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Medals For Labor

Voenmag | Medals for work at low prices

Get a medal for conscientious work has always been considered a great honor. As a rule, it can only be obtained by an employee who is rightly recognized as a qualified master in his profession who has worked for a long time in one enterprise and was able to become not only a mentor, but also an example for younger colleagues.

Hard worker Udarnik of USSR medals for work

In addition to the models of Soviet or Russian awards, we are pleased to offer our customers a medal without a picture on the front and back. Such a product provides ample opportunities to personalize the award in accordance with your needs or cause of rewarding. Such blanks are let out at prices, within which it is possible to easily produce wholesale billets. Purchasing medals is a great way to prove your respectful attitude towards rewarded employees or colleagues.

In the directory "Voentorg" you can always find high-quality models of USSR medals, the price of which will satisfy any purse. These awards are in great demand among our customers, because they perfectly perform several functions at once:

  • are suitable for replenishing the collection of medals;
  • can serve as a props for a documentary or historical film;
  • will be a good addition to the school corner
  • If a genuine medal for the work of your family member has been lost, then the descendants can show an exact copy of the award in full size. After all, no words describe a grandfather's or grandmother's medal better than a model of a reward that you can hold in your hands and touch the history of your family.

We offer you three degrees of the state award - Order of Labor Glory . Approved in 1974, this order became a landmark and was awarded to those who fulfilled the task of the socialist five-year plan ahead of schedule. Among the awarded order of the third degree in the forefront were the Far Eastern and Kuzbass miners, as well as workers from the Azovstal plant. To get the higher rank of this sign of honor with the Soviet labor attributes it was necessary to obtain the first and second degrees of the award consistently, therefore the first full fellows of this order appeared only nine years later. There were only 35 of them. Among domestic and foreign falerists, the Order of Labor Glory is considered very valuable. By purchasing its exact copy in our store, you will undoubtedly strengthen the position of your collection from the point of view of the rewards of the Soviet Union.

Another important medal in the history of the country of councils was medal For the development of virgin lands . Given that as a central motivational locomotive of such programs for the development of untilled land, such as the colonization of the Volga region under the decree of Catherine II, the agrarian reform of 1906 with the petition of Peter Stolypin or the current program "Far Eastern hectare", signed by President V.V. By Putin, the land itself, together with the receipt of special rights to it, then during the heyday of the Soviet Union the development of collective-farm lands was encouraged by medals. Get a medal for the development of virgin lands was a great honor. The winners could be not only individuals, but also whole groups. The obligatory condition of rewarding was the working experience in the development of fallow lands for at least two years. Acquire the symbolic symbol of the Soviet Union in the military "Voenmag" at the lowest prices.

The award, which will now be discussed, also first appeared in 1974. This is medal Veteran of Labor of the USSR . To receive such an award in the Soviet Union could be for a long and productive work in the field of health, education, agriculture, and other areas of social services for the population. In addition to citizens with a great work experience, this award was given to the home front workers and children of the Second World War, who in the war years worked in factories on an equal basis with adults. For 21 years of the existence of this sign of honor in the award system of our country, they were awarded 39 million Soviet citizens.

In the same branch of our catalog, you can find other, not less significant, awards of the USSR (or rather their copies). Pay attention to the legendary medal For the Labor Valor of the USSR , which is attached to the triangular shoe. Decorated with Soviet paraphernalia, the award perfectly conveys the spirit of its time. The same statement will be true for the star of the Hero of Socialist Labor . Performed in the form of a golden five-pointed star and made complete with a rectangular red bar, a copy of the rare award will be the crown of your collection of Soviet medals for work. By the way, this sign of honor is considered the highest degree of distinction for labor merits in the Soviet Union. The first knight of this order was Stalin himself.

Of particular note is Order of the Red Banner of the USSR . Established in the distant 1920, the first award to them took place only six months later. It was the peasant N.Z. Menchukov, who saved the Chigirinsky bridge under construction from destruction due to ice drift. He descended to the ice and smashed the congestion manually, which was formed in a dangerous proximity to the building. Prior to this, the ice congestion did not succumb even to attempts to undermine it.

