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Ministry of Internal Affairs, Police, GIBDD

Voentorg "Voenmag" - more than 170 MVD medals

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has always had a lot of weight in the state system of Russia. For employees of this service a whole line of awards and medals of the Ministry of Internal Affairs was issued. In the catalog "Voenmag" there are all the awards of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia currently available. Employees of the police, collectors, employees of internal bodies, as well as all comers can order in our Internet store commemorative awards of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, anniversary and departmental insignia. As a bonus, it can be noted that all presented lots can boast an optimal "price-quality" ratio.

What medals of the Ministry of Internal Affairs you can buy in the military "Voenmag"

In the catalog of our store you can find departmental, commemorative or commemorative medals, as well as insignia, established by various public organizations. Everyone knows that any departmental awards of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, including the awards of other services, are divided into jubilee and awards. As is clear from the title, award medals are awarded to employees who excelled in the service, achieved success in the performance of certain tasks or committed a heroic deed. Jubilee medals are given in honor of significant dates, timed to the history of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Holders of premium signs have the right to receive benefits established by law. But to the jubilee awards benefits are not attached.

It is impossible to overestimate the contribution of internal forces to the development of the country. Founded by Alexander I in 1811, these troops played the role of provincial guardians, and soon became the leading force of the fatherland. After the revolution, a decision was made to reorganize the guards. In 1919, new internal forces were formed, who participated in various conflicts and followed the order among the population.

The most popular among modern employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is medal for distinction in the service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs . This award is presented in our catalog in three degrees. Each of them can be purchased at a very modest price. Employees of the Ministry and servicemen of the MVD Ministry of Internal Affairs, who have worked flawlessly for 20 years, are awarded a first-degree medal. For the second degree, the experience of impeccable service should be at least 15 years, for the third - 10 years. The medal has the form of a standard circle framed by a protruding rim. In the center of the front side there is a shield, behind which are two crossed swords. On the shield is a warrior who fights the dragon.

It is interesting that in the USSR there was a similar award, it was called the medal For impeccable service. It could be awarded to servicemen of the Interior Ministry troops, the SA, the KGB.

Medal "200 years of the Ministry of Internal Affairs" is no less in demand . The award was established in the summer of 2013 and is timed to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Department of Internal Affairs. It is awarded to veterans of military service, as well as professional employees, who for twenty years courageously carried out their service. On the obverse of the medal of gold metal is the symbols of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. On the reverse side, the years of existence of the department and its name are engraved. Order this award at Voenmag at the lowest cost compared to other online stores.

In our online store there are not only medals of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but also breastplates of the Ministry. For example, you can order a sign or a medal for long service by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Pay attention to the badge of the honorary officer of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who is appointed for long service, as well as for success in service, for courage in performing military and official duties. Usually the rewarding is carried out on November 10 - the Day of the Ministry of Internal Affairs officer, but you can present a gift to the person you need in honor of other memorable dates. An identification card is attached to the breastplate. The insignia is in the shape of an ellipse and is made of silver metal. In the center is a sword, framed by a ribbon in the color of Russian tricolor. In the center a gold-plated inscription "Ministry of Internal Affairs" is stamped out.

There is also a legendary medal "Veteran of special forces of internal troops". Everyone knows that special forces troops are performing particularly complex tasks, so not mentioning courage and sustaining servicemen from this troop squad would be simply blasphemy. Soldiers of special forces have repeatedly destroyed numerous bandit formations, the North Caucasian conflicts have been resolved. The main purpose of this award is the recognition of the merits of former servicemen who are now retired. Moreover, this rank of distinction can be encouraged and ordinary employees who have served for the good of the motherland for more than 25 years. The insignia is a circle of silvery color, on which the machine is depicted.

It is worth paying attention to one more MVD medal for special forces - "For service in the Special Forces". It is noteworthy that the first special purpose training company was formed in 1977. It included the best sportsmen in the Dzerzhinsky Division. The main task of the company was to ensure the safety of athletes at the World Olympics. In 1991, a detachment of special purpose "Vityaz" was created, whose fighters today are solving the most difficult tasks to control Russia's security. The medal can be purchased at Voenmag military tractor at a very attractive price.

Our catalog contains medals for medical personnel, related to To the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The medical service was founded in 1861. It was at this time that Alexander II gave the order to establish the position of healer at the headquarters. Today, eight military hospitals, several sanatoriums and rest homes are subordinate to the Internal Troops, which provides troops with the necessary medical care. The medal is dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the medical service. As a reward material, brass was used.

The jubilee medal in honor of the 15th anniversary of OMSN-SOBR is also freely available in our catalog. A special mobile unit is a specialized unit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. A detachment was formed in the late 1980s. This special unit ensures the protection of law and order and security in hot spots or at public events. The award is made in the form of a metal circle, the obverse of which is crowned with a white cross and the symbols of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Another medal of honor is the medal of the veteran of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, which is a 32-mm brass circle surrounded by a convex rim. In the center of the award is placed the image of a warrior piercing a dragon with a spear.

For those who show special valor in the service, in our store there is a corresponding medal. The design, similar to the design of Olympic medals, the emblem of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on the front side, the dark blue moire ribbon on the pentagonal shoe - all this makes this award suitable for especially solemn occasions. The medal is secured with a ring and a lug.

