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Medals of Internal Troops, Rosgvardia

Voentorg "Voenmag" - medals of the Internal Troops

Our online store is famous for the largest assortment of medals, orders and signs of Russia and not only. Awards, dedicated to significant events in the life of the country's Internal Troops, were no exception. We can order all the existing medals of the Soviet Union and modern Russia. All our products are copies of original awards and are made of brass. However, the quality of all the medals presented are not inferior to the originals. The base was brass high alloying, and all the colored elements on the awards were applied with organic enamel in the most high-tech way - hot coating. This is guaranteed to protect all award badges from chips, even if you use your acquisitions very casually. You can proudly show offspring of the Order and medals of your relatives even several decades after their purchase.

Many of the submitted lots are sold together with an empty form of identification. Just enter the data in them yourself, based on the samples presented in the cards of each product. If there is no certificate in the catalog to the chosen award, it means that the RF rewards system also does not presuppose the existence of a certificate, or this medal requires a special, non-standard application form.

What MVD Internal Troops medals can be bought in the military hypermarket "Voenmag"

In our catalog you can find all the medals you are interested in, rewarding signs or orders. We have both departmental medals of the BB, as well as insignia, which were issued on the initiative of public committees and organizations. The latter will perfectly suit as a casual gift for any MIA employees, since they do not require special orders from the commander of the convoy. If you can not find the reward you need on your own, dial our managers, and they will not only help you find the right lot, but also give you a detailed description for each instance. Moreover, if you have some difficulties with ordering, our specialists can place your order by phone instead of you.

Since the 200th anniversary of the Internal Troops of Russia was recently celebrated, the medal medal 200 years of Internal troops 

is now in greatest demand among compatriots. The year of the founding of the Internal Troops of the country is 1811. Despite this, the establishment of the commemorative award was not in 2011, but two years later. It is interesting that not only servicemen who gave their 20 years of service to the Motherland, but also veterans of military operations who served in the "hot spots" of our country, can receive this award. This is not surprising, because in severe military conditions one day of service triples. And this is completely justified, because the servicemen who received the medal and the title of veteran of military operations risked their lives for the sake of fulfilling state tasks.

If you were awarded this departmental badge of distinction, and also you have the appropriate work experience, then you have the right to receive the title of "Veteran of Labor". The latter, in turn, gives the right to an additional pension, including for long service, and to certain benefits from the state. For example, you may be granted benefits when paying for housing and communal services. It should also be remembered that the necessary work experience for women is 35 years, while for men it is 40 years. If you have a Medal 200 years of Internal Troops of Russia as well as a specified length of service, you can go to the social protection agencies and issue all the documents necessary for the assignment of the title "Veteran of Labor." Employees of this organization can ask you for a certificate for the medal. This certificate is attached to the medal for free. It is interesting that this practice can not be found in other online stores with a similar assortment. Moreover, we have on our website in the card of each product a sample of the completed certificate is attached so that you can enter the data in all fields correctly. All this is unquestionable arguments in favor of buying medals from the MVD in the military department of Voenmag. By the way, soon the regiments of our store will replenish the medal of the 205th anniversary of the MVD Interior Ministry. It was established only recently and is not yet present in any military trade. But, we promise to be the first to offer it to our customers.

A medal for good service is very popular in all departments of Russia. Internal troops were no exception. Medal for distinction in Internal troops MVD service is in great demand among our customers. You can place an order for both degrees of this sign of honor. If you want to order only the first - the highest - degree of this medal, you should know that rewarding does not happen without first obtaining a second-degree mark.

If you require signs, medals BB, which can be handed to civilians, we advise you to choose your medals for assistance to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Established in 2009, this award can be applied even for rewarding non-residents of our country. Accordingly, foreign citizens should assist the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in carrying out particularly important tasks at the state level in order to be awarded this award.

For honoring officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, an excellent option may be medal of the MVD veteran of the Russian Federation. This award can be presented to employees on the Police Day, which is celebrated annually on November 10, as well as on the Day of Veterans of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, celebrated on April 17. Receiving this medal in a solemn atmosphere becomes a tradition. Thanks to the universal design of the award, it can be presented to employees of any structures of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. If you are going to celebrate your professional holiday in a solemn atmosphere, then you can issue a wholesale order for a batch of these medals. We will ship a shipment of goods to any region of the country in a short time. The low cost of the award and the laconic execution make it an excellent gift for your colleagues. Moreover, this is not a departmental award, and therefore it can be awarded only on the orders of the leadership of your organization on a completely legal basis.

Please note that on the shelves of the online store "Voenmag" you can find medals for the wives of officers. After all, they, too, indirectly participate in solving state problems. They provide reliable rear services to the servicemen of our country, and therefore they are worthy of being awarded.

We also have a wide range of awards for FSO employees in Russia. In our catalog you can find medals for veterans of FSO, for the difference in performing tasks, as well as many other insignia for this category of employees. All these insignia can be bought at a democratic price, which differs favorably from those on other military sites.

Moreover, only here you can contact the polite managers who will collect the optimal food basket for you. If you want to open your own military escort in your city. We will show you which products are the most popular in your area, and it's better to start trading with which trades in order to pay back as soon as possible the costs of opening a store.

