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Medals Border Service

Voentorg "Voenmag" - a full collection of medals of the Border guard

The border troops are undoubtedly an important component of the state system of any country. For Russia, whose borders extend to 59.836.3 kilometers, which borders 18 countries, it is impossible to underestimate the contribution of border troops to the protection of state territories. The award system of servicemen in the border troops implies a large number of orders, medals and signs. All these signs of honor can be found in numerous army stores. However, only in our catalog there are 270 medals and signs intended for congratulating "green caps", 156 of which are included in the series of medals of the Front Command. It is possible without false modesty to say that this is the most extensive collection of awards in Russia.

We can buy signs and medals for border guards for servicemen, veterans and retired officers; for those who served in the border troops (MF), the border troops (BSPM), or as part of the FSB of Russia.

What are the medals of the border troops you can buy in the military "Voenmag"

In our Internet-store there is a wide choice of signs and medals of the border troops of the USSR and Russia, awards established by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, as well as public committees and organizations.

Medals frontier troops of the USSR

The most popular award among the current border guards without hesitation can be called a medal of an excellent Border Guards. Passing through the entire award system of the USSR, this sign in a modernized form also fell into the system of incentives for modern Russia. On the windows of our e-shop are presented both awards in three degrees. If we talk about the sign of the USSR, then appeared in 1969, he was honorably attached to the tunic of the rank-and-file frontier guards and sergeants for the irreproachable carrying of a military duty to the fatherland. Some time later, they began to attach it to military uniforms of midshipmen and warrant officers. The award is made of aluminum and is equipped with a clasp in the form of a screw. When making copies of medals, the producers with whom we have entered into the contract, observe all the parameters of the originals up to the type of attachment and absolutely accurate shades of moiré tapes. The distance of each element is measured to a micrometer. Even if you show a copy to your colleagues near, they will not immediately notice the difference.

The record of awarding this sign is entered in the appropriate box of the military ticket. It is noteworthy that the data on servicemen who were awarded at least one degree of the sign of the distinguished Border Guards were recorded in the special Book of Honor of the detachment of border guards. The same, lucky ones that were presented to two degrees of sign, fell into the chronicles of local newspapers, as well as on the Honor Board, which was installed at the museum border guards of the district.

To date, those employees who once received the badge of the distinguished Border Guards as an incentive from the state have the right to qualify for the title of "Veteran of Labor" and the corresponding benefits. By the way, the award was given up to 1991. If you need medals of the border troops of the USSR, you can buy them from us directly with a state certificate.

Do not confuse the above sign with the sign "Excellent border guard", approved in the USSR in 1963. It is interesting that this is not just an honorary sign of the Soviet Union, but a medal of the KGB frontier troops, and, to be more precise, of its main directorate for border troops. This sign also gives the right to receive the privilege "Veteran of Labor". Documents for this award are not relied upon, since they were not approved.

There is another such sign, but this time approved by the USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs. This departmental award was issued by the military up to 1957. There are also no documents on it. All medals and signs "Voenmag" are minted from brass with a high degree of alloying. And the colored details behind the medals and decorations are applied with a thin layer of organic enamel, which will not break even decades later. This is due to the special, hot application of the material to the brass workpiece.

In our military commissariat there are signs marking the number of exits of their owners to guard the state borders of the USSR. It is about signs for 100, 200 and 300 outlets on duty. All the awards presented in the catalog from this series were issued with the easy submission of the KGB of the USSR. The meaning of rewarding with these awards is understandable from their symbolic name. It is noteworthy that only Komsomol members serving in the border troops of the USSR could be awarded with these awards. All these departmental medals of the border troops with the certificate can be ordered from us. Just dial our managers or leave an electronic application on the site.

Another USSR medal, established to reward border guards, did not leave the current Russian award system. It is a medal for those who distinguished themselves in the protection of state borders. The badge of honor began to be awarded since 1950, and it is still in circulation. You can order it in the Voenmag military escort and we will quickly deliver you a purchase to the door wherever you live. By the way, we can pay for the goods only upon receipt. We give our clients the opportunity to look at the lot live, to feel it with their hands and make sure that this is exactly what you wanted. If you live in Moscow or nearby, you can receive the goods from your basket by courier the day after the order. If you need urgent delivery to other regions of the country, call us and we will solve the issue in your favor.

Border Troops Medals, established by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

The most in demand in this section is the Border Guards Medal, issued under the decree of the FSB. It carries the index "For Services in Border Activities". Year 2005 is the year of the release of this award. The sign of honor is made in the form of a round medal with a shoe, which is covered with a moire ribbon with blue, green and yellow colors. On the reverse side, the name of the organization that founded the medal is engraved. This sign of honor is made of brass and has a convex on both sides of the rim. The reward is secured with a pin, the presence of an ID does not imply.

Border Troops Medals, Established by Public Organizations

It's no secret that since the Soviet Union the award system of our country has undergone great changes. For today, awards, established by all kinds of committees and commissions, are as common as departmental ones. Medals border guards, issued by order of public organizations, began to appear on the tunics of domestic servicemen since 1995. All these awards are available in the online store "Voenmag" in free access.

For example, a medal "Defender of the Fatherland's borders" can be presented to any veteran border guards. A democratic price, a symbolic design (a border guard with a dog in the background of the watch tower or border pillar), and the inscription "Veteran" on the back side will make the award a worthy gift for the soldier.

