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Today in Russia there is a special kind of troops, which was called the Space Forces. Under the decision of the Ministry of Defense, this type of troops was included in the Russian Air Force. He fulfills a number of strategically important tasks for the country's development, in particular, monitors the welfare of the state's borders from outer space. If Russia is ever threatened from outside, it will be immediately fixed by domestic satellites and reflected by the soldiers of the space forces.

Surely, many of you knew about the existence of military satellite systems. The tasks of the Russian Air Force also include maintaining them in combat readiness and launching them on command.

Obviously, the tasks carried out by the space forces are very important for the development of the country, so it is not surprising that awards for servicemen in their composition are given a worthy place in the Russian Federation's award system. Do not look through the assortment of dozens of online stores in search of rewards with the attributes of space - medals of this nature are collected in one place. This is the catalog of the military hypermarket"Voenmag".

It is interesting that when Yury Gagarin landed after his first flight, he was awarded a medal"For the development of virgin lands."The absurdity of the situation was obvious even after this event, awards for space exploration began to pay more attention. To date, the country's Falerists recognize the segment of medals and space icons as the largest in the Russian Federation's award system. All awards to cosmonauts are considered very valuable.

The first place in the purchase is the medal, issued only in 2016, 55 years of space flight . This anniversary award is presented to servicemen and civilians, who distinguished themselves by their services to the fatherland in the field of space exploration. Undoubtedly, the reward is also of interest to the Falerists, since its value is added year after year. This trend is typical for all commemorative, departmental medals. Having bought this badge today in our store at a very attractive price, you are investing in the future.

Four more commemorative awards are presented on our website. Since the date of the first manned flight into space is also considered to be the day of the beginning of astronautics, the award system of Russia received a medal on this significant event, which is called a medal-medal-medal-kosmos/medal-50-let-kosmonavtiki-yu- gagarin-kprf-rossiya-trud-narodovlastie-sotsializm"> 50 years of Cosmonautics . Established by the Presidium of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, the award is dedicated to the exploit of the discoverers of the cosmos and is also awarded for merits before the motherland in the sphere of starry space exploration. By the way, this medal for space exploration can not please the buyers with its low cost.

Pay attention to two more awards for astronauts with similar attributes - a medal dedicated to the 50th anniversary of Gagarin's heroic deed and the insignia"In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of space exploration". The date of the last medal begins not on the day of the launch of the Vostok missile on April 12, 1961, but on October 4, 1957. In that year, the first space satellites were launched into Earth's orbit. That is why on the front side of this sign of honor you can see the last date.

The catalog of our store also contains one more anniversary medal of Gagarin. This time the award was issued not in honor of the first manned space flight, but in honor of the birthday of the first Russian cosmonaut. It's about medals 70 years since the birth of Yu.A. . Gagarin .

Note that we can also order a medal in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Air Defense Forces . Despite its young age - the year of establishment in 2014 - this award has already managed to win the hearts of the country's Falerists.

The cosmonaut's reward, made in the form of a black cross with a stylish red edging, which was established in honor of Space troops . The badge is issued on the bar, and it can be bought in our military service at a low price. This sign can be awarded to servicemen in the composition of the Russian Air Force of any rank. Moreover, we have one more similar medal . Its cost is slightly more expensive, however it comes complete with a velvet case.

The Medal for Service in Space Forces can be awarded to servicemen in a solemn atmosphere. The same applies to the mark of distinction for the servicemen of the Russian Military Space Agency in memory of the service . By the way, we have two versions of this sign of difference.

For those who wish to purchase memorable signs made in honor of the Russian cosmodromes, we advise you to take a closer look at the awards in honor of Baikonur and Plesetsk . they can reward any citizens who have given part of their lives to work in"star"towns.

Other medals

Looking carefully at our catalog you can find a bunch of medals for various purposes. For example, on February 23 one can order any of the four universal medals presented. Believe me, this will be a great gift for men.

