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Voentorg "Voenmag": the richest in Russia range of medals for health workers

These people live in ambulances, operating rooms and hospital wards. Every day they have to deal with questions not for life, but for death. Perhaps, not one profession in the world requires so much soul-giving, and does not cause the working people to have so many moral feelings. We are talking about medical workers.

Once in 997 AD, the 17-year-old Avicenna rescued from a mortal illness one Bukharian emir. In gratitude the patient offered the young doctor any riches and blessings. However, the future of the luminous medical science chose access to the unique library of the emir as a reward. Such extraordinary and unselfish deeds in medicine are not uncommon for today.

However, each of us would like to see his work appreciated. The desire to thank the surgeon who operated you with a medal bought in our store will undoubtedly tell you more about your attitude to the medical officer, rather than a primitive bottle of cognac with a chocolate as a gift to the doctor. If the employees of the healthcare system of the Russian Federation used for their intended purpose every present presented to them, an alcoholic present, there would have been a lot less experienced surgeons in the country long ago. The medal is a gift that remains for life and can be proudly demonstrated to colleagues. Browse through the pages of our catalog, and find medals to buy which can be in your case. The assortment of our store is so wide that it has more than 20,000 products. Among all this diversity, there is sure to be what you are looking for. You can also contact our managers and they will give you a full consultation on the lots presented by us.

Compared to other professional holidays, the Day of Medical Worker is different for those who become citizens of our country indirectly. This is explained by the fact that almost every family has a relative involved in medicine. And absolutely all of us have ever visited a medical institution - stayed in the day hospital, underwent outpatient treatment, or just came to see a doctor. Many of us would like to thank doctors and nursing staff, but the best award for them is a state-recognized medal.

Medals for health workers established by the government of the Russian Federation

Such in the incentive system of our state there are few. The medal "For Merits in Health Care" is intended to encourage medical workers in connection with memorable dates, a professional holiday or before the departure of well-deserved employees to retire. Such an award can be awarded to individuals who have long worked in the medical field or contributed to the prosperity of the native enterprise with their success in the profession. If our competitors offer this award to their customers for 30 USD, the online store "Voenmag" releases it at a price of 21 USD. The difference is small, but, as you know, a ruble pays a penny.

During the WWII, fighting in Chechnya, the Caucasus, Afghanistan, countless physicians fought on the fronts for the lives of wounded fighters. In view of the fact that military physicians often had to carry out emergency and very complex operations in especially dangerous conditions, the government of the Russian Federation decided to award jubilee medals to the most distinguished and devoted doctors.

Medals for health workers established by community organizations

The name of this award is telling. By the way, this sign of honor can distinguish people from different professions. Moreover, " Cross for Courage and Valor " can boast much more savings for your budget - 30 or 40 USD from competitors against $26 in Voenmag.

The medal " Salvation and Grace " is the most expensive in the collection of awards "Voenmag". You can buy a medal for $64 rubles. However, and this cost compared to other online boutiques is low. Look through similar stores and make sure that there the same reward will cost you $100. Unbelievably beautiful and bright, this honorary badge will be a magnificent gift to the medical worker on a landmark date or as a token of your gratitude to him. Equipped with a good pin-pin and a beautiful shoe with a blue moire ribbon, the medal at first sight makes it clear about its high cost.

Medal "For medical services" first and second degree you can reward those workers who have especially distinguished themselves on the labor field. The cost of these awards ($26 against $50 from competitors) will allow you not to save on the budget and congratulate all employees who, in your opinion, deserve this award.

Moreover, only here you can buy medals for medical workers who were faithful his profession from beginning to end, faithfully served for the benefit of patients and the motherland, and also to purchase a unique medal, issued in honor of V.M. Bechterew . The latest award will be a good addition to the collection of Falerists. And if you decide to present this award to the surgeon or doctor treating you, this will become an unspoken symbol of the fact that he is a doctor from God. In a medical environment, this medal is interpreted in this way. However, one must take into account one nuance - persons who have worked in the field of public health for at least 15 years can be presented to this honorary sign.

All the above medals can be bought in the army hypermarket "Voenmag". In view of the fact that we have been operating in the market for a long time, we can accept and process an order for the delivery of any number of medals. If you want to celebrate the Medic's Day with a big celebration and buy medals for medical workers, our online store will gladly ship the desired number of signs of honor to any city in Russia. If you live in Moscow, then you will be able to receive the order the next day after completing the application. Delivery is carried out by courier service. If you are in a hurry and you need to receive an order much faster than the time allotted for this, you can contact us via email or by any of the phone numbers displayed at the top of the page. Our experts will discuss with you individual conditions and will be able to make an urgent delivery.

Pay attention to accessories for awards , which are also in large numbers on showcases "Voenmag". For wholesale customers, cardboard boxes at a low price, presented in dark and light versions, are perfect. Plastic boxes for medals on the shoe can be designed for rewards, as well as for identification to it, located at the bottom. If you want to buy an accessory that will store both a medal and an ID, you can choose between the layout options of the items "layers" or "in a row". For especially solemn occasions, a velvet-cushioned cushion with laces around the edges will suit. The dark color of the velvet will nobly shade any awards as a gift to the doctor - be it a "gold" cross or a "silver" round medal.

How can you be sure of the quality of military medals "Voenmag"?

Reputation is the face of the store. To get a good evaluation from their customers, you need to work on quality for many years. As a rule, the customer who bought from us once the product, replenishes the ranks of our regular customers and visitors. This forms the main article of our income. The poor quality of the goods will undoubtedly turn away most of the clientele from us. To prevent this, Voenmag cooperates only with one company that produces medals, orders, badges and coats. This organization has established itself as a solid manufacturer of premium signs. In addition, it is large enough to work without interruptions.

All products are made from high-grade brass. By the way, many state-style medals are cast from this metal, as it is not corroded and very wear-resistant. Colored accents on orders and medals are placed by hot method using organic enamel. Cohesion of the coating with the base material is so strong that even a decade later no color is found on the colored enamel.

Moreover, our partner retains all the parameters of the original awards. High-precision equipment allows you to achieve the coincidence of sizes and contours of goods to a micrometer. The method of fastening is always chosen exactly as it was presented on the original - whether it is a fastener for modern "butterfly" medals or a fastener, which was widely used on USSR medals . Threaded screw-nuts, steel pins, pins with a pad or collet clamps - all this you can find on those medals that were originally released with this kind of fastenings.

As for the pads and straps, the moiré strips that are used for the goods from our catalog coincide with the originals both in the marking of the colored lines and in the necessary hues up to half a ton.

What other advantages does the military "Voenmag" hypermarket provide?

Each award in the online store "Voenmag" includes a certificate of state or departmental sample. An unfilled form is filled in by the customer for any name.

If you want to start your own business selling medals, our managers will advise you on the product line and help you navigate in the most optimal food basket for you. The decision taken with the help of experts with extensive experience will undoubtedly bring more profit than it would have been without professional advice. It's not for nothing that they say that two heads are better.

For all buyers without exception - be it a student who buys one medal, or a wholesale customer - discounts are given. What do you need to do for this? Publish a link to your favorite product in any social network. When placing an order, you will see that the final cost will decrease.

If you have any difficulties or force-majeure circumstances related to the purchase, contact us and together we will come up with a solution that suits both parties. Call us today. We appreciate every customer!

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