For the caste of border guards-veterans "Voenmag" is glad to offer a rich choice of medals. For example, you can pay attention to the medal veteran of the border troops. By the way, if you need a similar medal, but released in the Soviet Union, then we also have it. In comparison with other shops faleristki, only in "Voenmag" you can find such low price tags. The above medal is perfect for even a family awarding a border guard dear to your heart.

Soldiers of the maritime troops of the border troops can purchase a medal in Voenmag, which is awarded to those who gave their debt to the fatherland by serving in the Coast Guard of the FSB FS. On the reverse side of it are engraved the sacred words for each soldier: "Honor. Fatherland. Courage ", and on the front side there is a combat ship approaching to the shore.

Jubilee medals of the Border Troops

For those interested in the store, there are a variety of commemorative jubilee medals. A great gift for a guy in the Green Beret will be a medal dedicated to the 95th anniversary of the founding of the Border Troops.

We also have a medal for the 90th anniversary of the Border Troops. Released from gold metal, the award with the image of a border guard with a submachine gun at the background of the border pillar and the Kremlin will be a very patriotic offering. He will certainly summon from the dear border guard a whirlwind of pleasant memories in your head, about the years spent in the name of service to the fatherland.

Pay attention to the medal in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Border Troops of Russia. An incredibly memorable award with a laurel branch that extends beyond the sides of the medal and the inscription "100", deduced by red enamel, will certainly attract the interested views of colleagues to the tunic of your frontier guard. It is noteworthy that a free form of identification is attached to this sign of honor. By the way, for our clients we have prepared another medal, issued in honor of the same event. It is slightly different design and organization, which took part in its establishment.

If you still find it difficult to choose a medal for a soldier, we recommend to stop your choice on an inexpensive universal medal for border guards. On the reverse of this award, the words "In memory of the service" are stamped out, and on the front side of it there is a colorful border pillar. There is a similar silver medal in the catalog "Voenmag". The cost of these signs of honor is the same, so just choose the option that you prefer.

The most important thing is to present the gift correctly!

Do not forget about the stylish design of the gift. Visit our section with accessories for medals and badges, and order a case or cardboard box for the order, medal or badge at extremely low prices. For example, you can buy a box for only $1. If you want to decorate everything in the best light, we draw your attention to the incredibly original velvet cushion lined with lace, to which the sign of honor is attached. This will give the atmosphere of rewarding a special charm, and moment - the importance.

If you need medals from the border troops, buying them from us will be the right decision. Democratic prices, flexible goods delivery policy and polite managers will turn the process of buying the lots you need into a pleasant procedure! And be sure to use the discount offer by publishing a link to the purchased product in the personal account of any social network.

Medals of the Border Guards

One of the oldest services in Russia is the border service, created back in 1571 with the release of the "Code on the services of stanitsa." From those times to the present, the protection of the borders of the Motherland is an honorable and significant one. The Border Guard Service of Russia is the legal successor of the legendary Border Guard Forces of the USSR KGB, and from there it goes the old tradition of encouraging the best employees with government and intradepartmental medals and signs.

Medals that were issued by the first Border Guards

Signs for good service appeared in the border service of Russia, when the empire still existed:

• The medal "For Courage" was depicted on it by Emperor Alexander II against the backdrop of St. George's ribbon, it was she who became the first medal of border guards. It was issued in 1878. Handed it to the officers. Later, four degrees of similar medals were introduced

• For younger employees, in 1908 they decided to issue a sign "For Border Supervision"

• The first Soviet sign that distinguished the border guard was the badge "The Excellence of the Border Troops", which he introduced in 1949 and used it for the rank-and-file soldiers.

• In 1950 a medal "For Services in the Protection of the State Border" was issued. It was intended only for soldiers who distinguished themselves by special merits. Even mediocre citizens were given such medals.

• In 1969, on the place of the badge "Excellent Border Guard" came "Excellent Border Troops" I and II degrees. The first border guards who were awarded the badge "Excellent Border Guard" of the I degree were those who participated in the battles on the island of Damansky. The successor of the Soviet badge "Excellence Border Guard" was the Russian badge "Excellent Border Guards" introduced in 1996. The Russian sign already has three degrees.

• In order to encourage soldiers and sergeants for good service, who headed the border patrol, in 1973 the breastplate "Senior Frontier Officer" was introduced

In modern Russia there is a wide range of non-governmental orders and medals that establish public organizations for the promotion of the best sons of the fatherland, who have manifested themselves in military, economic and scientific activities. In our online store, a wide selection of medals, such as commemorative medals, as well as Medal of courage, are provided. Buy a medal PV can not only collectors, but also previously awarded border guards who lost their medals.

Jubilee Medals Border Guards

The encouragement of veterans with jubilee medals is a good tradition, allowing to give a sense of the unity and acceptability of generations. Here you will find medals for:

• Border guards of veterans of the Great Patriotic War

• Border guards of Afghan veterans

• Border guards of veterans of the PK of the KGB of the USSR You can also purchase such commemorative signs

• Honor and Glory

• For valorous service at the border of the Parliament

95 years to the Border Troops

• 90 years

To buy Borders Guards mrdals

You can buy medals for Border service by filling out an application on our website. After receipt of your application to us, our manager will contact you, which will clarify your order, the form of delivery and payment. He will also give you, if necessary, qualified assistance in the selection of goods.

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