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Medals of Demobilization

Voenmag | 207 DMB Demobilization Madels and Badges

All servicemen of our country are waiting for this date with impatience, starting from the hundredth day before the order. It is she who brings their meeting with relatives and friends closer. Demobilization is an event that happens once in a lifetime, therefore it is a matter of honor for a soldier to appear before the relatives in spectacular ceremonial uniform, with an aglet and DMB sign.

Each serviceman begins to prepare for demobilization long before this event. Usually an album with photos is taken, contacts of co-workers are taken, the straps of the belt are polished to shine, chevrons are sewn, pockets are attached to the pockets of the pockets, and a demobilization form is prepared. In addition to the aiguilts and corners on the cap, the prestigious detail of the dismissal of the reserve are the DMB badges with the attributes of the military sort.

The largest in Russia hypermarket of military equipment "Voenmag" is happy to present its customers a large collection of badges and medals of DMB at very modest prices. Our badges will perfectly fit into any kind of soldier form of "terminator," be it:

  • "statute" or strict form of a demobilized soldier
  • a dumbbell shape with non-decorating decoration elements (the most common)
  • a form from the category of "sewing troops" (too decorated clothes).

The overall picture of the unauthorized modification of the military clothing of any soldier will become fuller if it has a beautiful, bright DMB badge with the attributes of the kind of troops. Moreover, signs of this kind are allowed and on a strict form of clothing.

Servicemen appearing in military uniform in the city should be ready for increased attention from ordinary citizens. Decorate your outfit for the highest category - it means to look in the eyes of others is not just beautiful, but dazzling on this solemn day. If the second option is your case, then you can not do without a military commissar. Often it happens that the military transport located on the territory of the unit does not have a wide enough range to satisfy all the needs of demobilized. Even if there were goods in the windows that you would like to get, it often turns out that it is already sold out. Therefore, the best solution is to buy DMB badges in the online store.

Ordering a suitable DMB badge with the attributes of your kind of troops, you should choose your inexpensive, operational, and most importantly reliable store of army equipment. After all, every person, when ordering goods through the Internet store, wants to buy quality goods at a reasonable price. Voentorg "Voenmag" conducts exactly this policy in relation to its customers. We sell only quality DMB 2016 badges, made of high-alloyed brass at the most reasonable prices. Among many other stores to choose our own, it is also because we can offer our customers a unique discount on all products.

4 reasons why it is worth buying DMB medals in the Voenmag online store

  • A wide range of products

The area of ​​our store is not limited by the size of the trading floor. All our products are stored in warehouses, which significantly reduces the cost of renting commercial premises. It is for this reason that we can offer our customers not only exclusive low-turnover goods, which, as a rule, are not presented in the windows of large stores, but also offer you more affordable prices for DMB signs.

  • Low Prices

As we already said, our low prices are due to the fact that we manage to avoid the cost of renting commercial premises. We do not have a huge staff of sellers, which also requires certain expenses. We do not spend on advertising, as all products you can see on our website. Thanks to all these components, we can offer our customers practically purchase prices for DMB badges.

  • Convenience

We do not work on certain working hours. You can visit our website at any time and order the product you need. You do not need to make a way to the other end of the city or pick up items missing in one store in other outlets. You can buy all the DMB medals you need in the attributes of your kind of troops in one place and right from home, from work to lunch time, and even sitting in the train. All you need is Internet access. Due to the fact that we have our own courier service, we will promptly deliver you the selected goods if you live on the territory of Moscow. Inhabitants of other cities of Russia we send purchases through the Post of Russia or transport companies.

  • Reliability

Due to the fact that the Internet has penetrated all areas of our life, information about any store can be freely accessed on any resource. If you do not trust the reviews of other people, then you can pay for purchases by cash on delivery. This will allow you to first verify the quality of our DMB icons and only then make a payment. And remember, if we have specified the delivery time of the goods - we will always fit into it.

Why is the DMB icon an ideal option for decorating a dumbbell shape

How often you can find such a picture, when the breast of a soldier returning home is richly decorated with badges and medals. It can be such signs as "100 jumps from the parachute", "Air Force Excellence", " Sniper Spetsnaz " or similar icons, which are often hung by military personnel solely on their own, rather than by merit.