We present to your attention one more departmental medal of the Ministry of Internal Affairs service. Established in the beginning of the 21st century, this distinction is awarded to the Ministry's employees, servicemen of the internal troops, as well as to persons who contributed to strengthening military cooperation.

It is interesting that for the Ministry of Interior employees who took part in the fire, there is a special award from the Ministry of Defense. A sign of honor is given for bravery, which employees of law enforcement bodies, servicemen of the Ministry of Internal Affairs or employees of the State Fire Service showed during the extinguishing of fires. For the employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations there is a completely different medal, which, by the way, is also available in our directory. Interestingly, the MVD medal can be awarded to any person who is not even related to the departmental service, but who bravely fought the fire.

We have one more departmental MVD insignia, which is issued for merits in service in special conditions. The medal was included in the award system of Russia in 2012. It is awarded to employees if they have distinguished themselves by courage and selflessness in the performance of service assignments or in the liquidation of emergency situations, terrorist acts. A medal is attached to the medal. Unlike other stores, where the cost of this mark of difference can exceed several thousand rubles, in the military "Voenmag" it can be bought at a very modest price.

If you or your close person has worked in the internal organs for more than six years, then he is entitled to the distinction For fidelity duty. This is an incredibly stylish cross, covered with blue resin with crossed swords of red color. This sign will certainly attract attention. However, it is worth remembering that there are some limitations to rewarding this sign. This award is not issued to those employees who have already been submitted to the signs from the series "The Best Worker."

Please note that in our catalog a large place is allocated not only to medals and badges of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but also rewards for employees of traffic police services or the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. We are pleased to offer our customers a medal timed to the 80th anniversary of the State Traffic Inspectorate . The badge was issued in 2016. The design and chasing of the award was carried out by the plant "MF Znak". On the front side of the silver-colored medal there is the emblem of the State Automobile Inspectorate, and on the reverse there are engraved words: "Serving Russia. We serve the law. " In order to buy this award, you must fill out an online application or call our managers.

In our online store you can also order accessories to medals, orders, signs and certificates to them at the most affordable prices. Choose the right product from the catalog of our hypermarket according to the parameters you need. If you are at a loss with the choice, our consultants are always happy to help you.

The catalog, consisting of more than 170 MIA awards, contains in itself exhaustive information on each product name, its full description and characteristics. Each lot has its value and rich history. All presented products meet modern quality standards and are made of high-alloyed brass. Our experts will advise customers on the terms of delivery. We can provide you with individual conditions for processing the order, if you need urgent delivery. The parcel can be sent to any city in Russia, as well as abroad. Call us, we appreciate every buyer!

Ministry of Internal Affairs, Police, STSI

The departmental medals of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are honorable awards and the highest degree of respect for the state to their heroes. They are awarded the best of the best, in particular, patrol officers, criminal investigation officers and employees in the administrative apparatus. In addition to the MVD orders, veterans of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate are honorably awarded with medals approved in special order. It is difficult to express in words the honor and valor of the servants of the law, who are able in practice to perform brilliantly the duties assigned to them. To buy an order or a medal with which the most courageous and brave ones were awarded is not just to supplement the collection or to make a gift, first of all, thus, admiration is expressed to the awarded police or traffic police.

Buy medals of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia

The online store provides all the exhaustive information about medals and orders, their history and distinctive features. Just a couple of clicks and you will become the owner of a unique award with a long history. The choice of a buyer is always based on personal preferences, but knowing the history of one's own country and its heroes is an integral part of the growing up of each person. Medals of a new and old design, with a guarantee of quality at affordable prices - only on our website, with a minimum expectation of receipt of the goods. Catalog of medals, numbering hundreds of awards and medals of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, will help determine the future purchase. Buy medals MOI of Russia - quickly and with a guarantee - you can on the website of the online store.

Police Service Medal

The Police Service Medal is rightfully considered one of the most prestigious and honorable. Guardians of the order, real defenders and brave hearts should not remain in the shadows. The names of heroes and their exploits become eternal and never disappear. In this online store you can buy medals of police services:

• "for service to the fatherland";

• medal "to the defender of Russia";

• medal «for difference in service»;

• medal "for difference when performing special tasks";

• a medal "for participation in counter-terrorist operations";

• "Militia of Russia";

medal with the GAI logo;

• medal with the emblem of the Transport Police;

medal with emblem of public order protection;

• other.

Medals sown to police officers can include several levels, and posthumously awarded for valor and courage.

Jubilee Medals of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate

The anniversary traffic police medals are special awards, with a unique message and importance. They are not awarded as often as other medals and police orders. In the online store various jubilee medals are given, including the rewarded employees of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate, in particular such awards as:

• "80 years of the State Traffic Inspectorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation";

"75th anniversary of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia";

"for difference in the traffic police service";

• "to the veterans of the traffic police";

• "70 years of traffic police".

The website provides complete information and the history of each medal, as the guarantee of quality and authenticity must comply with the highest standards. The jubilee medals of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate are part of a true story that should be proud of.

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