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Medals of Cheka,KGB, FSB and other special services

Medals of the Cheka, KGB, FSB and other special services

Service in the Russian special services has always been prestigious and honorable. The high prestige of employees of the system of state security has traditionally been awestruck. Their insignia are very popular among collectors and anyone associated with this device. With the help of our online store you can easily and inexpensively order your favorite awards for your own collection or as a gift.

FSB of Russia and the history of special services and awards

The history of the special services of the Russian Federation can begin in 1917, when the All-Russian Extraordinary Commission was formed, headed by Dzerzhinsky. But already in 1922 the commission was abolished and the GPU was created, which carried out its activities under the NKVD. And in 1934 the NKVD of the USSR was created.

In 1954, under the Council of Ministers of the USSR, the KGB was formed.

The Federal Security Agency has existed in Russia since 1991, since 1995, already as FSB. At present, apart from intelligence and counterintelligence, the main field of activity of the FSB is antiterrorist work and information security.

FSO (Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation), the receiver of the ninth department of the KGB of the USSR, withdrew from it in 1991. The Security Administration was established, in which the president's security service functioned separately. Since 1996, the Office has been reorganized into the Federal Guard Service.

The history of the work of the department is rather ambiguous and contradictory, and the details of the activity are covered in secret, which is not strange for the state security apparatus. But service to the Motherland in our country was respected at all times and was considered worthy of the highest awards.

Awards in federal agencies, as a rule, receive after a certain period of service, as jubilee, for special achievements and manifested in the performance of quality service, some medals ("for interaction") are not awarded only to employees, but also to other citizens, even foreigners who have made a special contribution to strengthening state security.

Many modern awards of the FSB had their counterparts among predecessor services, now the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation is awarded medals, the most common:

• "For difference in military service,"

"For difference in special operations",

"For participating in an anti-terrorist operation",

"For Combat Commonwealth" and others.

Buy medals of the FSB

Almost all the orders and medals of the FSB and other special services can be found and ordered on the site, there is an opportunity to receive an order, both in Moscow and in another region. Prices for other stores are quite low. After ordering you will be called back, and there will be an opportunity to discuss the delivery in detail.

Orders and medals of the FSB, appearance and quality

All the awards that are presented on the site are made of high-quality metal and have a convenient traditional fastening. Outwardly, the insignia of the special services are characterized by restraint of form, as a rule, only state symbols are depicted.

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