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Medals Fighting, Afghanistan, Caucasus, Syria, Peacekeeping

Any military conflict leaves behind many artifacts. One of them are different medals. Not only governments celebrated their heroes with different awards. Still public organizations with the medals underlined a feat of our people in military work. The online store offers a wide range of different awards that will be of interest to collectors and all organizations involved in organizing meetings of war veterans. To get medals of warfare Afghanistan, Caucasus, Peacekeeping everyone can at us in shop, without leaving the house or office. All you need is to fill out an application or make one phone call.

Medals awards for Afghanistan

It should be noted that neither the Soviet government nor the Soviet republics established special awards for service in Afghanistan. List of medals and orders awarded by the Soviet government to Afghan soldiers.

"Gold Star" she was awarded Heroes of the USSR. It was released on August 5, 1939.

· "Red banner". Approved on August 1, 1924

· "For courage" Approved on October 17, 1938

· "For Military Merit" Approved on October 17, 1938.

· "Red star". Approved on April 6, 1930.

· "Warrior-Internationalist" Issued on December 28, 1988.· "Warrior-Internationalist" Issued on December 28, 1988.

· "Warrior-internationalist from the grateful Afghan people" Approved by the President of the Republic of Afghanistan on May 15, 1988.

· "For difference in military service" I and II classes. Approved on October 28, 1974.

· "For Distinction in Guarding the State Border of the USSR" Approved on July 13, 1950.

· "Order of Lenin" Established on April 6, 1930

Almost all types of medals dedicated to the service in Afghanistan have been approved and issued by various organizations. Almost all medals are dedicated to Afghanistan you can find in our assortment. Each medal was issued on a specific occasion and for certain merits.

Medals Peacekeeping of Russia

Russian peacekeeping forces, conducted peacekeeping operations on the territory of the CIS four times.

· The first operation was conducted in Transnistria in 1992

· The second operation also in 1992 in South Ossetia

· Third in November 1993 in Tajikistan

· The fourth operation was conducted in Abkhazia in 1994 by the Participant of the MC and collectors will be interested in our range of medals and badges dedicated to these operations in difficult years for our country. We would like to separately note the public medal, "Peacemaker", which was established by the 15th anniversary of the creation of the Russian peacekeeping forces.

Medals for participation in hostilities in the North Caucasus 1994 - 2004

A difficult decade for Russian history was marked by bloody events in the North Caucasus. Two Chechen wars left a deep imprint on the fate of people.

In honor of veterans of the war in the Caucasus, organizations of Russia issued a medal "Participant of military operations in the North Caucasus 1994-2004". She and many other medals dedicated to the conflict in the Caucasus are in the range. Everyone can get acquainted with awards, dedicated to various military actions and events.

Army Voyemag hypermarket: more than 70 medals for Afghanistan, Caucasus, Crimea and Donbas

Voentorg Voenmag is pleased to offer its customers the largest selection in Russia of modern and manufactured in the USSR copies of medals for combat operations in the North Caucasus, Afghanistan, the Crimea, the Donbas, as part of the peacekeeping forces, as well as to internationalist soldiers. All awards can be ordered in any quantity, including wholesale lots, with delivery to the USA and any other countries. Quality, exact correspondence to the originals, speed of order processing - these are the main advantages of our online store!

Polite and always ready to help managers, working with trusted suppliers and reliable enamel alloy on awards with brass allows "Voenmag" to establish itself as the best army store on the domestic market.

Medals for Afghanistan

In 2016, three decades passed after the withdrawal of Soviet troops from the territory of the DRA. However, the witnesses of those events - veterans - are still in the dawn of forces. Therefore, it is simply impossible to forget those terrible years. Despite the fact that the war in Afghanistan was devoted to worldwide publicity, special orders and medals to war veterans were not established. The Soviet authorities decided to get by with the USSR awards. As a confined event to the awards served only as a badge for the soldiers of the internationalists. Therefore, until now, with memorable meetings of those who visited the millstone of Afghanistan, they are awarded with Soviet signs of honor. For today, in many collectives you can still meet "Afghans" - the so-called Soviet soldiers who took part in that war. In view of this, the relevance of Afghan veterans medals is not lost year after year. In the catalog of the military "Voenmag" you can find all jubilee and ordinary medals, which can be handed to a brave warrior. By the way, we can send parcels with the goods not only across Russia, but also abroad. Call us and we will discuss the specific terms of delivery.

What medals for Afghanistan you can buy in Voenmag:

  • State awards

Many, then still, Soviet soldiers who gave their civic duty in the territory of the DRA, were later presented to the awards. The most popular of them was the medal for courage displayed in Afghanistan, which is produced in gold and silver. By the way, you can buy this honor in our store for 599 rubles. As you can see, the cost of it compares favorably with the price list of competitors' stores.

In addition, soldiers who performed a military feat on the military field, were awarded awards for military merits. This sign of honor began to be issued in the Soviet Union in 1938. Its value is indisputable, since it was given to the second generation of soldiers and officers after World War II.  

  • Democratic Republic of Afghanistan awards

The government of the Republic of Afghanistan also did not remain in debt to the liberator soldiers and established for them a number of its own unique signs of honor. All these medals you can buy in the military "Voenmag" at very modest prices. For example, the model of the medal, which in 1988 the President of Afghanistan established for Soviet soldiers in gratitude to his people, can be purchased in our store for only 16 USD. The award has a texture "for gold", and on the front side of it are depicted the flags of two states, applied by organic color enamel method of hot coating. Interestingly, this sign of honor was awarded to absolutely all Soviet soldiers who leave the borders of the DRA.

