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Where can the Order of Russia be useful to you?

• personal collection. If you feel that your collection is missing a certain specimen, you will definitely find it with us. For connoisseurs of history, it will not be difficult to find a veteran of hostilities on the website of the Order (for example, the "Veteran of the Afghan War") or the Order of the Russian Empire (for example, "George Crosses").

• A gift. If you know for certain that your friend is interested in history, please give him an original presentation - modern Cossacks awards will suit the expert in the exploits of the Don Cossacks, and the Crimean order will surely please those who are interested in modern history. After all, the best way to get acquainted with the history is to feel it, and therefore, to hold it in your hands.

Not sure you can buy orders with a unique history? Then read the stories about several awards!

• Order of the Cossacks. If you remember how Semyon Dezhnev mastered the North, or how hetman P. Sagaidachny took impregnable Ishmael, you will certainly appreciate the modern rewards of the Cossacks. And how about taking part in the Cossack campaign, which take place every year and are dedicated to the Victory Day? It is here that you can see Cossack veterans who will be able to tell a lot of amazing stories. The order of the Cossacks can be worn both on a military uniform and on a jacket: after departmental and state awards and before other orders and medals of the Cossacks.

• Order of the ps. Border guards are always honorable and elite, so there are plenty of rewards too. In our online store you will be able to buy the Order of PV and MCHPV inexpensively.

• Military orders of the Russian Empire. Did you know that Yegor Mitrokhin became the first owner of the Military Order Badge (St. George's Cross), who excelled in the battle at Friedland? And the draft of the award was developed by Count Z. Chernyshev himself, the hero of the Seven Years' War. But the owner of the Order of St. Catherine the Great Martyr in the life of Peter the Great was Tsarina Catherine Alexeevna herself. During her husband's negotiations during the Prut march, she gave all her jewels to bribe the Turkish commanders. Can you imagine how many secrets each such rarity keeps? Therefore, to hold in the hands of the Order of the Russian Empire is so exciting. Are you ready to touch history? Then welcome to our catalog! & nbsp;

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