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Medals of the Criminal-Legal System

Voenmag | More than 40 medals of the FSIN, the FSSP, the Prosecutor's Office, the Bar and the Prison Service

We are glad to welcome you in the largest military trade in Russia, where the price and quality meet in the optimal angle for the buyer. As you leaf through the pages of our catalog, you will see that we always have in our assortment a huge selection of medals of the UIS, the prosecutor's office, the FSIN, the FSIP, the bailiff service, and the bar of the Russian Federation. All sorts of ways to deliver goods to the home or to the point of self-delivery, friendly service, individual terms of shipment for each buyer, flexible pricing policy - all this in excess can be found in the online store "Voenmag".

What medal of the criminal legal system can be bought in Voenmag

UIS medals

It is believed that the criminal justice system of Russia was born even under Yaroslav the Wise. However, in those days, people were not supposed to be taken into custody. Execution was not appointed even for the murder. For this "misconduct" it was possible to pay off a big fine. What to say, if the victim's relatives were given the right to vendetta. Nevertheless, the official year of the establishment of the penal system in Russia is 1879, when Alexander II established the first prison department and its head office.

Today, the system of cleaning the state of marginal elements works flawlessly. No wonder, because the criminal enforcement system (UIS) of each country bears a huge responsibility for the healthy development of the state. The award system of Russia contains a sufficient number of signs of honor for employees of this field of activity.

Undoubtedly, the most frequently requested reward is Medal of 130 years of MIS . This red cross was established in 2009 by the Ministry of Justice and is a jubilee award. This sign of distinction will be a good gift to the employee of the criminal legal system of Russia for a professional holiday, which is officially celebrated on May 8. Note that in our catalog you can find four medals for 130 years of MIS. You can safely choose any of them and order it as a gift to a person dear to you. A certificate is provided for each memorable award. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

FPS Medals

The Federal Service for the Execution of Punishments, or, briefly, the FSIN, is no less important in the MIS of Russia. For this organization in the award system of our country there are also many types of encouragement.

The most important in the first place is Medal of the FSIN "For Difference in Service" . Established in 2005, this award has three degrees. All of them can be ordered in the army hypermarket "Voenmag".

We have other medals of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia. For example, we are pleased to offer our customers four different options medals of 15 years service protection of FSIN - on a red, blue cross or on a rectangular bar.

FSSP Medals

We have something to offer and for bailiffs, whose service is also very important for the proper functioning of the state. It's about medals, established in honor of the 145th anniversary of the institution of the bailiffs of the Russian Federation. If you want to encourage the activity of a bailiff who is not indifferent to you, feel free to order this sign of honor from us , and present it in a solemn atmosphere. Moreover, the "price-quality" ratio for such a gift is definitely pleasing.

Another useful award for bailiffs is medal of the FSSP For Service . This sign of honor our customers can purchase in any of the three existing degrees. This is a departmental medal that is not issued to an ordinary resident of the country, but only to an active or retired employee of the FSSP, who has earned a certain length of service and seniority. Ordering this sign of honor, you must take into account that for employees whose experience has reached 10 years, you can present the medal of the FSSP for the service of the 3rd degree. Those employees who have served in the ranks of bailiffs for 15 years can claim the second degree of the award. The first degree is due to those who have worked in the FSSP for 20 years of experience.

Pay attention to the medal of the FSSP veterans . This award gives the right to receive the title of "Veteran of Labor". In our store it can be ordered complete with a free plastic case.

Procurator's medals

In this section, special attention is drawn to the medal of 290 years to the Prosecutor's Office . This departmental, commemorative award was established in 2011 - on November 25 - on the orders of the RF Prosecutor General. The issue of the sign of honor pursued a very important goal: to instil in the employees of the Prosecutor's Office respect for their work. The moiré strip with the attributes of the domestic criminal-legal system in yellow-blue tones covers a standard pentagonal shoe. The award can be given to both the actual and former employees of the agency, including those who have moved to a permanent place of residence in other countries. The employees of the Prosecutor's Office can receive this medal, which have distinguished themselves by conscientious performance of their official duties, and also contributed to a more prompt and effective fulfillment of the tasks of the Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation.