In addition, we have 9 options medals For the Service of Russia . This award is also suitable for all occasions. Therefore, by ordering it, you definitely will not go wrong with the attributes and purpose of the reward.

If you are a serviceman and wish to encourage your spouse in her difficult everyday life of the soldier's wife, then we recommend buying her not a reward to cosmonauts, but specially issued for women medal to the wives of officers. She will appreciate your action.

Undoubtedly, the most suitable reward for the promotion of military personnel at their meeting will be a reward in honor of the military brotherhood. Nothing will unite the hearts of the fighters as a service side by side with each other. What can remind of the service better than a commemorative medal. Moreover, if the same medal appears on the uniform of soldiers, it will unite friends even more.

If you want to celebrate the merits of long-serving fighters, you can reward them medal"For loyalty to duty and the Fatherland". This will underscore the importance of their contribution to the development of the state and their noble personal qualities.

The advantages of buying medals in the military"Voenmag":

  • Democratic prices

Due to the fact that our store has long taken a strong position in the market, we have some advantage in the form of the right to dictate prices to its competitors. We do not need an urgent payback of the enterprise, so we can reduce the price, for example, by medal The first flight of man into space to the minimum. Only in our shop is a unique discount on all products. Share the link to the purchased lots in your social network and you will see that the final cost will decrease.

  • High level of service

We do not have the habit of changing employees every month. People who work with us stay with us for many years. This is the guarantor of their professionalism and efficiency. Every action is brought to automatism due to the great work experience. Our specialists can cope with the task of any complexity. Call us if you have any questions that require immediate resolution, and we will help you in the shortest possible time.

  • Flexible Delivery Policy
  • Compliance with international standards

Our suppliers of medals work on high-precision equipment. Moreover, they have modern engraving machines. Therefore, on none of our medals you will not find defects. This is explained by a narrow circle of customers. Focus on quality, not quantity - this is the key to the success of our manufacturers.

  • Working with us is reliable, convenient and fast

For this we have everything you need. We have our own warehouse system in Russia, where there are always more than 20,000 items of goods. For the prompt delivery of these products to consumers, we have our own courier delivery service for residents of Moscow. If you live in the capital of our homeland, you can order any goods from us, and it will be delivered to you the next day.

The guarantor of working with us is the fact that all purchases from us can be paid in cash or by cash on delivery at the Post of Russia. That is, you can first make sure of the good quality of the goods, and only then pay for it.

Why to buy a space medal is more profitable than to restore it

The restoration of the award, like any medal, takes a long time. To begin with, you will need to contact the appropriate authorities to file an application that will be considered for some time. And only after a certain amount of time your request will be able to satisfy. When ordering goods from us, you avoid all kinds of overlays that may arise in the process of restoring one or another medal. You simply pay for the purchase and after some time you receive it on the Post of Russia or by courier.

The set of many of our medals for services in space exploration includes an empty form of identification. Our clients fill it in at home, and if they have any questions about the correct filling of documents, they can always rely on the help of our managers. For this you can call us or leave a request for a call back. If the reward requires a special form of identification and it is not included in the package, you can order it separately, in the corresponding section of our online store.

Do not forget about the beautiful presentation of awards from the Cosmos series - medals in a case!

Also, as for any other gift, presenting a medal in a beautiful package is very important. If you do not have enough funds, you can pay attention to plastic cases that are only for one coin or for a reward with a certificate.

There are also beautiful velvet cases in our catalog, in which you can also place both a medal and a medal and identification kit. If you plan to award the award in a solemn atmosphere, we recommend to stop the choice on a more expensive velvet, burgundy cushion. This color is most suitable for all gold or silver awards. Please note that the colors of the velvet pads can be different, and they are all in our catalog.

If you need reliable and fast delivery of medals for space exploration, Gagarin medal or any other insignia - make an order in our store, and you will be convinced of the quality of our services!

Only our store can provide customers with flexible delivery terms. If you need urgent delivery of a medal for services in space exploration or any other sign of honor, we can discuss it with you individually. We will take into account all your wishes and requirements.

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