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Medals Special Forces, Main Intelligence Directorate

Medals Special Forces

Awards and medals are a symbol of the achievement of a person in a particular field. Collectors often express a desire to buy a Special Forces medal in order to replenish their own collection. Below are the most popular jubilee medals of the Special Forces, and awards for the merits of servicemen before their homeland. The Special Forces Service in the Russian Federation conducts its report on July 3, 1936. Since then, it has been customary to award special employees for jubilees and significant dates. awards.

Medal "YAKOV BAKLANOV" Medal of round form on the suspension. The pendant is covered with silk ribbon. Material of manufacture: nickel silver, 925 silver, gilding. Method of attachment - a pin.

Medal "Sniper Special Forces" It is issued to soldiers-snipers for demonstrative activities in the performance of service, for courage and valor. The award was introduced in 1996. Founders: The Brotherhood of Karpov Berets "The Knight".

Medal "Defendant Ostankino" Servicemen are encouraged for military and personal services to their country, for high performance in performing their duties, for fearlessness and heroism. The award was established in 2000. Founders: The Brotherhood of Karpov Berets "The Knight"

Badge "EXCELLENT PERSON OF SPECIAL FORCES" The badge "Excellence of the Special Forces" was presented as a reward in 1987. The appearance of the medal was timed to the 10th anniversary of the appearance of the URSN. The sign is intended for rewarding servicemen. Honorable award for success in the performance of service, and for the difference in carrying out complex military operations on the territory and beyond the territory of the Russian Federation.

"SPECIAL FORCES OF RUSSIA" Designed as a badge of distinction for rewarding fighters of special forces. It is awarded as a sign of special courage and courage in the performance of the task. Approved in 2004. Founders: Charity Fund for Assistance to Special Forces. Material: non-siliceous, silver. Band material: silk. Fastening: a pin.

"30 YEARS OSS VITYAZ" Awarded to the acting and former servicemen of special forces since 2007. Honorable servicemen, distinguished for their impeccable service for 20 years or more. It is timed to the anniversary of the 30th anniversary of the founding of "The Knight". Founders: The Brotherhood of Karpov Berets "The Knight". "For mine clearance" Awarded with the medal "For mine clearance" began in 2005. Military personnel are rewarded for identifying and neutralizing explosive items on the ground.

"FOR DISTINCTION IN THE SERVICE" The medal is given out to the servicemen of special forces, who differed in receiving two or more state awards for excellent service. Approved in 2007. Founders: The Brotherhood of Karpov Berets "The Knight".

"FOR IMPOSITION OF IMPOSSIBLE" Since 2002, the military and employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia have been awarded a medal for special services to their homeland in conducting counterterrorism operations. For the first time, the participants in the special operation for the release of hostages were presented as a reward. Buy the above medals of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia or other for services to the homeland can be in the online store, from collectors and private owners.

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