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Medals of the Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces

Voentorg "Voenmag" - 295 medals of the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation

Army hypermarket "Voentorg" proudly offers its customers a huge assortment of medals of the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Each of the submitted copies is made in accordance with the highest quality standards. High-alloy brass, organic enamel, technological equipment - all this allows to achieve the maximum correspondence to the originals.

What medals of Defense Ministry and Armed forces can be bought in Voenmag

Like all other awards, the medals of the Armed Forces are divided into those that were established by the Ministry of Defense and public committees. As for the medals of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, all types of medals for this category can be purchased in our online store. We are pleased to offer our customers commemorative and memorable insignia at quite democratic prices. Flexible payment and delivery conditions allow us to process orders in the shortest time even for regions remote from Moscow. Nevertheless, the location of our company in the capital gives us an advantage in the form of open transport lines in all directions.

Medals of Russian ministry of Defense

If you want to buy MO medals then you have come to the right place. Only we have a full collection of medals of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. You can order in the military "Voenmag" awards for military cooperation, for valor, for difference in exercises, for Syria, for long service, for demining, as well as many more new medals of the Defense Ministry. If in the course of choosing the necessary medal you have questions, feel free to recruit our managers (you can see the phones at the top of the page) and they will give you detailed advice on each lot.

In the first place on demand is a medal for Combat Commonwealth of the Defense Ministry. Judging by the number of orders, this departmental medal is the most popular in Russia. Probably, this was facilitated by the fact that a similar medal from the Soviet Union's award badges was very rare. She could be awarded only a narrow circle of persons. For all time of existence of the award, its honorable owners could become only 20 thousand people. It is noteworthy that foreign citizens can also be introduced to this sign of distinction, those that have contributed to the strengthening of the Russian state. As for compatriots, this sign of honor was celebrated by servicemen who helped in resolving an important issue relating to the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Awarding the medal takes place in a solemn atmosphere. Attaches the medal to the tunic personally by the Russian Defense Minister. In some cases, a person who replaces the Minister at his / her discretion may award the award. Here you can buy this medal for $16. Moreover, this cost includes also an empty form of the certificate.

By the way, to buy medals from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and certificates to them in our store is very easy. You can simply contact our consultants and they will place an order for you. You can also fill out a small order form on our website. The arising questions can be solved by means of e-mail.

The second place in popularity is the Medal of Valor of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. In the people this award is called in different ways: "for labor valor" or "for valor." It is interesting that the "ancestor" of this award is one of the first medals in the USSR - "for labor valor", which was born in 1938. Some time after the collapse of the USSR, the medal was excluded from the award system of the nascent Russian Federation. However, already in the first year of the 21st century, it was decided to return the award "in the system." Today, this medal is freely available in our store. It is sold together with a certificate for a very small price.

Do not confuse the above-described award with the medal "For military valor". At our virtual showcase are presented just two degrees of this legendary mark of distinction. To receive immediately the first degree of a medal is impossible without merit, previously marked by state awards, or without applying to the second-degree distinction.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the Stalin medal (1879-1953) can only be bought in the military department of Voenmag. The rare award has an original design: on the background of a punched pentagon there is a star, in the center of which there is a portrait of the "leader of all peoples". The complete set of the award includes a form of identification, which is filled by the customer.

Pay your attention to the equally popular Medal of Distinguished Service in Military exercise. Despite the fact that the award has supplemented the list of departmental awards of Russia quite recently - in 2014 - it has already grown to be loved by our fellow citizens. This award can be presented not only to the military personnel passing training, but also to the management personnel responsible for their organization and conduct. Particularly distinguished in this sphere, the military can annually be assigned to such a medal, but not earlier than 365 days after the last award.

In connection with the latest events, the MoD medal for Syria became very popular. We proudly offer our customers this award on the pages of the catalog. If you for some reason lost your medal and now want to restore it, you can do it in two clicks and not stand in multiple queues. Just order it from us, and it will come to you by mail within two weeks. If you need more urgent delivery, call us and we will agree on the individual shipment of the goods for you. You can get the goods many times faster. By the way, your order will come along with an empty form of identification, which you can fill yourself.

We present to your attention the medals for the long service of the Defense Ministry, or "For the difference in military service". As usual, we have all three degrees of this legendary award. This departmental decoration was established in 1995. Then, the award system of Russia was slightly revised and the award left the line of its colleagues. A little later, in 2009, the RF Ministry of Defense issued a decree again to return the medal to circulation. A medal of the third degree can be awarded to persons who have devoted 10 years of their life to serving in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Russia. A distinction badge of the second degree can be worn on the tunic by particularly distinguished military men, who served more than 15 years. As for the first-degree medal, only military personnel with a continuous experience of 20 years can be attached to it. It is interesting that it is impossible to obtain a second-degree medal without first awarding a third-degree award, and likewise - you can not get a first degree without a second degree.

On the pages of our site are even such rare awards as the mine clearance medal MO or the Kalashnikov Medal of the RF Ministry of Defense. Moreover, the cost of both is an order of magnitude lower than in similar military organizations in Russia.

