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Medals EMERCOM and Fire department

Военмаг | 49 medals of the Ministry of Emergency Measures, firemen, divers, DOSAAF

If you are looking for awards, established by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation or any public organizations for EMERCOM of Russia, fire, diving, or DOSAAF, then you have come to the address. In the catalog of our online store there are always available all the following insignia, as well as accessories to them with the attributes of these departments. Low prices, high quality of service and good quality of goods - these are the three reasons why you can buy the desired product from us.

MES Medals

The most priority task of the main emergency and rescue service of Russia - the Ministry of Emergency Situations - is saving lives. Moreover, these words concern not only people, but also animals and birds. Therefore, the motto of this federal executive body is simple: "Prevention. The rescue. Help". In the military magazine "Voenmag" you can find four jubilee medals with these words on the reverse side. It's about

medals of 25 years of the Ministry of Emergency Situations . In accordance with the decree, this sign of distinction will be available to those employees who have worked in the Ministry of Emergency Measures for 10 years, and also have distinguished themselves by an impeccable service. However, this award can also be presented to civilians who contributed to the prevention or liquidation of the consequences of emergency situations.

Another medal on the obverse of which the slogan and attributes of the emergency rescue service of Russia are engraved is the award issued in honor of 20-year anniversary from the day of the formation of the federal body. This EMERCOM medal is also departmental. The circle of rewardees is similar to the previous award:

  • employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations with an experience of at least 10 years and distinguished themselves by service without a single gripe. By the way, the experience of employees can be earned not only in the Ministry of Emergency Situations, but also in the organizations transferred to this department.
  • civilians who participated in the elimination of fires and emergencies, and also achieved high results in research and development, and whose developments greatly facilitated the tasks of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Customers often ask us: "What are the benefits provided by the state for the medal ...?". In order to clarify this issue, we decided to publish a list of the awards of the Ministry of Emergency Measures, which are awarded the title of "Veteran of Labor."

Ministry of Emergency Situations Medals - benefits to Labor Veterans

Despite the wide variety of awards for this federal executive body, not all of them give the right to receive benefits. So, what kind of citizens, and for what achievements is lifelong financial support from the state supposed to be:

Ironically, Veteran of the Ministry of Emergency Situations does not give any privileges to its owner. This is due to the fact that this award was established not by the Ministry of Defense, but by the Social Organization of Veterans of the Civil Defense Ministry of Russia. Attached to this medal can be members of this and similar organizations that have been in it for at least 10 years and are actively promoting the rescue activities on the territory of our country. The set for this distinction is a plastic case and a blank certificate form. A promotional badge is issued at a low cost.

Firefighting Medals

In this segment of the "Voenmag" catalog, 11 awards are presented.

The first fire service in the territory of present-day Russia was established in 1649, April 30. It is on this day that it is customary to celebrate the professional holiday of firefighters. In 2009, the Russian Fire Service celebrated its 360th anniversary. Naturally, this event was immortalized in the award system of our country. In commemoration of this memorable event, an anniversary jubilee was established, and a commemorative one was established. -v-venke "> a medal of 360 years of fire protection . This sign of distinction is awarded to employees of the fire service, who served their country flawlessly for many years. However, this award does not have to be handed exclusively to firefighters. People who have made a tangible contribution to the improvement of the fire protection structure can also be attached to this sign of honor. In addition, those citizens who are actively promoting activities aimed at extinguishing or preventing fires can also supplement the lists of medal winners. Please note that in our store there are four versions of the 360-year-old medal for fire protection, as well as many other medals with fire protection attributes.

It is interesting that the first fire alarm was installed in Moscow in 1907. It is said that since then the fire alarm system has not changed much, and modern principles of devices are built on its basis. However, such systems can not be installed everywhere, so fire prevention was established a separate award. Such a medal is awarded to vigilant citizens who were able to prevent the outbreak of fire in the forest or in the city in time. Not necessarily these people should be related to the Russian Fire Service.

In our catalog, you can always find many other awards to the Russian Fire Department employees with the attributes of the department, such as a key-medal dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the foundation of the State Fire Safety Agency , medal for difference , which was established by the Russian Fire Society, or medal to the participants of the fire extinguishing in 2010 .


There is another organization in Russia that has carried its existence through the various political structures of our country - DOSAAF. Founded in 1927, the Voluntary Society for the Promotion of the Army, Aviation and Fleet until 1991 retained the name DOSAAF USSR, and was unified for the entire Soviet Union. After the collapse of the USSR, the structure of society was transformed into a number of regional units.

In 2012, the country celebrated the 85th anniversary of the founding of this famous society. The award system of our country was replenished with the medal for 85 years of DOSAAF in honor of this developments. This is not a departmental award, and its two options were established by public organizations. Both performances of this anniversary award with the attributes of the organization can be bought in our online store.

Medals for divers of the Ministry of Emergency Situations

If you want to celebrate the merits of a diver of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, there will be no better gift for him than the jubilee medal in honor of the 15th anniversary of the founding of the diving service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations . This EMERCOM medal honors the employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, who have given at least 10 years to the service of their organization, and who did not have any complaints from the leadership.

Universal medals

Pay attention to a wide range of universal awards for men with army attributes. In our store there are three versions of the sign in honor of 23 February , the same number of medal options" At the service of the fatherland ", as well as seven medal performances " For the service of Russia ".

It is worth to look at the cross, which is issued for courage and valor . This sign of honor will undoubtedly underscore the high moral qualities of its owner before colleagues and other people.

Certainly, every buyer, ordering a medal of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Internet store is interested in getting high quality goods at a reasonable price. Army hypermarket "Voenmag" offers its visitors exactly such products. By purchasing medals from us, you can be sure that they will last you for many decades, and our modest prices will pleasantly please you.

5 reasons why it is worth ordering the EMERCOM of Russia medals in the Voenmag military tractor:

  • High Quality of Service

Making a call on the above hot telephone lines, our customers can always count on a good attitude towards them. All our employees work in our company for a long time, so they can easily solve any important issues without shifting them to the shoulders of colleagues. Moreover, all our consultants are interested in becoming your regular customer, therefore your special requirements will be taken into account and fulfilled without fail.

  • Product Quality

We signed a contract for the delivery of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations medal, orders and other signs of honor to a small company that has been working in the domestic faleristics market for a long time. They make awards from highly alloyed brass, the colored elements of the attributes on them are applied by the method of hot coating with organic enamel. This serves as a guarantee that all products purchased in our online store will serve you for a very long time. Decoration of awards does not lead to chips and cracks with time.

  • Low prices

Thanks to our many years of experience, we have gained a stable position in the market. In this regard, we can successfully compete with other stores that sell a similar product. By visiting our website, our customers can always find the lowest prices for any awards.

  • A large product line

The collection of the medal of the Ministry of Emergency Measures, awards and decorations, which has been developed for years, is the most complete on the domestic market of faleristics. Therefore, turning to us, each client can count on the fact that he finds what interests him exactly.

  • Discounts

On our website for buyers a unique discount is presented, which they can receive by sharing a link to the purchased lot on the social network. You can choose from five social networks.

Pay attention to a wide range of accessories to the EMERCOM of Russia medals, which are always available in our catalog. If you want to make a rewarding in a solemn atmosphere, the best choice will be a velvet pads, which will favorably shine the sign of honor. If you are planning a more modest event, there are also simple velvet cases in our catalog, in which can be placed as soon as the medals, and their certificates. Call us and we will help you make your choice!

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