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If you want to buy medals from different departments, organizations and services, you have come to the right place. We bring to your attention a large collection of commemorative, departmental, commemorative awards established by orders of various organizations operating in Russia.

What medals of different departments can be bought in Voenmag

The award that is most in demand in our store is the medal for the FMS service. Like many other insignia, this medal is included in the catalog in two degrees. This is a departmental award, which is issued to employees of the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation for special achievements in the service. Acquiring this sign of honor, be guided by the fact that the first degree can be awarded to an employee, who gave the service of his organization over 15 years. For employees awarded second degree , the term of continuous service can be 10 years. Also, it is worth considering the fact that you can not get a medal of the FMS of the highest degree without being previously awarded a second-degree medal.

Please note that in our catalog there is one more medal for this organization, dedicated to the twentieth anniversary of the day the grounds of the Federal Migration Service of Russia. This jubilee medal gives the employees who received it the right to the title of veteran of labor and the corresponding benefits from the state.

Annually on February 17 the country celebrates the anniversary of a special formation - the Fuel Service of the RF Armed Forces. Recently, in honor of the eightieth anniversary of the founding of this service, a jubilee medal , which you can buy from us at a very reasonable price.

Undoubtedly, the medal in memory of the 1000th anniversary of Kazan will eventually gain value, because this medal was established in the honor of the unique anniversary of the famous city. Moreover, its value is supported by the fact that the founder of this medal is not any public organization, but the President of the Russian Federation himself. It is interesting that since 2010 the medal has lost its status as a state one. Now, any citizen of the city of Kazan, who participated in the Great Patriotic War, can work for it, is a toiling worker who worked during the Second World War, and citizens who made a tangible contribution to the development and prosperity of their city can claim it.

A very large value possesses a medal" For Active Work in the Search Movement , which was established by the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation A. Serdyukov in 2007. According to the Regulations, this distinction mark can be awarded to servicemen of the armed forces of the Russian Federation and civilians who have been active and achieved great results in the restoration of soldiers' names and fighters who disappeared during the Great Patriotic War. Thus rewarded should show high business and moral qualities, together with reasonable initiative and zeal. It is noteworthy that not only residents of the Russian Federation, but also other countries that have made a feasible contribution to the search and restoration of the names of the deceased Soviet soldiers, can get this distinction on their tunic. The sign differs in modern design and is lowered in our online store at a very modest price. There is no doubt that it will serve as an excellent gift for search engines.

In our store there is something to please the employees of the customs bodies of the Russian Federation. We are proud to present to you medal "For Service in Customs Authorities" , to which officials can be represented, who have worked flawlessly in this organization for a sufficient number of years. looking through our catalog, you can find all the classes of this award. When choosing one of them, it should be remembered that the medal of the third; class is assigned to those employees who have worked in the bodies for more than 10 years. The medal second class is issued to citizens who gave service in customs more than 15 years. To receive the first class can persons who have served impeccably in organs for more than 20 years. As well as for other awards, the rule here is that it is impossible to receive a higher award in any way without first submitting a medal to the rank below.

Noteworthy is the medal "For the Strengthening of the Customs Commonwealth" , which is also released in the military " Voenmag "for a democratic price.

Do not lose sight of and such popular insignia as medals to builders , medals to the veterans of the General Staff , medal of 290 years to Rostekhnadzor , a Badge of honor for employees in the composition troops of electronic warfare of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation , or Medal of Merit in Patriotic Education . All these awards are also important and will only become more valuable over time.

Universal medals

If you did not find the necessary award on the pages of our catalog, we recommend paying attention to universal medals. For example, for servicemen from different arms, medal for defenders of the Fatherland is suitable. By the way, here you can find four variants of this popular award.

We did not ignore the wives of the officers. For them, we have a special award, on the back of which are engraved words: " Low bowing you, officer's wife . "

We also have what to offer for employees of those organizations that were not represented in the general catalog. For all small enterprises, the medal for success and diligence in work . It will satisfy the conditions of absolutely any productions. If you want to encourage activists in your team, you can present them insignia For an active civil position . Are you sending the employee to retire? Order from us Medal for the fidelity of the profession , and the farewell party will never be erased from the memory of the future retiree.

If you want to encourage the achievements of the military, you can pay attention to Cross for courage and valor , which is also suitable for different kinds of troops.

Why the military "Voenmag":

  • Polite reception and operational processing of orders

In our store you can leave a request not only for the listed lots. On our electronic shelves is located, and ready to send at any time, more than 20 thousand items. In addition, we are always engaged in self-development and replenishment of our catalog. We know that giving the customer the opportunity to purchase all kinds of goods in one place is an advantage for any store. Therefore, every year our catalog expands for your convenience. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

  • Good quality products

Cooperation with unchecked manufacturers of medals and orders is not our goal. We are focused on working with proven manufacturers in the faleristics market. This is not a huge factory, where medals are produced in large batches. We made a contract with a small private factory. Due to a limited number of customers, each lot of the medal to builders, customs officers, searchers and employees of various departments is checked more carefully than on conveyor belts. That's why we are confident in each of our medals.

  • Timely delivery

The location of our office in Moscow allows us to get quick access to all transport interchanges of the country. Therefore, we will easily ship the necessary lot of goods to any region of Russia. Moreover, we often change our delivery terms, if the circumstances of our client so require. If you need to ship a wholesale consignment of medals of various departments urgently, just give us a call. We will discuss with you the terms of individual delivery.

  • Best prices in the segment

Voentorg "Voenmag" has been operating in the market for quite a number of years. As veterans of this segment, we can afford to dictate price policy in the market. It is for this reason that in our store you can always find the most democratic prices for goods. We do not aim to quickly pay back the business. We are focused on creating the most optimal conditions for our customers.

Why do we sell medals from different departments

Situations where our clients require one or another medal are different. All sorts of life circumstances lead to our online store of buyers from all over Russia.

Most of them order us, because the original award was lost. Buy a copy of this award in our store, often it turns out to be the most optimal solution. This avoids long queues and a long procedure for the restoration of awards and documents for it. In addition, if the issuance of a special certificate was not noted in the decree on the establishment of one or another medal of different departments, the standard blank form of such a document is included in the package for our awards for free.

Sometimes the restoration of a reward does not have any legal meaning. It is about the rewards of the veterans of the Great Patriotic War. In such cases, customers who turn to our store, just want to convey to their descendants of their family relics.

> What else can I order in the military "Voenmag": accessories for awards and other attributes

Please note that we can supply not only medals of FMS, builders, customs officers and other insignia, but also new ribbons for awards to them, the colors and shades of which will coincide with the originals exactly half a tone.

Moreover, our online store can offer a huge selection of accessories for awards . For a more budgetary option, you can consider purchasing plastic cases that guarantee the delivery of the medals you need to your city in complete safety. If you are planning to present a chic gift, we recommend that you look at the accessories of a more expensive plan. For example, you can give preference to velvet pads embroidered with lace. Such an accessory will undoubtedly strengthen the overall impression of the gift.

Medals of different departments - order in "Voenmag" conveniently, simply, quickly, reliably!

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