Medals RF Armed Forces

We propose to pay attention to the big line of medals of the Armed Forces, which can be ordered at any time and in any amount in the Voentorg military mall.

As for all departments, the medal for long service in the Russian Armed Forces will never lose its relevance. This is not surprising, because it gives the right to receive a decent number of benefits from the state and many employees are interested in obtaining it. The Russian award system assumes two degrees of this medal. Our customers can easily order any of them. Only it is worth remembering that without the previously obtained second degree of this sign of distinction, it is impossible to obtain the first. It is worth considering this fact when placing an order.

On our electronic showcases you can see both the USSR Army medals and the jubilee medals of the Armed Forces. For example, we have all the memorable signs that were established in honor of the jubilees of the Russian Armed Forces.

The medal of 60 years of the Armed Forces was released back in the Soviet Union in 1978. She relied on a wide range of persons, including midshipmen, ensigns, officers who were in the service or were already fired. In the postwar years, the guerrillas and Red Guards were assigned to this award. This award is very common, it was not until 1995 that it received more than 10 million people. Many of the warring veterans of the Second World War are posthumous.

The medal of 70 years of the SU army is also the jubilee award of the Armed Forces of the USSR. This honorary badge could receive the same circle of persons on the same jacket as for the previous medal, only this time the list included military conscripts. It is interesting that absolutely all the employees who were in Afghanistan on February 23, 1988 were assigned to this distinction. A little less than 10 million people have this medal in their arsenal.

The medal of 80 years of the Armed Forces was introduced with the Russian award system in 1997. A sign was meant for rewarding not only active servicemen, but also reserve soldiers. To this departmental, jubilee award is attached a certificate confirming the identity of the owner of the medal and granting him the right to receive certain benefits from the state. It is interesting that the minting of this medal was entrusted to the Moscow Mint, an organization that produces modern coins of the Russian Federation.

Do not miss the veteran's medal. This award was established to encourage servicemen who gave their service to the fatherland for many years. This medal is not departmental, it was established by a public organization, so the may is a wonderful gift for rewarding men in the team by February 23. In view of the engraving of the words "In memory of the service" on the back of it, it will suit any soldier.

Remember the beautiful design of the gift!

In our catalog there is a large collection of accessories for badges, orders and medals. Select an accessory for each case and for each purse in the military "Voenmag" is easy. If you want to present the award in a particularly solemn atmosphere, we recommend to stop your choice on velvet pads with lace. Its rich color will accentuate the brilliance of the reward chosen by you and enhance the overall impression of the gift. If you need a more budget option, order cardboard or plastic boxes and cases, in which you can place not only the awards themselves, but also the certificates to them.

Medals МО and ВС

A wide selection of orders and medals from different eras, provided in the online store, will surprise the most demanding customers. Awards related to the years of the Second World War, as well as more modern ones can be selected in seconds, using the store's website. The quality of the product with a guarantee and quick work in the shortest possible time, at affordable prices in any city in the country for just a couple of clicks. Order medals Мinistry of Defense and Armed force - is simple and accessible to everyone.

Medals MoD of Russia

On the website of the online store you can choose any medal, regardless of the year of its delivery or appointment. Awards, commemorating courage and courage, both in battle and under a peaceful sky - are equally priced and important. New medals made by completely different samples have high value and a guarantee of their quality is the main priority of the online store. The affordable price of a product with its corresponding history is provided to the buyer without superfluous reservations. Not only collectors will find medals of the Defense Ministry rare and desirable. The choice of a gift that can surprise fans of history or patriots of the country, entirely depends on you and your wishes.

Buy medals of the Defense Ministry

The medals of the Defense Ministry are designed to express respect for the honor of servicemen, as well as civilians directly involved in the work of military organizations. Buy medals of the RF Ministry of Defense, appropriated by the civilian or military, with detailed information on the history of the award, you can through the online store with a minimum expectation. Medals MO RF established since March 1995, to this day are considered prestigious and in no way inferior to other reputable awards among servicemen and civilians. The main purpose of such awards:

• "for distinguishing military service";

• "for strengthening the military commonwealth";

• "for military valor";

• "for diligence in the performance of engineering support tasks";

• "for mine clearance";

• "200 years of the Ministry of Defense";

• "for military distinctions";

• "for service in the Air Force";

• "for services in nuclear security";

• "for service in the Space Forces";

• Other.

The list of medals of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation is continuously increasing, and their rewarding is still to this day. Many of the awards have degrees, mostly three. In addition, there are commemorative awards, established since April 1999. There are special medals, they are awarded to servicemen who took an active part in the safe storage and destruction of chemical weapons.

Medals MoD RF catalog

Medals MO RF RF the catalog of which exceeds hundreds of awards, is given to the buyer in full. On the site you can see medals that are in stock and put up for sale. The RF Defense Ministry Medal is not just a reward, it is respect and a sign of deepest admiration for servicemen, as well as civilians, who took a heavy burden to protect civilians. In the online store you can purchase goods, in particular medals, appropriated by such bodies as:

• Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation;

• Federal Directorate for the Safe Storage and Destruction of Chemical Weapons;

• Federal Agency for Special Construction.

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