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Военмаг | A large selection of medals for athletes at low prices

One of the integral parts in the life of Russian citizens, sport has always been rewarded with awards and medals. In the military "Voenmag" there is a good selection of medals for athletes who can buy at an attractive price without leaving home. The lots you need will be quickly delivered to the required address.

A large assortment, high quality of sports-reward products, as well as prompt and competent service - you can always count on these three qualities in the Voenmag military department.

What medals can athletes buy at Voenmag?

In our store you can buy a large number of medals to athletes, established by public organizations. Suitable for solemn awards, as well as for honoring the winners of corporate and inter-regional, sports competitions, our products are able to brighten up any holiday. We are pleased to offer our customers universal insignia, as well as awards that are suitable for encouraging football players, volleyball players, skaters, dancers, swimmers, skiers, wrestlers, and also for those who have achieved results in other sports. The awards issued according to the project of public organizations and lavishly decorated with sports attributes will be a worthy gift for the distinguished athletes.

If you are the head of an organization with a large staff and like to organize active leisure for your employees, you should always have at hand medals for athletes. This will allow you to properly motivate employees, emphasize the status of the enterprise, and also to produce awards in a solemn atmosphere. For these purposes, you can order from us a universal medal, which is suitable for any occasion - " Forward! Russia! ". This insignia entered the large corps of awards "Motherland, Courage, Honor, Glory", therefore on the reverse side of the award you can see these words. The front side is decorated with a cartoon character, which since childhood has been familiar to all Russians - Cheburashka, who holds in his paws a football and the state flag of the Russian Federation.

If you want to capture a particular sporting event or award a medal to the logo of your company, then you can leave us an application for a pure premium disc that is not adorned with any attributes from either the obverse or the reverse. To engrave on the reward the image you need is possible by individual sketches, or by contacting the artist. The medal is released from the store on a standard pentagonal shoe, covered with a moire ribbon in the color of the Russian national flag. By the way, the cost for both presented awards is very low, which allows them to be purchased in bulk.

In our catalog you can always find rewards for coaches, physical education teachers, heads of tourist groups, as well as athletes with personal merits in the field of various sports. For such purposes, medal For achievements in sports is perfectly suited. It is fastened to the left of the departmental awards. As the sports attributes on the award act the image of a cup, a stadium and a laurel branch. The medal is also included in the large award corps "Homeland, courage, honor, glory."

For similar achievements, as well as for the training and education of young athletes in our catalog, there is one more medal For sporting merit . This award is a souvenir gift, so it can be awarded without special order of the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation. Such a medal will be a worthy completion of the school year for physical education teachers or for any athletes who have achieved certain results. Generously decorated with sports attributes from the front side, on the reverse side of the award only a wreath of wheat ears is engraved. In the center there is an empty space left, which you can use at your discretion - engrave on it a commemorative date or recipient's name.

We also have another medal of a similar theme - for merits in the development of physical culture and sports.

Medals for athletes in honor of the era of the USSR

The USSR Armed Forces (the Armed Forces of the USSR) in due time became the ancestor of many sports competitions. So in the 1950s, for the first time, military hunters conducted a set of orienteering competitions. This sport has since received a powerful development and has become an integral part of every tourist gathering, along with the breakdown of the camp of the tent and the breeding of the fire. An indispensable condition for conducting "sport orienteering" (as "cross-oriented" was named in 1960) was the following: no participant should have been familiar with the locality chosen for the competition earlier. Military hunters received copies from a classified topographic map, the Adriyanov compass, a package of medicines just in case, and the task of finding control points, which were specially installed on the crossroads for this purpose.

Ten years after founding, sports orienteering was included in the military pentathlon complex, and two years later the first rules were developed for this sport, and it became part of the Military Sports Classification of the USSR. It is interesting that the athletes who took part in the orientation, and showed good results, received new sports categories and even the title of master of sports of the Soviet Union. Contests over time have grown to the status of all-Union, and then to All-Russian. Are held to this day.

