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Medals of the Russian Empire

Voenmag | 34 medals of the Russian Empire

We hasten to please our customers by the fact that our store has a wide range of copies of well-known awards established in the Russian Empire. We are talking about St. George crosses of various degrees, as well as other orders and awards of tsarist Russia with special attributes.

Here you will find a line of rare and famous royal awards, which were manufactured in accordance with international standards of the industry of faleristics. In addition to a large assortment, our users can take advantage of a convenient, systematic catalog and detailed descriptions for each product. We release our products in retail and wholesale. We can promptly deliver any consignment of goods even to the most remote corners of our country. Buying medals, awards, orders and other insignia from us, you can be sure that they are of high quality, because they used modern technologies and high-quality material.

If you want to replenish your collection of royal awards with rare specimens with paraphernalia, you can order the necessary goods from us today. This can be done by filling out an online application or by contacting our consultants on the phones provided above.

What is worth noting is that the purchase of orders and medals of the Russian Empire

will be a worthy gift for museum funds. Moreover, with the help of these awards, you can expand the range of your souvenir outlet.

Why are the rewards of Tsarist Russia so popular

In 1721, as soon as the Russian Empire was formed, a number of changes took place in the country's reward system. The very first medal of Tsarist Russia is the Order of St. Anne. This award with the royal attributes could be awarded even the lowest army ranks.

After a while in the country's award system, a large number of signs and medals of the Russian Empire was added. This was due to the fact that there was one important event for our state. It is a question of victory in the war of 1812. In honor of this great event, a number of awards were issued.

As historians note, Tsarist Russia is considered one of the first countries in the world whose military personnel, as well as civilians, had the honor to be represented to honorable state awards. These people had to make significant feats, participate in battles, and also reach certain heights in the public sphere of the country.

However, this was not always the case. At first, royal awards could be awarded only to representatives of the higher officer class. Only after some time ordinary servicemen could be presented to the tsar's orders and medals.

1807 was the year of establishment of the most honorable medal of the Russian Empire. It was Order of George . 50 years later, the award was divided into 4 degrees. The first and second degree of this award was made in gold execution and relied only on the leading ranks. Those awarded with the imperial attributes could be officers who planned and implemented effective military operations or companies. The third and fourth degree of this cross represented a silver sign of honor. Distinguished soldiers, sailors, and also non-commissioned officers could have become the owners of this award with special merit.

For the above-mentioned ranks from 1878, another medal for bravery was added. A little later this sign of honor received a new name - George's cross . Please note that you can purchase this medal in the military department of Voenmag at a very modest price. If you require a large batch of St. George crosses, we are ready to ship it to you at any time. If you are in Moscow, then we can deliver the necessary goods to you the next day after leaving the application. You can get more detailed information on each lot by visiting the product card. We draw your attention to the fact that there we specify not only the description of events to which the release of an award was timed, but also provide our customers with all the characteristics of the selected lot, such as fastening the award, the shoe, the material of manufacture, and the presence of a plastic case in the package.

Only those people who distinguished themselves by very significant achievements in the history of our country could have been marked George's Cross . If you want to buy this order of tsarist Russia in all grades, you will not find a better place than the military "Voenmag", as we have the best quality copies of the Russian Empire medals in the country.

For a long time, the royal system of rewarding Russia has been heavy and unwieldy. She could not satisfy the comprehensive needs in rewarding the distinguished servicemen, therefore, as soon as Catherine II ascended the throne, she was determined to establish a special sign of honor - Military Order of the Victorious George . Nevertheless, the signing of the decree on the establishment of the order was postponed. As a result, it was signed only in 1796. This sign of honor became the highest award, which was awarded only for personal merit.

11 years later, Emperor Alexander I contributed to the award system of our power. He issued a decree that now George's cross could be awarded to servicemen of lower ranks who showed courage and bravery in performing combat missions.

It should be noted that the prices for St. George cross in the military "Voenmag" favorably differ from competing stores. In this regard, you can browse through the pages of our site and select several copies of the medals of the Russian Empire with royal attributes at once.

If you have such a need, we can send your purchase to the name of the person to whom you want to present the gift. Choose an accessory and be sure that your gift will be properly packaged.

Among other favorable offers of our store you can note such awards as medal of Alexander II , or a sign of honor for those who defended Sevastopol in 1854. There are also more recent insignia in our catalog. So, for example, in the military "Voenmag" you can buy a cross , which was given to those who liberated the Kuban in 1918 (there are first and second degree). Please pay attention to the agency established in 2009 medal in honor of the 300th anniversary of the Battle of Poltava .

Most likely, many of you know that buying the original St. George's Cross of the first degree can hit your budget. Order a copy of this award in our store for everyone. Despite its low cost, our awards exactly repeat all forms, color elements, as well as the size of the originals. Another advantage in favor of buying copies of medals of the Russian Empire is the fact that the original signs of honor established in tsarist Russia are banned for sale. Therefore, to buy royal awards in the military "Voenmag" is a choice in favor of the law.

If you decide to make a gift in the form of awards of tsarist Russia with special attributes to an amateur falerist, then he will certainly appreciate such a present for its worth. We draw your attention that for collectors we have a unique offer - in a special section of our store you can find inexpensive straps for orders and medals. Their cost depends on the number of attached lots.

Present a rare gift in the form of a royal award is impossible without a beautiful design. The catalog of our military commissar presents a wide selection of velvet cases, pads with a lace border, as well as plastic cases for your purchases.

Reasons for making an order for the purchase of medals of the Russian Empire in the military "Voenmag"

  • Reliability

If you decide to purchase a medal, however you paint it, the most obvious proof will be the reward you get in your hands. This is possible with our store. If you live on the territory of Moscow, you can order copies of medals of the Russian Empire by courier service from us. Thus, the next day it will be your hands and you can personally see its quality. If you live in other cities of our country, you can buy the goods you need by cash on delivery. When the parcel comes to the post office of Russia in your city, you can print it out first, look at the medal from all sides and only then pay for the purchase.

  • Convenience

Forget about working hours! Our online store is open 24 hours a day. Moreover, with us you can count on a flexible system of delivery and payment. This means that if you need to urgently ship a large batch of goods to your city, you can count on the fact that we will meet you halfway. Just give us a call and we will agree on the individual terms of delivery.

  • High customer awareness

Our customers can purchase goods from our catalog not blindly, but after detailed consultation of a specialist. To do this, please call us for hotline numbers, or leave a request for a call back. Consultants will quickly call you back, and answer all your questions. We can also help you with the completion of the identity forms. If you are planning to open your own military escort, our specialists can help you buy copies of medals from the Russian Empire that will be most optimal for your city.

  • Polite staff and customer focus

We are very carefully engaged in the selection of cadres. Therefore, none of our customers - whether a wholesale customer or a client who needs one icon - will not be left without attention. We are cordial to all our customers, and we also fulfill all your special requirements.

  • Low prices

Due to the fact that we managed to avoid the costs of renting a retail space, a large staff of sellers, as well as advertising on television or radio, we can provide our customers with optimal prices for medals of the Russian Empire. Such prices you will not find in the sales halls of your city or the country as a whole. Moreover, share a link to buy on any social network, and you will receive an additional discount.

Buy copies of medals of the Russian Empire in the military "Voenmag" - it's simple, convenient, fast, reliable and legal! Call us right now, we will be glad to each of you!

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