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Medals Hunting and Fishing

Online store "Voenmag" - a large selection of medals for hunters and fishermen

If you want to congratulate a hunter or an angler, and most often a hunter-fisherman, and hand him an original gift, we advise you to browse the catalog of our store. The assortment, which is presented on the shelves of the electronic hypermarket "Voenmag", you will not meet in the windows of ordinary stores around the corner. Our products are so unique that it will cause genuine surprise and delight for men who are keen on active recreation. It's about joking medals for a fisherman and a hunter.

Price tags for awards in the section "Hunting and Fishing" range from $15 to $20. Within these amounts, you can buy a medal that will mark the individual merits of the hunter or the spinner.

What medals can be bought in our store

In our Internet shop there are always a lot of medals for hunters and fishermen, for the employees of the Okhotdeklya Department of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia, and even for those who like "quiet" hunting, that is, for mushroom pickers.

Medals established by the Department of Agriculture of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia

In 1994, by presidential decree, it was decided that executive bodies could establish state-sponsored medals. The only thing they need for this is the agreement with the State Herald at the President of the Russian Federation. Thus, the Okhotdektamet of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia established three medals. All of them are in our free sale.

We present to your attention the Medal of the Department of Horticulture, which is awarded to honorary workers for a long and faithful service. On the obverse of it - the attributes of uniforms of Okhotnadzor employees - two crossed rifles on the background of a pine wreath. This emblem of the Department of Hunting was adopted in 1994 and was first embodied only in the form of breastplates. Today, you can also purchase a medal in a free order.

The veteran of the hunter's business and For the difference . The design of all three medals is very similar. The first and the last can be distinguished only by inscriptions on the reverse side of the awards. The honorary sign for veterans is made of silver metal.

Medals for hunters from the "Sharp Shot" series

In this section, there are two series of medals "A sharp shot" from different manufacturers. In addition to the cost, both classes of medals to hunters differ in design and the fact that the series is cheaper delivered on pads with green moire ribbons.

However, the diameter of the awards from the first series is slightly larger. The rewards themselves look very bright, and are decorated with numerous colored elements. Medals are awarded to hunters depending on their prey. So, on each award there is an inscription "A sharp shot" on top, in the center there is an animal hunted by hunters, and just below - the decoding of the name of the animal.

In our catalog dozens of medals are collected to hunters who were able to obtain bear, roe deer, deer, wolf, fox, wild boar, ermine, and hare. And this is only from the first series of awards.

The second series of "Sharp Shot" differs in a different design: on the gold disc, silver metal shows images of animals in the target. Within the framework of this collection, not only beasts are represented - roe deer, hare, wild boar, wolf, elk and even mammoth - but also the birds: black grouse, woodcock, pheasant, duck, goose and wood grouse .

By the way, about hunt for the last goes a lot of hunting tales. To shoot a wood grouse, a lot of skill is required. You can sit for hours on end, without stirring, in anticipation that this sensitive bird will reveal its location. Therefore, to appear in the environment of hunters with a medal for catching wood grouse is considered very honorable. We are glad to offer you one more special medal " Glukhar" . The award is made of brass and is sold in a plastic case. To fasten this medal to hunters to clothes on a pin-clasp.

There is also a universal award in our catalog that can be presented to any hunter, even a beginner a lover of Russian hunting . Despite the unofficial nature of the award, it is kept in the style of real awards. And just like the original state medals fills the solemn evening of delivery with emotion and warmth.

Pay attention to the award, which according to all beliefs should bring luck to the hunter - reward for the Veteran of the Hunting troops "No Fuzz, no Feather!" . Perhaps such a medal as a placebo will have a beneficial effect on the novice hunter, and his shots will be beat more accurately. Be that as it may, wearing a comic medal on clothes will always bring a good deal of smiles into the process of hunting.

If you want to celebrate a seasoned hunter, we recommend that you choose medal hunters "Veteran" . Presenting such a gift to a person, you will show that you recognize his hunting achievements. Undoubtedly, this man will take this award with him for every sortie on the nature and will remember you.

Fishermen's Medals

For those who like to sit on the shore with a fishing rod or go on a boat with spinning, we have a huge selection of fishing angles.

As well as for hunters, there is a medal for luck in our shop " Neither the tail nor the scales! ". Despite the fact that this award has no legal significance, every fisherman will be pleased to wear it.

Moreover, you can order any medal from the series "Successful bite". Depending on what kind of fish to hunt for a fisherman, our catalog contains medals divided by types of fish: roach, keta, salmon, taimen, trout, grayling, bream, pike perch, carp, perch, catfish or pike. Each fishing for the listed varieties of fish is worthy of respect, because these fish-predators do not rush to bare hooks, like ratan. They peck very reluctantly, and in order to attract their attention, one must possess certain skills and skill. Moreover, you need to choose the right place and time to pull out, for example, a huge catfish. Therefore, to celebrate the success of the angler with such awards is to agree that he is successful in his hobby.

And we also have one funny, comic medal. It will absolutely cause a sea of smiles and positive emotions. On the back of her flaunting inscription: " Have you eaten fish soup (UhuEli?) ? ».

