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Medals of the Navy

Medals of the Navy

In the online store you can buy a large number of medals and orders. All products are made qualitatively and are available to customers in the volume, which is available on the site. Any potential buyer interested in this or that sign, order, medal has the opportunity to get more accurate information of the military mages. Contacts and address is available on the site. Buying this or that product in this store will not cost you dearly. Military products can be a great gift to you and your loved ones. Medals Navy posted on the site can be purchased in a few clicks. You do not have to wait long. All goods are in stock, and they are waiting for their buyer.

Medal of the Navy - a reward for valor and patriotism!

The site of the war mage has a large number of different awards for various military matters related to the fleet. Such as: "for valor and courage", jubilee, "participant", etc. Medal of the Navy can be bought not expensive. All medals and orders are made of quality materials. As befits a reward, they are cast, stamped, filed, etc. All medals of the Navy and their description can be viewed on the website of the online store. You have a choice of more than 50 different types of awards. Due to not high prices, you have the opportunity to purchase the goods yourself or someone as a gift. The presence of such interesting medals on sale will be of interest to anyone who is familiar with the fleet:

• "Duty and Honor" - a medal of the Pacific Fleet of strategic troops of missile submarines.

• Badge "The Higher Naval School named after Frunze"

• Medals of military operations in Syria,

• Jubilee Medals This list can last a very long time. Each medal is unique, has its own history, carries a large amount of information about patriotism, military duty, courage and courage.

Orders and medals of the Navy. Symbol designation

The orders and medals of the Navy have a long history. The picture that is depicted on the reward, in one way or another, makes a lot of sense for the fleet, its development and the future. Consider several options.

Medal "For Valor". It is designed for a diverse flotilla of the North. Shark is depicted, which is pierced through with a spear. In the top - the flag of the fleet commander.

Medal "60 years of the northern naval communication center", - depicts two ships against the background of the Andreevsky cross. "In memory of the K-55 service." A map is depicted, and there is a submarine on it. On the other side is the anchor. "Higher Naval School. Frunze "On the front side the emblem of the educational institution is depicted.

Each medal, each image carries a huge flow of interesting information. The person who received the medal of the Navy is the pride of the country! Everyone who wants to acquire one of these awards will be pleased with his choice. The fleet of our state is a reliable support in defense from the external enemy from the seas and oceans. Prices for Navy products are provided on the website in full. The news is in stock, and is waiting for its buyer.

Military shop "Voenmag" - a variety of medals of the Navy for you!

Army store "Voenmag" is glad to meet its visitors in the section, which is devoted to the Navy awards. Order any medal, medal, badge or scarlet with a discount for active servicemen or who have served their duty as part of a surface or underwater navy. The widest range of medals in Russia and pleasant prices will pleasantly surprise every buyer. In our online store you can leave a request for the delivery of any number of awards. Taking advantage of the location of the main office in Moscow and having all the transport and courier services at hand, our managers will quickly ship the goods to you anywhere in Russia.

What signs, medals of the Navy can be bought in Voenmag

In our catalog there are 225 medals of the Russian Navy. All of them can be conditionally divided into honor signs for servicemen and veterans of the underwater and surface fleets. For the first in Russia means its own line of medals, including awards for retired naval officers, as well as commemorative medals of the Navy. For the second, there is a series of honor signs similar in structure with a number of differences. As for the first, and for the second category of the military men awarded with awards, certain privileges from the state are put. It is important that in the "Voenmag" all medals and signs of honor, to which the original form is not intended, are delivered together with an empty standard ID card, which is supplied free of charge. You do not need to pay extra for a certificate, unlike the practice of our competitors.

Moreover, with us you will always find a series of awards for the Marine Corps. In the case where you only need a quality Navy medal to buy it with a 100% guarantee, you can only use it. We work with proven manufacturers. Each of the awards is made of brass of high alloying, and the colored elements on the awards will not chip away even after 10 years. This is provided by the special application of organic enamel on brass billets. It is applied in a hot way, which practically welds it to the metal surface. Therefore, buying signs, medals of the Navy only with us, you can be sure that the reward will be perfectly preserved for descendants.

Awards of the Navy of USSR

This category of awards is very popular among buyers. No wonder, because to bring to the descendants the memory of the deed of grandfather or father is a sacred duty for children. In "Voenmag" you can order absolutely identical copies of the awards of the Soviet Navy. The maximum accuracy of execution will not arouse suspicion even for a seasoned sailor. If your grandfather lost a medal dear to his heart, make him a gift - buy him a high-quality dummy, and he will not feel deprived at the meeting of WWII veterans.

The first to establish Navy medals in honor of the great naval commanders Nakhimov and Ushakov. This happened in 1944. The first award could be given to sailors, sergeants, sergeants, midshipmen or ensigns of the Russian fleet for heroism and courage in the course of battles. Despite the fact that this sign of honor is considered very rare, they were once awarded about 14 thousand people. The second award was awarded to both sailors and border guards, who also displayed a large share of personal courage in carrying out assignments, both in combat and not in wartime. In our military trade there are not only the awards, but also a collection of the same orders of the Navy in both silver and gold designs. Moreover, in honor of these same great commanders-in-chief, we also have cross-signs at very inexpensive prices.

