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Voenmag | 88 medals for the Crimea, the awards of Novorossia, Lugansk People's Republic and Donetsk People's Republic

We are glad to welcome you on the page of the website "Voenmag", which we dedicated to the modern warriors of the Crimea, the People's Republic of China and the People's Republic of Germany, as well as Russian servicemen who took part in the destinies of these republics. In this section, our customers can order the awards of Novorossia, the Crimea, as well as newly formed people's republics of Donbass and Lugansk. In order for you to better navigate the catalog of our store, we have prepared for you a short review of awards with Crimean attributes, published in this branch of the catalog.

What awards, related to the theme of the Crimea, customers order in "Voenmag"

Medals for the Crimea

Recently, the award line of our country has replenished with some medals for the Crimea. All awards, stamped for the glory of the merger of Russia and the Crimea, are presented on the electronic shelves of our online hypermarket. You can leave us an order for delivery of the Defense Ministry awards or various unions of citizens, and they will be delivered to you at the designated time by the Post of Russia or courier service.

A huge number of applications come to us for a medal for the Crimea - the award of the Russian Defense Ministry, the day of its establishment became on March 21, 2014. It's about the medal For the return of the Crimea. At one time, around this award with the attributes of the RF Armed Forces divorced serious passions. She was awarded a number of political figures, command officers, as well as ordinary military personnel. However, soon after the establishment of the photo awards and information about it were removed from the website of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. That's why the press reacted to the medal as a false one.

We take orders for another departmental badge of distinction of the Russian Federation, this time stamped on the orders of the FSB. This award is distinguished by its low cost and attractive design.

Among other awards published in our catalog, you can also find medals for the return of the Crimea, which were established by the Government of the new republic. So, we offer our customers a medal for protection of the Crimea, which was released in the same year 2014. By the way, we have two versions of this award.

Please note that we have a wide range of medals for the events in the Crimea, which were issued by order of local public entities, as well as unions of veterans of Novorossia. The most popular in this branch of the catalog is a medal, which was born from the filing of the society "Combat Brotherhood". In our catalog there are medals of this organization with military paraphernalia, timed not only to the merger of Russia with the Crimea, but also in honor of the defense of Novorossia.

No less popular today is the medal Sevastopol, Crimea, Russia, on the reverse of which you can see the image of Catherine II, and on the reverse side - a map of the famous peninsula.

If you want to reward the representatives of the Russian Cossacks, we advise you to take a closer look at the medal developed specifically for this case.

Awards of Novorossia

The year 2014 became especially plentiful for our country in terms of the appearance of new awards. So, for the events that occurred in connection with the formation of Novorossia, the design of the USSR medal for military merits was slightly changed. This award, with military paraphernalia, opened a list of combat medals awarded to the soldiers of LNR and DNR. You can buy this relic at a discount.

On the pages of the website "Voenmag" you can find another award of Novorossia, which has the same relevance for both the DPR and LPR. We are talking about a medal for helping the Donbas, which is designed to reward the escorts of humanitarian aid. We can buy this award at a very modest cost.

DNR medals

We believe that it will be well deserved to begin the list of medals of Donbass with the most honorable award in this category. This medal is the Golden Star of the Hero, which was released on October 3. 2014.

Pay attention to the Order of Donbass for military valor, which was released. a little earlier - September 20, 2014. The servicemen who have distinguished themselves with the merits in the promotion of the formation of a new republic can become eligible for this sign of honor with the award attributes. Attached to this award can be not only the military, but also people in civilian clothes who also made a tangible contribution to the strengthening and establishment of the republic.

Two months earlier, the Order of Nicholas the Wonderworker, the Order of the newly formed Donetsk Republic, was put into circulation. Honestly, this order is not new at all. It was founded in 1920. However, he then disappeared for a time from the award system.

To receive this sign of honor may be persons who distinguished themselves in heroic deeds during a battle or in extreme conditions.

