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Medals Group of Soviet Forces in Germany, Warrior-Internationalist

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Our products are of high quality. All presented goods are made in accordance with the standards adopted in the industry. We very carefully approach the issue of choosing a supplier of medals, orders, signs and peripheral products. Therefore, we can confidently say that the lots we sell will last you a long time.

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We know that giving the customer the opportunity to buy all kinds of goods in one place is a great advantage for stores. To achieve this, we have worked for many years. As a result, we collected the most extensive collection in Russia of the GSVG medals (ZGV), orders, signs and other goods. In our catalog you can find more than 20 thousand items. Just think about that number! We can find everything that relates to army goods, or goods with the attributes of one or another kind of troops.

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What are the GSVG medals to buy? Assortment of the military "Voenmag"

Group of Soviet & nbsp; Occupation & nbsp; troops in Germany (abbreviated as GOSVG or GSVG), or The Western Group of Forces (ZGV) were created after the victory in World War II. Initially, it was thought that the FGP would have to deliver a control strike against NATO troops in the event of a conflict situation. However, the conflict did not reach the conflict and, in fact, the group monitored groups of servicemen from NATO countries that traveled to West Berlin. The main tasks of the GSPWG were to protect the borders of the Soviet Union from the West from any external threats.

The year of the founding of the special division is 1946. The groups of three troops that remained in charge of the defeated Germany, eventually settled in their new place of residence. Inside the military city, all the necessary infrastructure for life was created, including schools, shops, hospitals, kindergartens, and even drama theaters.

However, staying in the GOSOVG troops meant carrying service on the territory of the former enemy. During its existence, the group has more than once facilitated the peaceful settlement of disputes arising between different governments. So in favor of Russia, thanks to the power and armament of the Western Group of Forces, confrontations were resolved with the countries of the anti-Hitler coalition, exacerbated in 1949, 1953 and 1961.

No wonder that for this layer of the Armed Forces of the USSR was given a large place in the country's award system. We present to your attention the most complete collection of awards of the GSVG to soldiers of internationalists.

The most demanded to date award in this section is a medal to the veterans of the GSVG. This is not surprising, because this sign of honor, like many other awards, intended for long and faithful service, gives the right to its owner to receive benefits from the state. Namely, all those who have received this distinction can claim the title of "Veteran of Labor", and therefore for certain benefits for housing and communal services and a small supplement to the monthly pension. In our catalog you can find as many as four medals to the veterans of the GSVG. All of them were established by various public organizations.

The award, issued by order of the decree Union of veterans of the GSVG, GOSVG, ZGV is the most expensive of all. Although, if you compare its cost with other stores, it is released cheaper than the most modest medals from competitors. The medal looks very impressive, there are a lot of colored elements in it, they are kept in the same style, and also it has a special spraying, which makes its surface golden-mirror. But, the most interesting thing in it is not its design, but the fact that the kit includes a free certificate. The customer fills this identification card at home on his own. If you have any questions about the correct filling of the fields, you can always rely on the help of our specialists. Call them and they will all prompt you.

You can order another medal for service in the GSVG from this series. The latter was born thanks to the Union of veterans of the ZGV, GSVG . A certificate for a medal is not required, but the kit includes a plastic case. It reliably protects your purchase from scratches and other incidents that may occur during transportation.

Two more medals to veterans of the GSVG were also issued at the request of the Union of Veterans of the GSVG, GSOVG, ZGV. At one of them flaunts a red star, as a symbol of the armed forces of the USSR. The second is executed in a monophonic style. All images on the relief are embossed, on the reverse side - the name of the founder organization of the mark of distinction is engraved. Medals are issued at the same prices, so the choice between them is motivated only by the preference for a certain design. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;

No less popular and a medal of 70 years of the GSVG. In our store are presented several of its options, established by various public organizations. All these commemorative medals of GSVG were released in 2015. It was then that the country celebrated the 70th anniversary of the deployment of Soviet troops in Germany.

There is in our catalog medal of 70 years of GSVG, established by the decree of the Union of Veterans of Russia. This distinction was issued to those servicemen who distinguished themselves in the course of service or contributed to a more prompt or effective resolution of the tasks assigned to them by the commanders-in-chief. Pay attention to medal of 70 years of GSVG , which was approved by the Russian Commission for Public Awards. All military men who were registered as part of the Western Group of Forces and who distinguished themselves with special merit can be awarded this medal.

Many of our clients choose medals for 65 years of GSVG . Released in 2010, this award became a memorable one for all outstanding servicemen and workers who worked side by side in Germany. The award has joined the ranks of Russia's awards under the decision of the Commission on Public Medals and Marks.

There is in our catalog and a medal dedicated to 15th anniversary of the withdrawal of the Western Group of Forces from Germany. The award was issued in 2009, so the date 1994-2015 is stamped on its face and a Soviet soldier-liberator is depicted.

Do not forget that it is possible to reward an internationalist warrior with universal awards. Thus, on the Defender of the Fatherland Day, a serviceman, acting or retired, can be presented with a smart medal 23 February . If you do not like its design, you should take a closer look at two more variants of this mark of difference. We also have an award for the same holiday, performed in the standard round performance. However, its difference is that on the sign there is also an effective blackening, which makes the figure depicted on it by George the Victorious, fighting the serpent, even more contrasting. If you do not like this sign, we can offer you medal to the defender of the Motherland with a picture of all types of weapons of the Armed Forces The Russian Federation. The sign of honor is issued on a pentagonal block, covered with a moire ribbon and with an empty blank of identification.

By the way, the ZGV existed until 1994. The withdrawal of troops began in 1991 and stretched out for three years. It was this time that the Russian Government needed to take out all the equipment and combat units to their homeland. Interestingly, 132,000 wagons were required for relocation.

How to produce the GSVG medals sold to Voenmag

All the products presented in our catalog are manufactured in a private mini-factory. Our manufacturers do not work with many customers, so they fulfill orders carefully and without haste. They produce medals made of brass of high alloying. This means that the medal or order will not lose its shape, even if long, thin branches of laurel wreaths or other objects come out for her or his sides.

If you need to apply color, decorative elements, use organic enamel. Manufacturers cover it with a brass workpiece in a hot way. This, in turn, is a guarantee that the paint does not crack or crack over time. The GSVG awarded to us can be stored in the cold or warm - nothing will happen to it. Such honors do not require special treatment, and you can store our products as you please without compromising quality. 

How can I place an order

You can order in our store in four ways:

  • Complete a simple online application form. For this, you need to specify the correct shipping address and the surname of the recipient.
  • Contact our consultants to leave the order verbally.
  • Send us a request for a return call (button with a green basket in the card of each product "Buy in one click"), and we will promptly call you back and take your order.
  • Send us an email with product description.

Remember that by reporting to the operator the code or article number that is directly after the phone numbers, you significantly speed up the process.

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