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Medals of Cossacks

Voenmag | 94 Cossack awards, quality, low prices, good service

If you are looking for high-quality and inexpensive Cossack rewards, you can buy them in the military department of Voenmag. In this section you will find all sorts of awards Cossacks, ranging from medals, badges and ending with breastplates with the attributes of the Cossacks. This page was created not only so that our customers could order here the awards and medals established for the central Cossack army, as well as for other units of the Cossacks, but also for you to get interesting information about the modern Cossacks in Russia.

What Cossack rewards can be bought in the military "Voenmag"

The Cossacks is a military class, which has a number of special privileges. In Turkic the word "Cossack" means "free man". Just like the Cossacks themselves, Cossack awards have their unique meaning and reflect the spirit of freedom-loving.

The day of foundation of the Union of Russian Cossacks as an all-Russian organization is June 29, 1990. The existence of this organization is subordinated to the goal of reviving the spiritual, political, economic and historical and cultural traditions of the Cossacks of Russia.

Classification of Cossack awards implies their conditional division into two sections. The first category includes general awards, which have no ties to the regions. That is why the medals of the Cossacks in the form of crosses can be found in the award-winning line of absolutely all Cossack units of Russia. For example, it could be a medal for the Cossack will or medal For the revival of the Cossacks . By the way, the last award with the attributes of the Cossacks is represented on our pages in two degrees. However, exceptions are found, for example, there are crosses for the Siberian Cossacks. The second section includes awards with regional characteristics, such as the medal, established in honor of The 450th anniversary of the Volga Cossack army , or insignia Hero of the Don Cossacks . Here you can give a lot of examples and to see all of them, we recommend that you browse through the pages of our catalog.

It is believed that getting the reward of the Cossacks is a great honor. They are awarded to those who have achieved special merits in various spheres of our life, from politics to culture or economics. This can be a medal For Honor and Loyalty or For excellent shooting . All these awards are always available in the military "Voenmag."

Each medal provides its own individual basis for delivery. However, all the medals of the Cossacks are connected by several common points. Be attached to them can:

  • those Cossacks who participated in military operations were on departmental or military service and displayed such personal qualities as valor and diligence during the performance of special tasks or directly in battles. All listed persons can be encouraged by cross for Courage and Valor or Order of St. George , which can be ordered from any of its four degrees.
  • Cossacks and Cossacks, who had worked for five years in the service of the Union of Russian Cossacks, in particular, in its divisions, and also provided tangible assistance in the revival and development of the national Cossacks. These citizens can be attached to medals For services to the Cossacks , this Cossack the reward to buy from us is simple, because we have all four of its degrees.
  • those Cossacks who participated in the events of the Crimea and supported his return to the Russian Federation. These persons can be awarded medals For the Crimean campaign of the Cossacks 2014 . By the way, this sign of honor with the attributes of the Cossacks is now very relevant and it can be bought in our store for little money.

If you are a non-resident of our side, remember that you, too, can be attached to the Cossack award. It is interesting that such signs of honor can be obtained even by stateless persons, that is, citizens who do not have citizenship. In order to be awarded the above mentioned award, you need to get a statement or petition for your rewarding, which makes up the Ataman board. Further this petition is transferred to the main person in the Union of Cossacks of Russia, namely to the Supreme ataman.

As a rule, Cossack awards are attached to the jacket of those who distinguished themselves in a solemn atmosphere. The kit must be accompanied by a certificate. By the way, these documents are released in our store for free, which is undoubtedly our advantage. Usually the award is presented by the High Ataman. However, on his behalf, this procedure can be entrusted to other citizens. For example, a Cossack general or other employees occupying leading positions may attach to the award.

Cossack award can be obtained once every two years. Only special cases can be an exception. If, however, the reward is awarded posthumously, then the medal itself and the documents for it are transferred to the heirs. By the way, the latter do not get the right to wear medals awarded.

