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Medals Soviet era

Voenmag - Soviet-era medals at the lowest prices

In the military "Voenmag" you can always find a wide selection of Soviet-era medals. At us you can order copies of awards of fine quality of execution for various needs - for solemn rewarding, for removal of a documentary film or for registration of a school corner of memory. Our main advantages are democratic price policy and prompt delivery throughout Russia. In addition, we can always count on discounts and promotions timed to various holidays.

Table medals of Soviet times - the basis of a good collection

An integral part of the award-winning attributes of the Soviet era can be considered table medals, which were produced in the USSR in large numbers and dedicated to anniversary jubilees, glorified various sports or merits of outstanding citizens of the Soviet Union. The table medal combines the features of a standard medal, table coin and a stone monument, and is a subject of special interest for collectors. Some table medals of the Soviet era cost a lot of money, however, no passionate falerist will ever get them into his collection.

Memorable table medals have always been classified as expensive souvenirs. The high cost of such awards is due to the complexity of the technologies used in their manufacture. Large sizes of desktop medals require specialized equipment. In the "Voenmag" catalog a copy of table medal of 50 years of the USSR is presented at an affordable price. This lot will be a wonderful gift for a true connoisseur of Russian history, and its excellent performance in compliance with world standards in the production of award attributes will show your special respect to the recipient.

Medal of 70 years of Victory in the Great Patriotic War

On May 9, 2015, Russia and the CIS countries celebrated the 70th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War. Commemorated on this date, medals with military attributes of the USSR dispersed over the remaining participants of the war and the workers of the rear in a small print run. In addition to the jubilee state award, the collection of falerists was replenished with a medal of 70 years of Victory in the Great Patriotic War , issued by a public organization and which we are happy to offer to our customers. Despite the fact that the award was issued already in our time, when it was designed, it was decided to preserve the military attributes of the Soviet Union. Symbols of state sovereignty, which appeared with the formation of the new political system of our country since 1917 - red star, bayonet and torch, anvil and plow, sickle and hammer - can be found on many medals of Soviet times. According to the Bolsheviks, it was these symbols that best conveyed the essence of the world's first socialist statehood. The choice of symbols here was due to the need for unity between the peasantry and the working class in their struggle against the social order that infringed upon their freedom and right. Thus, the red five-headed star was elevated to the rank of the main symbol of the newly-born Red Army, consisting of workers and peasants, and formed the basis of many Soviet decorations.

Corps of medals 100 years of the October Revolution

However, among the symbols of the socialist state, images of military equipment were often used on awards. The founders of medals dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution decided to adhere to this stylistic vector. So in the basis of the story line medals of the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution 1917-2017 lay the famous cruiser "Aurora" and the silhouette of the Moscow Kremlin, namely, the Spassky Tower. The overall silvery background of the award is diluted with a golden laurel branch and red numbers "100". By the way, this method extends to the entire corps of awards, accustomed to the centenary of the establishment of the socialist state. Within the framework of the designated building in our catalog three awards are presented.

The second honorary sign - RKKA medal of 100 years - was heroic image of a Soviet soldier. The third sign - VLKSM 100 years - is decorated with the image of Vladimir Lenin against the background red banner. All awards can be purchased at reasonable prices in our store. Be the first to take hold of these awards in your collection, as they were released only recently.

Medals of the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution of other organizations

We can leave an order for four more medals in the same subject area. Each of them has a unique design. At the first medals in honor of the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution you can see the cruiser "Aurora" in a metal frame in the form of a torch halo. On the front side of the sign 100 years of the Red Army captured soldiers of the Red Army, behind which engraved the symbol of Soviet military attributes - a red star with a sickle and a hammer. At the award 100 years of the Komsomol was depicted the image of the leader of the world proletariat against the background of the banner and the laurel branch.

A good addition to the collection of medals on a similar topic will be Medal of Communist Veterans . Each of the above lots is made very high quality. Colored decorative elements are guaranteed to not break down during long-term operation due to the special technique of applying enamel. High-alloy metal, taken as the basis of each specimen, will save the disc of the award from the formation of rust. Buying goods in our store, customers can always count on the reliability and durability of products, because we produce awards in accordance with world quality standards. Our products differ in the market of domestic faleristics not only by the professionalism of enamel performance, but also by the clarity in the drawing of details, and also by the high relief.

Other medals of the Soviet era

Here it would be more appropriate to call awards not medals of the Soviet era, but awards, issued in memory of this time, since most of the signs of honor in this section were already released in Russia. However, just like in the Soviet Union, when special commissions gathered for the development of awards and all-Union competitions were held, modern awards are distinguished by a high artistic level of performance. The best examples of modern medal art can be recognized as a medal of 95 years to the Leninist Komsomol , as well as the jubilee badge For our Soviet home , released in 2008.

The presented lots are not oversaturated with socialist attributes, but their laconicism and simplicity gives them a seamless image and expressiveness, which plays a big role in the correct aesthetic and emotional perception of the award.

In the artistic decision medals 85 years of the USSR on a rectangular bar it is also impossible to trace the composite overload with Soviet military attributes or elements of state symbols. Performed on a standard disc with golden tint, the award with bright red enamel elements perfectly expresses the essence of the mood reigning in the society of those times.

A memorable medal of the 90th anniversary of the October Revolution deserves special attention of the Falerists . This sign of honor is exactly the same as the Order of the October Revolution. On the penalty pentagon there is a red star, in the center of which there is another pentagon - this time with even edges - with the image of the cruiser Aurora under the red banner with the inscription "The October Revolution". The only difference is the inscription "90 years", which on a modern medal replaced the main emblem of the USSR - a hammer and sickle. In modern execution, the main symbol of the communist movement was placed on the back of the award.

In honor of the 90th anniversary of the Komsomol in 2008, the medal was issued to Budyonnovtsy, cosmonauts, Komsomol members . Laconically decorated with the attributes of the Soviet Union, this sign of honor will be a valuable addition to the collection of Soviet-era medals. A pleasant bonus for buyers will be its relatively low cost.

If you want to encourage the services of a veteran of the CPSU, we recommend you look at the award, which suits best for such a case - medal to the Honorary Veteran of the CPSU . Performed in the form of a red five-pointed star, this insignia will perfectly emphasize the patriotism and ideological commitment of its recipient.

In our catalog there are still many medals of the Soviet era, which are difficult to list under one article. In order to choose a sign of honor in accordance with certain requirements, you can call our consultants and get all the information you need by phone.

A gift without spectacular design looks scant - do not forget about the beautiful presentation

If you choose a medal as a gift, we recommend that you visit the section accessories for awards . We can buy not only cases and pads for medals, but also beautiful velvet tablets for collectors for 17 and 14 copies. The prices in this branch of the "Voentorg" catalog should also please you, since the goods in the category are designed for different budgets.

We also always have a variety of moire ribbons for awards , straps for medals . If you need to repair the family heirloom or just a little refresh the look of the grandfather's medal, then you can find the right accessory for the repair. By the way, the replacement of a tape or a bar does not affect the cost of the award.

Huge selection of products, discounts and prompt delivery

In the military "Voenmag" you can also buy other goods with Soviet military attributes - a huge number of flags, badges, T-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs and flasks for your taste. Assistance to assistants in the selection of products is available via hotline phones or via a feedback form.

The management of the store always pleases its customers with a discount on any lot, which can be obtained through the publication of the purchased goods on the page in their social network. For the convenience of customers, you can place a link to the product in one click.

As for delivery, it is carried out by courier service for residents of the capital, or by transport companies or Russian Post for residents of regions (depending on the total weight and dimensions of the purchase).

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