Medals for athletes in honor of the USSR Armed Forces, represented in our store, are divided into three levels - 1 class , 2 degree and 3rd degree . Since the USSR Armed Forces were founded in 1924, the five-pointed star with a sickle and a hammer centered on the attributes of the award. Wheat ears surrounding the star symbolize honor and glory. Since ancient times, warriors have seen in wreaths of wreaths of wheat ears. You can buy these insignia at a very low price and on a metal bar. Each degree of reward has its own color bars.

Medals to fans

If you are the head of the Fan Club at a hockey or football club, then encourage the fans who follow your favorite team in all cities without exception can be special medals. For hockey fans, we can offer a award featuring the famous hockey player A.N. Maltsev on the front. The reverse side remains unfilled, and you can engrave there the name of the fan or any memorable date.

For fans of football in our catalog there is medal in honor of Lev Yashin - the legendary Soviet goalkeeper. It can also be a solemn rewarding of well-deserved fans, and on its reverse side, you can also engrave the name of the recipient. The cost of both awards is quite acceptable for bulk purchases.

Please note that in the military department of Voenmag you can not only buy medals for rewarding athletes, but also get awards intended for coaches who made a feasible contribution to the development of the sports community" Dynamo ". You can buy them at a very low cost.

Departmental medals to athletes

This award was born in 2013 under the decree of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. It's about medals Warrior-athlete . In the catalog "Voenmag" there are two versions of this award - on the red bar and on the bar with state Russian attributes . Both awards are issued at the cost of badges, so they can be purchased in large quantities. This distinction marks the merits of servicemen who successfully surrendered all the standards of the military-sports complex of the Russian army. For each kind of troops, there are requirements, and this award can be awarded only to those servicemen who passed the standards to "excellent". Those who receive this sign will also be awarded the next rank in sports or, if all categories are already available, the title of Russian master of sports. The rule applies to all sports.

This distinction was transferred to the Russian Federation's award system from the Soviet Union. Approved in 1965, this sign in the USSR could be obtained for similar merits. A note on the receipt of the award was recorded in the serviceman's military ticket. The only difference between the modern sign and its Soviet colleague was that the latter was issued in three grades. The highest was a sign with a red mark, the lowest with a green one. In order to become an honorary holder of the red mark, it was necessary to pass all the standards not once, but to diligently fulfill the demands of the Soviet military sports complex for five consecutive years.

A beautifully decorated medal for athletes looks richer

Do not forget about a decent package for a reward, because in it it will be kept by the recipient for many years, and he will not have to puzzle over the issue of its careful placement.

If you are a Falerist, then for us we also have a smart offer - velvet tablets for a different number of awards. Visit a special section of our store, where a large number of cases and tablets for the insignia are presented. You will undoubtedly find a solution for your case, because a wide range of prices and a rich range of performance do not leave a chance for buyers.

We are also pleased to offer our visitors a set of documents for awards, which you can order in the section Certificates of rewards .

Why should I buy medals for athletes in the military "Voenmag"

  • Rich product selection

We give customers the opportunity to choose not only among the classic medals presented in the domestic faleristics market, but also work on the mock-up of the award independently. For these purposes we sell special "empty" medals.

  • Save time on purchases

You can order the lots you need without leaving the office or home. Agree that choosing goods through the electronic catalog is convenient, since you do not need to go to the trading floor. In addition, it allows us to save on renting premises, which also positively affects the price of our products. And for all the questions arising during registration, you can answer our consultants. Here you also have a choice - you can call them by phone, send an email or leave a request for a return call.

  • Possibility to buy the accompanying premium attributes

Medals athletes - this is a product that is not offered in every supermarket. The opportunity to purchase not only awards themselves in one online store, but also accessories for them is a very convenient practice that will allow you to make a whole premium package.

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