As for the DMB badge, it is neutral. Appear at home with such an ornament with army paraphernalia - it means not to show off your achievements and show modesty, which is inherent in truly valiant fighters.

Things to consider when decorating a dumbbell shape

It should be noted that the creation of a full image of the demobilized form of the "conscripts" does not go through a random plan. There are special rules that must be taken into account by each "grandfather":

  • You need to place the insignia in the order that is regulated by the charter
  • When creating an exclusive form, you should not overdo it with its decoration.

What DMB icons are sold in Voenmag

First of all, all the products laid out in this branch of the catalog are subdivided into years in which the soldier was demobilized. You can order badges for a demobilization from 2011 to 2016.

In the second turn, each sign has its own color bars. This can be a black, blue, green or red bracket with or without horseshoe.

In the third turn, the DMB badges in our catalog are divided into the kind of troops. While browsing through our catalog, you can be sure that our servicemen can leave an order for a sign with any attributes.

If you find it difficult to find the sign you need, you can dial our operators. Each of them will readily tell the client about the assortment of "Voenmag", help to complete the order, and also will advise a number of goods that may also be of interest to the buyer.

DMB badges for Navy personnel

If you were written off to the stock in 2011, we recommend that you pay attention to a couple of interesting badges specifically for the military of the Russian Navy. On the black bar of both signs, the date - 2011 - and the abbreviation "DMB" is printed with white enamel. If you graduated later or earlier, we still have a couple of interesting icons, on a black lath of which the golden horseshoe and the abbreviation "DMB" are depicted. Polistav pages of this branch can find many more attractive offers for sailors.

DMB badges for Airborne troops

For the Air Force, we are pleased to offer a huge number of signs. As well as for the previous arms, we have two signs, dated 2011. The first is in the form of a steel cross, in the center of which is a parachute , which represents the attributes of the Airborne Forces. And the second one is located on the penalty box and has a bar covered with enamel purple.

In addition, we recommend that you pay attention to two elegant signs that are sold slightly more expensive than others. They do not have a specific date, and in the center of both badges of DMB white cross.

DMB badges for servicemen of the RF Armed Forces

We also have universal badges for all combat arms - these are metal DMB badges with the emblem of our country and the attributes of different arms.

DMB badges for air defense and air force personnel

With the emblems of the Air Force in this branch of our store you can find many kinds of signs. These are standard crosses in the form of bow and on the penalty square with the Air Force attributes in the center, as well as many other signs.

For servicemen from the Air Defense Forces, we have similar signs, but executed on crosses in red. Of course, the center of each of them - the attributes of air defense.

DMB badges for military personnel

For border guards, we also have a huge number of proposals - crosses with the emblems of "Uncle Vasya's troops" pasted on them: on a silvery square square, on a ribbon ribbon. The cost of goods is symbolic, so the need to look for similar signs in other stores will only result in a waste of time.

Pay attention to the special section "All for DMB", where customers can order a complete set of attributes for this event. Belts and DMB straps on the belt, gateways, DMB and DMB albums. All this is divided into arms of the troops and generously decorated with the corresponding attributes. We can leave a request not only for the DMB badge and the traditional white demolition belt, but also for the belts of various colors.

In the section on the belts you can see copies of the times of the USSR, as well as with the attributes of the Airborne Forces or the Navy. The most popular is a universal lot with a two-headed eagle. As for the gateways, here, in addition to the standard white, which is released at a price of 17 rubles, you can find the gateways of various colors and combinations. Silk gyus will perfectly complete the picture of an effective demoblical form. Ordering such an attribute, you will definitely stand out from the crowd of demobilized.

Well, of course, what kind of demolition without an album! At your choice are available all kinds of dembelskih albums - velvet or in the form of a book; any size from small to large!

Call us, leave a request for a callback or send us an email to the email address. We will process your order in the shortest possible time and deliver you your purchases in due time. We are always glad to see you. Order DMB icons and remember demobilization is inevitable!

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