Russian medals for work

Our catalog presents awards that can be attributed to various areas of work.

One of the most sought after awards in the domestic market of faleristics is rightly recognized medal For Valorous Labor . This insignia was very valuable among the workers, since besides the honor of colleagues and others, he gave the right to receive benefits and assign the status of Veteran to the recipient of work. Decorated with award attributes in the form of laurel branches and a worker with a torch over his head, the reward can not be better fitted into the collection of domestic medals for work.

In whatever field you work, we always have something to offer to reward your colleagues or subordinates. A good selection of awards for employees Hunting Department , medals for employees agriculture, forestry, schools, institutes, kindergartens or colleges.

We can leave an order even for such highly specialized awards as

medal in honor of the 30th anniversary of the Department Police on the Underground in Nizhny Novgorod .

Pay attention to the wide range of universal medals that perfectly fit into any honoring of honored workers. These are rewards like

medal For conscientious work , For Useful Communication from the Thankful Russia Corps, a badge for citizens who have made a special Contribution to the development of the region's economy .

Medal for the Faithfulness of the profession can also be presented to employees of different spheres.

If the territorial sign of the award is important for you, then you can find awards for workers of different regions. For example, we are pleased to offer you a medal to the Honored Worker of the Republic of Tuva, medal for citizens who contributed to the development of the city of Kaltan, Medal of the Republic of Dagestan's Honorary Health Career, and medicine rescue workers in the city of Vorkuta. All these lots can be purchased at a very modest cost. Do not forget that we always have an empty blank for the medal on a standard, round disc of golden color. On such a preparation, you can apply any image and tie the reward to any terrain.

Other medals for work

In addition to the above awards, in our catalog you can find a large number of honor signs established by organizations such as traffic police, Komsomol, CIAM, BTI, Roszheldorproekt, BHSS, MIA, aviation workers' union, BAM leadership, Forestry of Russia, MES, as well as Russian Railways. If you find it difficult to find the right reward in our catalog, we suggest you contact our specialists for help. You can leave us an application for a call-back or contact us using e-mail. Competent and polite managers will be happy to help you with your order.

Our prices

Ordering the USSR labor medals the prices for products can be viewed both in the catalog and in the individual product card. We draw your attention to the fact that each consumer is entitled to a discount on the goods, provided that you share a link to it with your friends in the preferred social network. In the "Voenmag" hypermarket you can find not only a huge selection of products with military paraphernalia, but also get on a sale or an action, within which you can buy goods at reduced prices.

Product Quality

All products of our store, including medals for work, are manufactured in strict accordance with international quality standards. Precise copies of famous awards are difficult to distinguish from the originals due to the masterful technique of performance. The latter is achieved through the use of modern equipment for minting and engraving products made of brass. The dimensions of the required relief images are observed to within a millimeter.

The enamel is painted by the technique of hot or cold application. Both methods guarantee high wear resistance of the coating, regardless of the operating conditions. Moire tapes repeat all shades on original awards.

Convenience of placing an order

Shopping through the online store free buyers from long walks through the shopping halls in search of the right product. We can buy a medal for work without leaving home or office. And if you need a consultation, you can contact our consultants at any time. For residents of Moscow, there is a special offer - the delivery of goods to the house through courier services. Delivered goods quickly - a day after the order for Muscovites and for two weeks or less - depending on the speed of the Russian Post or transport companies - for residents of the regions.

A large selection of accessories for medals for work

If you need a certificate for the chosen medal, we suggest that you go through the corresponding section and select the required document format for the award. In the same branch of the catalog a wide assortment of boxes and cases for rewards is offered. For solemn occasions, our customers can order embroidered cushions made of noble velvet, which, with its matte structure, emphasizes the brilliance of medals.

We are waiting for each of you and are ready to help you with choosing medals for work for any occasion!

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