For fans of summer and winter fishing we also have original themed medals. In addition, you can pay attention to the universal fisherman medal. If you do not know which fish the angler is most likely to fish, this reward will be the best choice.

Other medals

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In Russia, active recreation does not end in hunting and fishing. There are also lovers of quiet, mushroom hunting. For them in Voenmag there is a special offer - mushroom medal. It is interesting that the shoe of this non-state award is covered with a moire ribbon with the "symbols" of mushroom pickers: one broad brown stripe in the color of forest soil and a Russian tricolor from the side.

How to buy a medal in the military "Voenmag"

To order a medal from us, customers need to go to the product card and click the "Add to Cart" button. Here you will find a pleasant surprise - a bonus from the store for those who will share a link to the product in their account in one of the five social networks submitted. Next, you should fill out the online application form, which should answer a few simple questions.

If the procedure seems confusing to you or if you simply do not have time, pay attention to the "Buy One Click" button. Enter your name and surname in the opened menu and enter the valid phone number. Our managers will contact you within a short time and will accept your order with words.

If this option also does not suit you, we recommend making a call to the number marked in red in the product card. Call on Russia is free. The applications of those customers who report the product code to the operator (it is indicated just below the phone number) are processed many times faster, since this avoids the search consultant in the database.

For those who are interested in the lot, but are not yet ready to make a purchase, we have a wonderful option "Add to deferred." The next time you return to the store, this product will be waiting for you in the favorites section, and if you want to purchase it, you can just bring the design to the end. Buy a medal in this way is convenient, because it frees you from re-viewing the catalog.

There is in our online hypermarket and one more interesting option - if you want to open your own military department in your area, then we will help you with this. Call us and our experts will help you to collect the optimal basket of comic medals and other products that will not lie on your shelves and will quickly find your customers. We give recommendations on behavioral behavior of consumers in this or that season of sales. Moreover, our specialists also have information about which city the nearest military commissar is located in and what is the assortment of the store. Having listened to our recommendations, you will be able to avoid duplicating the assortment, which will also contribute to a faster payback of the store.

How are medals produced in the "Voenmag" catalog

All comic medals from the series "Hunter and the Fisher" are made of high-alloyed brass. Colored elements are put in the same reliable way, as well as for copies of medals of state designation. To do this, the masters used organic enamel and applied it in a hot way. Therefore, you can be calm about the quality and durability of medals to hunters and fishermen. They will last you a long time without chips and cracks on the paint.

If you see engraving on a medal or some souvenir, then it was applied on a high-tech engraver. This protects the product from unnecessarily pressing the needle or drill, and therefore contributes to the integrity of the entire structure. The final result is always polished to a shine, so we will not encounter any ridiculous defects on rewards.

Call us, if you need individual conditions of shipment and delivery of goods - we'll meet you halfway. If you require shorter delivery times, we can also discuss this with you and come to a consensus. We will certainly satisfy all the conditions that are in our competence. You can always count on us!

Looking for funny comic medals? You can use our online store, because for sure the friends of the following people would gladly turn to us if we opened a little earlier!

• Alfie Dean. This Australian in 1959 caught a fish, the size of which is listed in the Guinness Book of Records. White shark-eater weighed almost 9 kg, and in length was almost 6 m! At the same time, the guy used a special line made of steel, which weighed 59 kg.

• Joy Pallota. His catch is sturgeon, weighing 212 kg! He caught it in 1983 on the coast of California.

• The Norwegians Jensen and Hansen. Not so long ago - in 2010 - they caught a polar polar shark. Fish weighed 880 kg, and in length was more than 4 meters. Fishermen-athletes always prefer not to use weapons in fishing, but to manage ordinary fishing equipment.

• A Thai fisherman, whose name is unknown. In the Mekong River, he found a giant catfish, weighing 293 kg and a length of 2.7 m.

We hope that your friends will notice your progress on time and will be able to buy a comic medal in our online store. After all, we have medals for any situation!

• If nobody doubts the accuracy of your friend, and he hits any target with a minimum distance, please him with a comic medal for a well-aimed shot. Moreover, if he distinguished himself with accuracy in a particular hunt, you can let him remember this moment forever, giving a medal for accuracy with the image of roe deer, pheasant, duck, goose, hare, black grouse and even mammoth.

• When you notice a friend's successful bite, do not forget to please him with the appropriate medal. In our assortment - prizes for a successful bite with images of roach, chum, trout, perch, pike, etc. You will always find the option that suits you!

• spend too much time on your favorite thing, and you do not yet have a special medal? Get a sign with the inscription "The time spent on fishing, as a life does not go" - and you can rest assured that all friends supporting your hobby will ask you where you took such a miracle.

• Medal hunting can be bought inexpensively in our store. Sign up for the "hunting troops of Russia" along with the required medal or get a medal for the lover of Russian "quiet hunting" (if you are an inveterate mushroom picker!).

• Do you prefer fishing at certain times of the year? Then urgently buy a medal of a Russian fishing lover in the summer or in the winter. Successfully fish at any time of the year? Then for you we have a medal "No tail, no scales." We are sure that in our online store you will find what medal for comic merits to buy.

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