In the spring of the same year, the following DPR award was received for the defense of Slavyansk, which occupies not the last place in the system of rewarding servicemen of Novorossia. This award is considered departmental, and can serve as a badge of merit for ordinary citizens or militiamen who participated in the defense of the city. Pay attention to the low cost of this award in our store.

In connection with the events in the Donbass, the Saur-Grave mound was sadly famous. It was in this place in the summer of 2014 that the people's troops of the militia of Donbass and the soldiers of the Ukrainian army met. As a result of the battle, many servicemen were killed. Confined to the victory of the militia, a medal to the defenders of the Saur-Grave, along with the award For the defense of the Saur-Graves have recently entered the collection of commemorative medals of the Russian Federation. We can accept orders for both awards at any time.

A year later, the DNR award line acquired another relevant unit - the Medal For Military Merit of the Donetsk Peoples Republic. Its distinctive feature from a similar award of Novorossia is that this award can not be awarded on any territory other than Donbass.

Please note that in addition to these orders and medals, we can order the signs of Donbass. Very interesting to collectors may seem a sign of the DPR St. George cross, which was established on the initiative of Igor strelkov. No less interesting from the point of view of faleristics is the badge of the DPR Guard.

LPR awards

On this page of our website, you can also order medals dedicated to the formation of the LPR. All the awards published here have been born since the spring of 2014.

Pay attention to the medal For Military Merit - LNR, which is released in our military service at an affordable price.

We also have two degrees of the Cossack Valor award, which also has territorial affiliation to the LPR. The award, also issued in two degrees, is the Medal of Merit, which can decorate not only the tunics, but also the clothing of civilians.

If you need to note the personal feats of some military and civilians, we recommend that you take a closer look at the Lugansk Medal For Courage. The LNR star is another state award, which is presented on the pages of our catalog at a low cost.

In addition to the above-mentioned incentive signs, you can leave us an application for the awards received in the series by order of various societies and unions of the LC. For example, it could be a reward for A. Mozgovoy, which was released in honor of this famous brigade commander.

We also have medals established by the Government of the Lugansk Peoples Republic. They express gratitude to the local people of Russia. You can order such insignia with army paraphernalia in our store, and if you live in Moscow, you will already have the purchase tomorrow.


Pros of buying medals Crimea in the military "Voenmag":

  • Help of consultants

Another statement of the supporters of the trading halls: "The goods have to be chosen independently without consulting the seller". This is also incorrect for our online store! We have a large number of consultants, you can call through the hot line numbers at the very top of the page or on the card of any product. Moreover, if you can get live consultations in a regular store around the corner, then you can not only talk with the consultant, but also send him a callback request or express your problem in an e-mail.

  • Fast and convenient delivery of goods

If you think that the delivery service of the goods we are working slowly, then you are mistaken. This process is worked out in our shop until automatism. In addition, our warehouses and a central office are in Moscow, so we have direct access to the main road junctions of the country. The contract with reliable, trusted transport companies also allows us to withstand the delivery time, which we initially negotiate with customers. And for residents of Moscow, we have a unique offer: order a medal for the Crimea or any other award of Novorossia today, and tomorrow you can get it right at home or in any other place where it would be convenient for you to pick up the goods.

  • Excellent quality of the Crimea medals

We produce our products only from high-alloy brass. A special method of applying decorative paint allows the medals of the Crimea bought in our store to preserve their original appearance for a long time. You can store our products at any temperature and any humidity. Be sure that nothing will happen with the awards.

For any questions you may have, you can contact our consultants. They will assist you in choosing the product you need, will pick up a suitable accessory for your purchase, advise you about filling out the form of the certificate that is often included in the package for the award, and give you practical advice on how to compose a food basket if you intend to open your own military his city. If you need more urgent delivery, you can also negotiate with our managers about the individual conditions for your party. Call us, we are always ready to offer you quality medals for the Crimea, the awards of Novorossia, the DPR and the LPR!

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