Who can buy Cossack medals, to whom they come in handy

First of all, awards with the attributes of the Cossacks are required by the Cossacks themselves, as well as all citizens who share their moral values. If you want to give a gift to a colleague, then such insignia will serve you as excellent assistants.

Also, such awards can be ordered by members of the Union of Cossacks of Russia, and the leaders of its regional associations, which Cossack medals may be required to reward their wards. Rewarding can occur on different, unforeseen occasions, so to have at hand a stock of necessary attributes will not be superfluous.

Falerists will also be interested to purchase copies of Cossack awards, which are presented in our store. It can also be all citizens who are just interested in the Cossacks. & nbsp;

Domestic filmmakers, who shoot documentaries about the Cossacks, Cossack awards will be very useful. After all, as you know, the devil is hidden in small things, and even a small accent on the attributes of awards can play a role in the production. & nbsp;

Universal medals

Pay attention to the wide range of universal medals with military attributes that can be presented to any Cossack or Cossack. For the first you can order from us medal to the wives of officers . Be sure that the gift will be appreciated by women. For men in our military, the choice of awards and accessories is richer. We recommend you to take a closer look at the Medal of the Fatherland Defender , which is always available in our various design options.

If you want to make a bias on the military qualities of a person without an emphasis on the kind of troops where a man served or served, then you can choose one of three medals: At the service of the fatherland . Moreover, we can choose and medal For the Service of Russia , which is also available in our catalog in five versions. If you can not decide on the purchase, we advise you to recruit our specialists and they will help you.

Buy medals of the Cossacks with certificates can be in the military "Voenmag"

As we have already said, to acquire a Cossack medal follows only with the certificate. Make it possible in our online store. The procedure for buying an award involves sending a blank form of identification to the customer. However, our specialists will not refuse to help you fill in all the fields correctly, if you do not know how to do it.

The reasons for ordering Cossack awards in Voenmag military

Surely, many of you understand that when ordering goods in the online store, you can get a cat in a poke. This situation can be successfully avoided by purchasing Cossack medals, awards and other goods with the attributes of various arms in the "Voenmag" hypermarket. The guarantor of the fact that only high-quality products are on sale in the electronic shop windows of our store is that all buyers can pay for their purchases upon receipt of them in their hands.

If you are a resident of Moscow, then buying Cossacks medals from us, you can get it the next day by courier service. You can pay for the goods by first inspecting it for defects, chips, cracks and other incidents. Only after that you can pay by courier or pay for the goods in any other way convenient for you. In case you live in other cities of Russia, you can make an order in our store by cash on delivery. This means that on the appointed day - when the parcel comes through the Post of Russia to your city, you will go to the nearest post office, open the envelope or box with the parcel, inspect your purchase and then pay for it through the cashier's desk in the Russian Post.

The guarantor of high quality of our products is that many satisfied customers left their positive feedback on our website and on other Internet resources. This testifies to the fact that in the store "Voenmag" sold really worthwhile goods. To achieve such a quality product line we were helped by the fact that we are working with a supplier of Cossack medals, awards and other signs of honor of Russia and the USSR with the attributes of the Cossacks, which successfully proved itself in the domestic market of faleristics. They work with a narrow circle of customers, so each lot of products is carefully checked for defects. Moreover, our suppliers cover the pads of medals with a moire ribbon, which is not inferior to the quality of the workpieces. These accessories for awards are made of viscose or natural silk. Naturally, the latter will be a little more expensive.

Despite the fact that our consultants daily work with a large number of clients, they are always positively attuned to each of you. We are ready to listen to any questions, and also help you with filling out the forms of certificates, which are often attached to the goods being released. In addition, if you require individual delivery terms, we can also come to a consensus and deliver goods to your city on individual terms.

Beautiful design of the Cossack medal

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that our store offers a wide selection of accessories for awards, orders, medals or any other badges of honor. A diverse design, wide price range, color palette, and indispensable quality will allow you to make rewarding memorable. Moreover, we have a large selection of moire tapes , as well as gift packages.

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