing tapes is: "Now the tapes are not the same." Yes it's true. They are completely different, because before the moiré stripes were made of cotton threads, which had less wear resistance.

Do not doubt that the new products in some way inferior to those that were born 50 years ago. On the contrary, modern tapes have such qualities as increased strength, water repellent structure of the material, to which dirt also does not stick. To buy a tape for the award from us means to enclose in a wonderful kind of reward for many decades.

What is the difference between St. George's ribbon and the guards?

Understanding this issue is very important. From a distance these tapes are very similar. However, their significance is diametrical. George ribbon was included in the package to the highest award of the Russian Empire - the Order of St. George, which was established in 1769 under Catherine II. However, during the Second World War, the attributes of this award were adorned by the betrayers' tunics. All this is explained by the fact that many Russian soldiers, who later switched sides, were awarded the Order of St. George even before captivity. Therefore, in the minds of our faithful compatriots, the St. George ribbon began to be associated with betrayal.

In 1942, in the award system of the USSR, a badge appeared under the index "Guards", which were awarded distinguished guards of the Soviet Navy. The block of this sign was drawn by the Guards band, on the orange background of which were three black stripes. Colors of the St. George ribbon mean three black bars and two orange without orange edging.

In 2005, ironically, and with the filing of journalists, a St. George ribbon was put forward as a symbol of victory, and not a guards band. To correct this defect is now very difficult.

What moire can be bought in Voenmag

In our store, you can buy a ribbon for the award, which was established:

  • The Ministry of the Interior (blue and burgundy tones predominate)
  • The Ministry of Civil Defense Affairs (blue and yellow tones)
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (green and blue shades)
  • The Ministry of Defense (yellow and red tones)
  • Federal agency of special construction (blue, black and white colors)
  • Railway Troops (green, black and white colors)
  • The Ministry of Justice (lilac shades)
  • Federal Penitentiary Service (purple colors)
  • Federal Bailiff Service (dark green color)
  • State courier service (burgundy color)
  • Federal Service for Foreign Intelligence (blue and yellow shades)
  • Federal Security Service (blue, blue and yellow colors)
  • Federal Security Service (dark blue)
  • Federal Customs Service (marsh color)
  • Federal Migration Service (burgundy-green ribbons)
  • The RF Prosecutor's Office (soft blue tones with yellow inserts)
  • EMERCOM of Russia (light blue tones)

The most popular for today is the tape for the award "For strengthening combat commonwealth". By the way, the cost of all products in the current section of our store is advantageously different from the prices of competitors. If the latter buy the tape for the award can be from 100 rubles and above, then we have the purchase amount reduced by more than twice.

Pay attention to the rare ribbon for the "Landing Brotherhood" medal. In the manufacture of all the tapes presented in our catalog, even the smallest semitones and shades of genuine awards ribbons were taken into account. So do not doubt that the purchased accessory will copy exactly the previous one, the old one. The ribbon for the award in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Airborne Forces is also in demand among the modern society of Falerists.


As you can see, in our store you can buy all kinds of moire ribbons. Whether it's ribbons for state awards, ribbons for USSR awards or memorable signs established by public organizations - we can buy moire ribbon for awards of any color and width. Given that in our catalog there are 272 kinds of tapes, the probability that the accessory you need is very high. If you still can not find the tape that you need, call us and we will help you. By the way, our specialists can not only advise customers on any issues, but also apply for the right lot by phone. You will not need to fill out an online application. Just dial us to the numbers that are indicated in the header of each page, and we will process your request promptly and without further questions!

Only here you can get a discount on the goods, simply by sharing a link to it in your favorite social network. To do this, go to the product card and click on the icon of the chosen network. At the end of the order, you will see that the purchase amount has decreased. We are also happy to accept an order for the wholesale supply of ribbons for awards to any city in Russia and the near abroad. If you have any business proposals for us, please let us know and we will listen to you. Polite staff, modest prices and prompt service are the three main advantages of Voenmag military man.

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