Orders of Special Forces of Internal troops

Pay attention to the medals of the special forces of explosives, which are sold here at democratic prices. A large number of them gives you the opportunity to choose the most suitable one for your case.

For example, the medal "For service in the special forces of the armed forces" was established by the public organization "Rus" and can be handed over to all military men and veterans of special forces without exception , which were distinguished by special achievements in the performance of important state tasks.

The medal Special Forces of Russia is very symbolic. It is made in the form of a soldier's tag, there is nothing superfluous on it, only the words "Spetsnaz of Russia". This makes it incredibly memorable and stylish. The medal was established in 2004 with the presentation of the Charity Fund "Consul". This award can be awarded to special forces soldiers annually for special merits in the service.

Medal Sniper Special Forces, which is also presented in our catalog at a modest price, was established by the Brotherhood "Vityaz" back in 1996. It is noteworthy that this sign of distinction can be awarded to snipers from the relevant units who distinguished themselves at shooting competitions and who contributed to the promotion and popularization of sniping in Russia.

If you present a medal dear to your heart soldier Veteran of Special Forces of internal troops, then you incredibly raise your bar in his eyes. This sign of honor is awarded only to elite militia officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. This is a public award, and even a civilian employee with more than 25 years of experience in the Internal Troops can be arbitrarily represented. Moreover, the award is very symbolic, since it depicts the famous maroon beret.

The medal "For services to special forces of Internal troops" (Honor) can be awarded not only to special forces soldiers and veterans of these elite units, but also civilians, who helped the servicemen and contributed to a more effective solution of the tasks set by the state. Buy this medal VV in the military "Voenmag" can be with a certificate, the fields of which you can fill yourself. Its price is pleasantly different from the price tags in other stores. This sign of honor was established by a public organization, so they can be rewarded on the initiative of the leadership. On the obverse side of the award there is a maroon beret and a fist clutching the machine gun. Below the red background is the inscription "Honor". The award is issued in the form of a standard circle of golden color.

A large assortment of accessories for commemorative signs and medals in the Voenmag military escort

The beautiful design of the gift always gives it a little more significance. Do not forget to buy accessories in our online store for the selected products in a symbolic way. For example, you can order from us a cardboard or plastic box to the medal for only 1 USD. If you want to present the present in a more solemn manner, pay attention to the beautiful cases or velvet pads. It will cost you a little more, but it will repeatedly emphasize your gratitude to the soldier. 

Internal Troops Medals

The history of the Internal Troops of Russia dates back to 1918, when the struggle against counter-revolution and growing street crime became acute before the young Soviet state. Having passed the difficult path of becoming, the Internal Troops continued their existence after the collapse of the USSR in Russia and other young states of the CIS. Perhaps the main difference between the Internal Troops and other military units is the continuous combat service even in peacetime, which could not and will not affect the variety of breastplates and WW medals.

Breastplates and medals of the MVD of the USSR

We have a large assortment of breastplates, as well as medals from the Soviet Union during the war. Buying breastplates and medals from BB, you also get a piece of the epoch, let it be contradictory and not unique, but ours, with all the victories and defeats.

1. Jubilee medals and medals for long service in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR

2. Breastplates of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR

3. Breastplates of the Dzerzhinsky Division (OMSDON)

4. Breast badges of special forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR

Breastplates, medals of the Interior Ministry of Russia

In the recent history of Russia, the Internal Troops had to go through the difficult path of two Chechen wars, carry out the task of maintaining peace and legality in the North Caucasus regions.

In order to adequately distinguish the best warriors of the Internal Troops in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia have developed and continue to develop medals and badges of distinction for the Russian VV. Of all the heraldic developments of the Ministry, a breastplate is developed, developed in close cooperation with museum workers and specialists in the science of heraldry.

This is a sign "For the difference in the service of the Interior Ministry of Russia" This breastplate, along with other signs, BB medals you can buy in our online store.

Special Forces medal of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

One of the most efficient units in the world is the special forces of the Internal Troops of Russia. Formed a company of special forces on December 29, 1977 in the division named after Dzerzhinsky, in speed became the pride of the Internal Troops, perfectly showing itself in maintaining social law in the republics of Transcaucasia and Central Asia. Special Forces of Russia adequately picked up the baton of the maroon berets of past years and raised the proud name of the special forces to a new height. August 29 was the birthday of the special forces of the Interior Ministry of Russia. You can make a heartfelt gift to a friend of the special forces by giving him a medallion, a breastplate or medal of the special forces of the MVD MVD. You can order in our online store:

- medallions of special forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

- insignia badges of special forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

- Special Forces MVD medal

You can get competent advice on the choice of medals for the Special Forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs using our telephones for feedback or filling out an order form.

Buy MVD medals

You can make an order for purchasing the badges and medals you like by filling out the application form or by contacting us by phone. Here you will get the most qualified assistance from our specialists. Having received an application for the purchase of the chosen product, our managers will contact you in the shortest possible time to clarify the order, the method of delivery and the form of payment.

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