The only thing to remember when ordering a medal of 290 years to the Prosecutor's Office of Russia , that this award can be given to those employees who satisfied not only the above conditions, but also gained 15 years of experience in the bodies. This applies to existing employees. If the award is awarded to former employees, then their experience should be at least 20 years. In addition, they must be dismissed only in accordance with Article 43 of the Federal Law "On the Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation". Naturally, employees who have violated the oath to the prosecutor can not be encouraged by any sign of difference.

It is interesting that even people who have nothing to do with the prosecutor's office can do this medal, but who have provided her with all possible assistance in performing any tasks.

Lawyers' lawyers

In our catalog you can find awards established by the Federal Chamber of Lawyers of the Russian Federation. Medal of 145 years to the Russian Bar Association is one of the them. The badge is made in the form of a white cross with the attributes of the bar in the center. Such a luxury incentive measure can be awarded to those legal defenders who have distinguished themselves by achievements in the professional field, namely:

  • showed high skill in protecting the rights, legitimate interests and freedoms of their principals
  • actively participated in defending the rights of lawyers themselves, their honor and professional dignity
  • made a significant contribution to the development of future staff and in their training
  • contributed to the process of the establishment of the Bar in the territory of the Russian Federation
  • conducted research or carried out other scientific activities related to the legal profession of Russia.

If you still want to buy a UIS medal related directly to the subject of this section, we recommend that you medal to Veterans penitentiary system . This is a departmental sign of honor, which was established by decree of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation. They can be awarded citizens who have given service to the criminal legal system of our country for more than 25 years. It directly gives its owner the right to qualify for the title of "Veteran of Labor". The mark of distinction is supplied in a plastic case, which will serve as a reward for the protective shell during transportation. You can be sure that neither the tape nor the reward itself will be damaged.

For persons who do not work in the system, but who contribute to the veterans' movement, there is a special award - For assistance. The form of the certificate is attached to the sign of honor in accordance with a special sample, which the customer has the right to fill independently. For any questions you may have, you can contact us additionally. Our specialists will explain in detail the order of filling in similar documents. 

It is worth to look at the original medal - cross "For Courage and Valor" . To receive such an honorable award will certainly be pleasing to any person related to the prosecutor's office, the FSSP, the Federal Penitentiary Service, the Bar or the MIS. Distinguished by a special design, this cross symbolizes not only the merit of the employee, but also your respect for him.

We also have one more award for employees of the Russian criminal justice system - medal named after Stolypin P.A. "Law and Order". It is like no other medal of the UIS is suitable for workers in this sphere. Together with the sign of honor, you acquire a certificate that will come to you with the medal for free. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

Call us if you have any questions. We will be pleased to answer them and provide you with additional information on ordering and delivery conditions. Be sure that by ordering products from us, you make an investment in quality. We do not work with unverified suppliers, so we can proudly say that there is not a single medal of the FSIN or the Russian prosecutor's office with a defect in our warehouse. Voentorg "Voenmag" - pleasant and well-informed consultants, low prices and quality assurance for years to come!

It is interesting that even those employees whose status at the time of the award was suspended were able to be presented to this medal of lawyers. & nbsp; & nbsp;

Universal Medals

Such medals will suit absolutely all employees of the criminal legal system of Russia, including women and retired employees. Pay attention to the wide range of medals "On service to the fatherland. In our store you can buy four variants of this mark of distinction. In the series medals "For the Service of Russia" and at all you can choose from five awards. Prices for our products will pleasantly surprise you, as we are an enterprise with experience and can afford to successfully compete with "young" stores that are forced to raise prices in order to pay back as soon as possible.

In addition to the medals of the FSIN, the Prosecutor's Office, the Criminal Penitentiary Service, and the Bar, we always have a wide range of medals for defenders of the Fatherland. A variety of public organizations, founders, the most unusual designs, forms of blanks and colors of moire ribbons - all this we proudly offer our customers at low prices.

Here you can purchase award for the wives of employees of the criminal- legal system of Russia. Their work goes unnoticed, but how many forces it requires! Give joy to your mate and prove that you appreciate her daily care for home, family and children.

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