These medals of the Soviet Navy were used to reward servicemen of various ranks. Thus, the Order of Ushakov is considered a reward for officers who participated both in a competent organization and in conducting an operation. Interestingly, among the recipients of the cross-named Ushakov not a single person is still listed.

Orders of Nakhimov first and second degree were also awarded to officers, but already for the successful conduct of a thoughtful operation by another person. Unlike the sign-cross Ushakov, the Badge of Nakhimov in Russia at the moment awarded two soldiers.

In addition to the medals, we can also buy chestnotes of the navy of the Soviet Union. All the presented signs match the size and coloring with the original awards of the USSR as accurately as possible. In our store you can find all the badges of the Navy, issued in the Soviet Union. For example, we can order a badge of the honored worker of the Soviet Navy, established in 1939. Moreover, the price for it will be the most democratic among all the store army equipment in the country - 16 USD. If you want to purchase a more "fresh" badge of honor, we draw your attention to the sign for participants of long trips, which first saw the light in 1976. All these awards can be purchased for those who serve or have served on the water and under water.

If you are interested in a comprehensive offer to replenish your collection, we have an interesting offer for you. Having bought a set of USSR awards, you can significantly save on buying. For those customers that purchase such sets, Voenmag provides a discount for both wholesale buyers. On our showcase there are sets for both private collections and museums. The latter differ in that they include all the awards issued, for example, in the post-Soviet space. When buying a set of USSR awards for a private collection, you will get fewer awards, but it will include all the medals and orders that are significant and well-known to the whole country. It is interesting that when ordering any set, you get a whole series of bonuses from Voenmag:

  • Free copy of the Banner of Victory;
  • Free set of St. George ribbons;
  • Free delivery.

Medals of the Russian Navy

It is interesting that up to 1992 the Russian award system was content with awards, established even under the USSR. The current trend took the opposite direction only with the activation of public and departmental organizations of the Russian Federation. Many of these "first swallows" can be purchased in our online store.

The most common medal for the personnel of the ships is the reward, on which the St. Andrew's flag is engraved. Its attractive value and a very bright and contrasting look make it an excellent gift for your dear sailor's heart. At your choice, you can look at the Russian Navy medal, on the obverse of which the aircraft carrier, submarine and airplanes are depicted. This sign of honor is dedicated specifically to the Russian navy.

If you want to present a submariner for the award, then we have an excellent medal for you, on which the words "Underwater Forces of the Russian Navy" are engraved. This award is accompanied by a certificate, which is included in the cost of the award itself.

For those who have served, we have a wide selection of medals from veterans of the Russian Navy. You can choose any of the seven awards. Believe me, each of them will bring joy and pride to the recipient. In this section, you can purchase departmental awards of the Navy.

It does not matter if the ship was awarded as commander or an ordinary sailor, only here you can find medals for all ranks of servicemen. For example, we advise you to focus your attention on the signs of the Russian Navy for commanders, submarine captains or surface ships. On our honor signs, you can find all sorts of words, such as "For Courage", "For Merit" or "For Valor." Call us and we will give you detailed advice on the medals of the Russian Navy.

The leader of sales among awards for sailors and submariners has always been a medal of 320 years of the Navy. This award is a jubilee, and was issued on the basis of the decree of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. On the front side of it - the image of the cruiser "Varyag", and on the obverse - the words "Courage, valor, courage". This medal was first struck only in 2016, but already many sailors would like to just look at the award and feel it in his hand. By the way, all seamen, without exception, can be encouraged by it. Buy a 320-year Navy medal from us, simply by filling out an application form or by calling us on hotline numbers. After payment of the order, the transport or courier service (only for residents of Moscow) will quickly drive your order straight to your hands. You can be one of the first to touch this commemorative medal or hand it to your dear sailor.

Do not fade the demand for a medal of 100 years of Navy aviation. This is another anniversary award of Russia. It is made of gold alloy and is established by the Commission of the Russian Federation, which deals with issues of issuing medals and memorable signs. Any servicemen of both the Air Force and the Navy can be attached to it. This also applies to veterans and individuals who participated in the development of weapons.

You can buy awards in Voenmag not only for military personnel, but also for those who provided active assistance and help to the veteran movement. We also have medals for wives of seamen and submariners who alone raise children and solve all the pressing problems during their husbands' voyages.

Medals of the Marine Corps

To reward the Marines in Voenmag there are a number of awards and medals. However, the most popular for today is the medal for service in the Marine Corps. Only here you can choose from four medals issued by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation or departmental organizations. For example, a copy of the MO medal, which exactly matches the original, you can buy for only $17. The medal with the inscription "Where we are, there's a victory!" Will cost you a little more. But, after all, these words are sacred to any Marine. There is a more refined award in the catalog of our store, in which the words "Russian Marine Corps" are written in red letters. The surprising design of this sign of honor, definitely, will allocate it among other medals on the tunic.

If you are at a loss with the choice of a medal as a gift, then you can contact us by the phones presented above, and our specialists will give you exhaustive answers to your questions. Well, if you lost a dear to you a sign of honor, you can order from us a similar one, but without license plates. This will be an excellent reminder to your descendants of the feat that was once committed by their relative in the name of the fatherland.

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