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Medals Cities and Regions of the Russian Federation, CIS

Voenmag | more than 34 Regional medals and CIS: Ukraine, New Russia, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Belarus

If you are looking for the largest collection of CIS medals, you have come to the right place by visiting our online store. The catalog "Voenmag" presents a large selection of medals from Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Abkhazia, as well as the newly formed republic - Novorossia. High quality products, friendly service, guaranteed delivery, as well as optimal conditions for customers - these are the four components of the success of our military.

What CIS medals can be bought in the online store "Voenmag"

Our electronic displays show a full range of CIS medals, including many of its republics. We can order departmental, commemorative medals that were issued in the USSR for the republics-brothers or the awards established by the republics themselves.

CIS Medals

The Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) was formed immediately after the collapse of the USSR. This happened in 1991. The newly formed union included such countries as Ukraine, Abkhazia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and five other countries. Of course, the Council of Heads of Government of the CIS decided to update the award system so that it could meet the new conditions. A certain number of CIS medals was established, many of which can be ordered from our online store.

The medal for veterans of the CIS search traffic deserves special attention. Released by the organization"Veteran"on a voluntary basis, this award is given to those citizens who take an active part in the search for relics of the Second World War. The only condition for the awardees is to engage in active search for missing persons during the Great Patriotic War soldiers for at least 10 years. Mostly this medal is given to those who made a great contribution to the search for the disappeared soldiers and the restoration of their names or achieved other significant results on this field. Buy a CIS medal"Veteran of the search engine movement of the CIS"you can on our website. By the way, the price for the lot is much lower than in the shops-competitors.

Note the other medals presented in this section, such as medal For Assistance and Assistance to the Veteran Movement , which is given to citizens who assist veterans' movement, or medal for the joint exercise Shield of the Union , which joined the CIS medals line in 2015.

The subject of our pride is the medal DOSAAF CIS 85 , which is a commemorative, memorable award. To coincide with the 85th anniversary of the founding of an organization such as DOSAAF, this medal is intended for instructors who have made a great contribution to the development of air transport to our country.

Moreover, our catalog also contains Medal Fidelity to the CPB and medal The joint strategic exercise WEST-2013 .

Medals of Ukraine

Ukraine used to be called the breadbasket of the USSR before. In this country, the territory of which for the most part is in Europe, one quarter of the world's stock of chernozem is concentrated. A very favorable climate contributes to the collection of a good harvest of almost all crops, including cereals. However, Ukraine was famous not only for its high achievements in the agricultural industry, but also for the brave fighters. For the Ukrainian servicemen, the Council of Heads of Government of the CIS has developed a large number of medals. Virtually all of these medals to Ukraine can be ordered from our online store.

For example, here you can order medal , dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Ukraine from the fascist yoke. This rare award is not found in all stores and has a huge historical significance. It is awarded only to those citizens who have evidence that they participated in the fighting during the Great Patriotic War or were disabled during the war. It is possible that your grandfather or grandmother was presented to such a mark of difference, but lost it. Glad your loved ones by buying an analogue of this medal of Ukraine in our store.

In addition, you can pay attention to such orders and medals of Ukraine as a DMB medal in black , blue and red performance, or medal "For the excellent service of the MVD Interior Ministry", which is presented in our first and second degrees. We also recommend to take a closer look at the award for the assistance of the Ukrainian Navy . By the way, the last insignia was published in Ukrainian. If you still have not decided on the choice, we recommend to stop at the medal to the Defender of the Fatherland . This option is suitable for any Ukrainian serviceman.

If you want to buy from us the medals of Ukraine, the prices will definitely please you. Moreover, you can call us if you have not found any reward. Our specialists will definitely help you.

Medals of Novorossia

In connection with the current events in the West of the country, now very relevant are the medals of Novorossia, which you can buy on our website. In our catalog there is a very popular today medal Hero of the DPR . Despite its low cost, this medal is sold in a velvet box, and its design in the form of a gold star will undoubtedly attract attention among other awards.

Medals for those servicemen who have distinguished themselves by their combat merit are presented in our catalog in two versions. These are universal medals, which will suit servicemen from various arms.

