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Medals Chernobyl

2> Voentorg"Voenmag"is the most complete collection of Chernobyl medals in the domestic market

Army military goods hypermarket"Voenmag"offers the largest in Russia selection of medals for the liquidators of the consequences of the Chernobyl accident. Medals, medals, badges and badges - all this can be ordered in any quantity in our online store.

All the products are in sufficient quantity in the warehouse, so the managers of our military commissariat will quickly ship you the right lot in Moscow and in any region of our country. We send parcels to customers from the post-Soviet space. Delivery is carried out by courier, postal or transportation service. Immediate delivery is possible. To do this, you need to call us at the hotline numbers at the top of the page and discuss the conditions for a personal interview. We always go to meet customers, we go into any situation and give each buyer a discount. When placing an order, you need to share a link to the product in the social network and the final cost will be an order of magnitude lower. Moreover, you can pay for the goods only after receiving it. In order to learn more about how to receive the goods, we recommend that you read the" Shipping "section.

What do the awards presented in Voenmag do and how long will they serve the owner?

Unlike many shops that save on quality, we work with manufacturers exclusively with an impeccable reputation. Each copy is made in accordance with the original, observing dimensions up to a micrometer. This is easy to verify with a simple ruler, if you have at hand the original and our copy. Absolutely accurate parameters allow to achieve modern equipment, which is used in the manufacture of signs of honor. All decorative elements are hot-applied with organic enamel, so there is no reason to lose sight of the medal a few years after the purchase. By the way, for base of any lot high-alloyed brass is taken. This material is considered the most reliable and durable in metallurgy. In practice, brass is not subject to time and has high resistance to corrosion.

Chernobyl nuclear power plant - medals that can be bought in Voenmag

If you take into account all the badges and orders, then on the show-window of our online store you can always find more than 15 types of medals timed to the events in Ukraine. The cost of all products includes a special form of identification, which you can fill yourself.

In 2016, exactly 30 years have passed since the day of the accident that crashed all over the world, therefore, the thematic signs of honor are very popular today. All in all, Russia approved the issue of four types of medals in honor of the 30th anniversary of the Chernobyl explosion. Orders, medals and other signs of honor can be purchased at very modest prices in our store.

The first award was established by the government of the Russian Federation. On its reverse side is inscribed the inscription Stepping into Immortality ». It is interesting that this sign of honor can be officially awarded not only to people who took an active part in the tragic fate of Pripyat, but also to their families. Moreover, they can be awarded citizens who helped in the construction of the Shelter. The award is firmly attached to the clothes due to a threaded pin with a nut installed on the back of the shoe. It is not surprising that for the background it was decided to use the image of the fatal fourth power unit of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. If you shift the amount of nuclear fuel that exploded in the depths of this building on that memorable day, it is calculated by specialists that it detonated 75 nuclear bombs, similar in power to those that were once dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. To date, 75 citizens of the Russian Federation have been awarded state awards dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the disaster in Chernobyl.

Everyone knows that in order to quickly eliminate the consequences of the accident, special risk units were created. Today, many of these units are awarded with medals and certificates that give the right to certain benefits from the federal budget. It's about the coin" 30 years of liquidation catastrophe at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant (Veteran) ". The list of awardees is not yet closed, and anyone who has a direct relationship to sad events can apply and be presented for the award. By the way, only here you can buy a medal dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the accident, as well as a compact version of it in the form badge.

Similar to the previous medal, privileges can also be used by holders of the sign" A participant in the liquidation of the consequences of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident ". Both these awards are departmental, although it can be awarded to people who did not work in military structures. At one time, any citizens who volunteered to help the country could get into the rescue teams. Moreover, medical, social workers, as well as people who provide rehabilitation assistance to veterans and liquidators can be represented to the same medals. As of today, according to Goskomstat statistics, about 1.5 thousand veterans who served in special risk units were awarded in the Russian Federation. On the shelves of our military commissar the last sign of honor is presented in various versions. Available in the catalog sample, released in 2011 . There is also a more luxurious breastplate in the form cross . You can buy the same cross without slats jubilee medal , dedicated to the events in Pripyat. Awarded, by all means, will appreciate such a wide gesture of your goodwill. If you are passionate about faleristics, then this breastplate will be the crown of your collection. In comparison with other awards of Russia, this jubilee cross looks simply impressive.

If you or your relative for any reason lost the award for the liquidation of the Chernobyl accident - badges or orders - you will have to face the full power of the domestic bureaucratic system. Much faster, easier and cheaper to contact our store and order a medal along with the certificate by mail or courier (for residents of Moscow and near Moscow region). In addition, this is not prohibited by law and no special documents are required for this. As can be seen from the catalog, participants of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant can get medals for only 15 usd.

In honor of the same bitter date in Russia, another award was issued -" In memory of the liquidation of the consequences of the Chernobyl catastrophe ". This time the founder was the non-state all-Russian society"Chernobyl". The original medal comes from brass, which makes copies that you can buy in our online store, completely indistinguishable from the original. This award can be purchased not only as a gift to the person who took part in the operation to clean up Pripyat, but also to present it to your foreign friend in memory of the exploit of Russia, once rendered to a friendly state. This award on the reverse side has an inscription in English, which brings the incident to an international catastrophe. The sign is fastened by means of the eyelet and the ring, which are located on the back of the shoe. Since the award is not a state-recognized medal, the All-Russian Union"Chernobyl"may issue it at will. An uncompleted certification for this award is included in the package.

In the military"Voenmag"you can buy another unique sign of honor, established by the same union. It is devoted to the construction of the object ChNPP coverage . The orders of this segment are very popular lately. Due to the fact that we work with manufacturers of medals for a very long time, we are granted certain discounts. These discounts, in turn, we deliver to our customers. So, for example, the above medal is sold in our online store for $23, while in similar virtual boutiques the price for it can reach 80 usd. Savings are evident, with no goods being performed at the expense of quality.

If you want to hold a solemn event in honor of the liquidators of the ChNPP, you can order badges and badges for this subject within the scope of the wholesale supply. Low cost (from $5) and excellent quality of our goods will allow you to hold a meeting at a decent level.

In our catalog, there are other awards for the accident in Chernobyl. For example, a medal in honor of the 20th anniversary of the elimination of the disaster , which first saw the light in 2006 year. There is a later award - the Chernobyl sign" Saving the world ". It was established in honor of the 25th anniversary of the memorable date. By the way, this award has always been popular, because of its unique design. An unusual form of a sign made in the form of a shield with a Russian flag instead of edging can adequately dilute the monotonous collection of Falerists. This award is also credited with a certificate that is issued to the buyer for free and is included in the package. Each medal presented in our online store has a different design. Everything is strictly in accordance with the standards approved for the release of a particular award. Each strip on the moire tapes (if you get a medal in the shoe) coincides with those on the original breastplates, orders or medals. Even a veteran veteran will find it difficult to distinguish our copies from scripts, since most of them are also made of brass.

We draw your attention to the huge assortment of accessories for awards. In the military"Voenmag"you can find both inexpensive boxes for medals and certificates for $1, and beautiful velvet pads for special occasions. By the way, the cost of the most expensive related products, presented in our store, does not exceed 10 USD.

If you are poorly oriented in the catalog assortment, you can always rely on the help of our consultants. They will tell you not only about the methods of delivery, ordering, but will also give advice on the popularity of a particular award. This information will be very useful to you if you want to start your own military service in your city. Our specialists will prepare you an approximate assortment so that your store will pay off as soon as possible.

Please, please your relatives who visited those fateful days in Chernobyl with medals from Voenmag!

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