  • Medals from public organizations

Since 1995, the Russian government has approved the introduction of medals for veterans of military operations in Afghanistan by public organizations. The green light given by the government to such institutions has given rise to the creation of a multitude of awards of various sizes and degrees of significance. All these medals "Voenmag" glad to offer their customers.

The first medals were awarded to soldiers who fought as part of the border troops. This is a reasonable explanation, because it was the border guards that turned out to be the most significant strike force of the 40th Army. By the way, in the set for this award includes a certificate, a blank form which is filled in the name of the customer.

The following signs of honor were awarded to the landing troops or soldiers who fought as part of the Airborne Forces. For them, was issued a special award, which depicts a paratrooper landing on the ground with a parachute.

In the catalog of our online store you can find awards, established by various unions created in memory of the war in Afghanistan. So, for example, on a holiday or on a memorable date for a warrior, you can buy a medal of a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, which depicts a tank with soldiers and two helicopters hovering above them. On the obverse there is a map of the republic. This honorary mark was issued by order of the Russian Union of Afghan Veterans. However, on this list of medals established by this union does not end. Another medal was issued for veterans-paratroopers, which you can always buy from us.
On the shelves of our windows, you can find any anniversary medal for Afghanistan. We also have a reward dedicated to the tenth anniversary of the withdrawal of troops from the DRA. The latter is made in the form of a cross made of aluminum, against a background of a squared square. Its cost is only $5.

The medal issued in honor of the next memorable date - the 15th anniversary of the withdrawal of troops from the republic is made in the standard version. This is a round medal, which depicts a tank passing through the bridge.

In the military "Voenmag" you can also find medals, established in honor of the 25th anniversary, as well as the 30th anniversary of that day - February 15 - when the Soviet troops left Afghanistan. Some of the awards were issued in several versions. This is due to the fact that each union of veterans wanted to distinguish their members with unique honorary signs. Nevertheless, there is also a single jubilee medal dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the withdrawal of troops from the DRA. Despite the fact that it was established in 2013, it can be awarded to all the soldiers living in the territory of the former Soviet Union or CIS countries. Today this medal is also used as a mark of distinction of the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation.     

Medals for the Caucasus

In 1994, the Russian war broke out with Chechnya. Since the beginning of hostilities between today's countries has passed only 22 years. It is not surprising that awards to soldiers and officers who served in this "hot spot" are so popular. Many representatives of the Russian state power structures are permanently serving in this quiet region to date.

The very first award for Russian soldiers was a cross, which was awarded to the soldiers who distinguished themselves during the service. This sign of honor is painted with white enamel and decorated with crossed swords. Among the medals for the Caucasus there is a similar cross of black color. Its founder is the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. On the shelves of our store are presented both versions of this award - in gold and silver execution. The first option is intended for distinguished officers, the second is for lower-ranking servicemen, for privates, and for sergeants. Moreover, in our catalog you can find similar crosses of blue, green and red. The complete set of all these crosses includes a blank certificate form, where the owner's name is entered. 

Medals for service in the Caucasus are especially important for law enforcement officers or employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. Employees who returned from a business trip in Chechnya with a reward, enjoy the deserved authority in the team. All medals related to Chechnya are in a wide range of products in the military department of Voenmag. Moreover, the cost of them is attractive democratic in comparison with similar products in other stores in the niche.

For example, the medal for military operations in the North Caucasus, which depicts an eagle, the victorious wolf, can be bought for only 40 USD.

Medals for the Crimea

Probably, in Russia there is not a single person who would not be aware of the latest developments in the Crimea. In this regard, there is a great demand for medals for the return of the Crimea.Probably, in Russia there is not a single person who would not be aware of the latest developments in the Crimea. In this regard, there is a great demand for medals for the return of the Crimea.

At us visitors can find a full collection of these awards. The most popular for today is the medal for the Crimea 2014. The award is made in the form of a beautiful purple cross with a golden edging. She certainly will like the serviceman to whom you will present it. Perhaps this medal of the youngest republic in Russia will replenish someone's collection of faleristics and become her real decoration.

In our catalog there are also medals of the People's Republic of Germany. The most popular is the "We Stand for the Donbass" award, on the front side of which the Russian soldier and the Ukrainian ataman are fighting, shoulder to shoulder.

Browse through the pages of our website and you will find exactly what you are looking for. This is not surprising, because in the online store "Voenmag" presents more than 20 thousand items.

Peacekeeping forces and awards of soldiers of internationalists

Warriors, once serving in the peacekeeping forces, or their descendants, also have something to look for. So, for example, you can find a medal dedicated to the distinguished soldiers who were relocated to Tajikistan during the Second World War. It's about 201 motorized rifle division.

Participants in the fighting in Angola can purchase from us a corresponding award complete with a certificate. If you look through all the pages of the store, there are many more awards for servicemen who fought or served in other countries and friendly republics. It can be both jubilee medals, and memorable signs and badges.

Call us if you have any questions, and our managers will gladly explain everything to you. We can help you in opening your own military office with the selection of the optimal basket for your region. In addition, we can discuss with you the conditions of individual urgent delivery of goods to the regions of USA, Germany, Australia and other countries.

In addition, only in our store you can take advantage of the unique opportunity to get a discount on any product. To do this, you need to share a link to the selected product with your friends on the social network.

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