Very significant medals in the history of the formation of Novorossia are medals For the liberation of Slavyansk and for the defenders of Saur graves , which was established by the Ministry of State Security of the Donetsk.

Medals of Tajikistan

There are more than 5 medals of Tajikistan in the military training "Voenmag" catalog, among which you can find rewards for servicemen who served impeccably in this country 10 , 15 and 20 years. The latter, by the way, is sold in our"gold"and"silver"versions.

Medals of Kazakhstan

Unfortunately, in this section only one award is presented - DMB medal with a horseshoe on the red bar.

Medals of Belarus

To date, the Republic of Belarus performs the functions of chairman in the Commonwealth of Independent Countries. In the catalog of the army hypermarket "Voenmag" 7 medals of Belarus are represented. Pay attention to the medal in honor of the 60-year-old and 65-year-old anniversary of the liberation of the Republic of Bashkortostan from fascist raiders. Moreover, it is worth taking a closer look at the awards LVOKU them. CM. Kirov , medals in honor of the 90th anniversary of the formation of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus , 60th anniversary of the Military Academy of the Republic of Belarus and a number of other awards.

Medals of Abkhazia

In this section, we can offer our customers medal "For valor in the ranks of the Ministry of Internal Affairs", which is issued to the residents of Abkhazia.

Five "FOR" in favor of buying medals of the CIS in the military "Voenmag" :

  • Discounts, promotions, sales, low prices

Our online store on a regular basis provides its customers with a unique discount, which can be obtained by sharing a link to the purchased product in social networks. Moreover, we constantly hold all kinds of actions and sales. Low prices in our store are due to our long and strong presence in the domestic market of faleristics.

  • The most complete collection of CIS medals in Russia

Long years of work in the sale of medals allowed us to earn a vast base of goods, which is always available in our warehouses in Moscow and regions. We are not going to stop there and are constantly busy expanding our range. In addition to all sorts of rewards, we can buy uniforms, tactical outfits, as well as other army goods and ammunition.

  • Experienced consultants

The team of our managers consists of employees who have been listed in our company for more than a few years. Frequent updating of the state is not part of our tradition. We are equal to high training. Therefore, by calling us with any complex issue, our customers can always count on its prompt resolution in their favor. We will not send you to various employees, but we will solve the problem on the spot.

  • Quality of CIS medals

Suppliers of medals with whom we work, as well as we, have long been on the market. They know all the nuances of the production of memorable awards, orders and signs. High-tech equipment that is used in production, is the guarantor that all medals presented in our catalog exactly repeat the sizes and colors of the originals. Buying goods from us, you can be sure that it will serve you for many years.

  • Flexible delivery system

Thanks to the fact that our central office is in the heart of our country - Moscow - we can easily deliver a batch of goods you need to any transport interchange. Our online store can send you goods by air, train or sea, if it is a large lot. Moreover, for the residents of Moscow we organized our own courier delivery. This means that by ordering the goods today, you can get it in your hands tomorrow.

What can you buy in the military "Voenmag" in addition to CIS medals

A certificate is an important part of the award. It relates its belonging to a certain person. Therefore, to have documents for a medal means to have the right to claim certain state benefits. Working with us is good because for the majority of medals we include a certificate on a free basis. However, if you need a special form of identification, getting it from us is also not a problem. Go to the special section of our catalog and select the credential you need.

Several reasons why it is easier to buy a CIS medal than to restore it

Bureaucratic red tape is deeply entrenched in all systems of our country. The procedure for restoring awards was not an exception. Be prepared for long lines and a large number of applications for completion.

We offer our customers the opportunity to avoid all of the above. Order the necessary goods from us, and you can safely wait for his house. After a while, just go to the Post of Russia or to the chosen transport company, and take your purchases.

Beautiful decoration of the medal - an important part of the gift

We recommend that you visit accessories for awards . There are a large number of cases and pads for your CIS medals. Goods for every taste and size of the wallet will surely please you with their abundance. Democratic prices for all product lines will help you decide on the choice.

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