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Medals Aviation and Air Force

Voentorg "Voenmag" - the most complete catalog of the Russian Air Force medals

Russia played a significant role in the development of world aviation. A well-thought-out technique, coupled with desperate pilots, made even the special squads of the enemy tremble with fear. In view of the fact that servicemen in the ranks of the Air Force have always performed the most complex military tasks, Russia's award system in the aviation sphere contains a large number of special signs of honor. Voentorg "Voenmag" is glad to present to its visitors the most extensive in our country collection of Air Force medals that will suit for a wide variety of occasions.

We work only with proven manufacturers of medals. All products displayed on the windows of our e-shop are made exclusively of high-alloyed brass. Where the application of colored elements is required, a hot paint technique with organic enamel was used. This approach is guaranteed to protect orders, medals and coats from the chipping of the paint, even from the point elements. Be sure that the medals you have acquired in Voenmag will last for several decades.

What are the Air Force medals you can buy in the military "Voenmag"

On our showcases full collections of BBC medals are presented, established both by the Ministry of Russia, and private, public unions and organizations. To all of them, which do not require a special certificate, a blank ID card is supplied. Moreover, modest prices, fast ordering and delivery, makes the purchase of goods in the "Voenmag" a comfortable procedure.

We have awards for all the divisions of the modern Air Force, whether it's an anti-aircraft reconnaissance force or an electronic part. In the "Voenmag" you will find signs of honor for the northern ship aviation, for special radio engineering units, as well as for other units of the Air Force. If you have scrolled through the entire catalog of our online store and have not found the medal you need, call us at the numbers indicated at the top of the page - our managers will issue a special order and will find out for you exactly the sign of honor you require.

It is interesting that red stars are usually found on medals issued before 2011. More modern awards Air Force differ color of moire ribbons on the shoe. They are mostly blue, orange and white. The first, of course, symbolizes the sky, the second - the sun, and the third - the wing of the aircraft. It is symbolic that two colors are present on the Russian flag.

Departmental medals of the Russian Air Force

Perhaps the most popular is the medal of 100 years of the Air Force. Despite its young age, the sign of honor has already become a rarity, and every year it becomes only more valuable. This award is a jubilee. It was established in honor of the centenary of the formation of the Russian Air Force. Despite its status in the Russian Federation's award system, this sign of honor can be served as an employee of the Air Force personnel, as well as fired pilots. The only condition is a conscientious service. Made from copper-plated brass, on the full face of the medal crossed swords, wings of the eagle and the coat of arms of Russia in the center are depicted. Below are engraved the dates "1912-2012", and on the reverse side - "100 years of the Air Force". The mount of the sign is made in the form of a pile with moire ribbon of orange and blue tones, in the color of the sun and sky. If you compare the cost of this medal in other army stores, its price tag in "Voenmag" you are pleasantly shocking.

By the way, in spite of the fact that the year of the beginning of the existence of the Russian Air Force is 1912, the tsarist army was fortified by airplanes in 1910. It was then that the first batch of aircraft from France was purchased. However, 1912 appears in the history of Russian aviation for a reason: in that year the first heavy bomber, under the symbol "Ilya Muromets", was launched into the sky.

The second, the most popular product in the aviation section, is the medal for service in the Air Force. Being very authoritative, the medal is given only to pilots who have given service to their relatives for at least two decades. Moreover, only those employees who were previously represented to the medal "For Merit" or to the sign of the "Air Defense Army of the country" can receive it. However, this sign of honor can be awarded to formerly serving in the ranks of the Air Force, that is, employees who were discharged into the reserve. Although, most likely the designated award event will be considered an exception to the rules. Made of metal for gold, the medal has an incredibly attractive design. On its front side is a pilot looking at the sky, in which three fighters froze in flight. Under the inscription "For Service in the Air Force" is an ear of wheat. This sign of honor is sold in our online store with a certificate, and the cost of the medal is not high.

Another popular sign, established by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, is the medal "For Distinction in Service". In addition to soldiers, sergeants and sergeants, he can be served by contract servicemen. The only requirement is to serve as a member of the Air Force for at least 12 months and excel in excellent results in the management of aircraft engineering or in performing particularly important tasks. This distinction was established by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation in the summer of 2004. You can buy a medal in our store. All three degrees are presented in our catalog at low prices.

An excellent option for awarding a large number of Air Force soldiers can serve as a metal badge of the Russian Air Defense. Carried out in accordance with the new requirements of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, this sign of honor is included in the emblems of the new appeal. Russian tricolor and wings of the eagle in different directions, crowning the award, will make the moment of rewarding especially patriotic. If you take into account the cost of the award of only 150 rubles, then any enterprise will master the order of the wholesale party of badges. However, it is worth remembering that this award can be received only by those servicemen of the Russian Air Force who served for the benefit of the fatherland for more than 15 years.


Air Force Medals, established by public organizations

September 2011 is the month of the establishment of the famous medal, issued in honor of the century of Russian military aviation. The badge of honor began to be issued under the decree of the Commission on Public Memorable Signs and Medals. It is noteworthy that this medal can be awarded to a wide range of individuals, namely:

  • military servicemen of the Air Force;
  • civilian air force employees;
  • veterans of service in the Air Force;
  • Aviation workers who are part of other branches of the armed forces, including federal bodies of the Russian Federation;
  • instructors;
  • Service personnel related to the Air Force;
  • students of aviation clubs DOSAAF;
  • teachers working in aviation higher educational institutions;
  • workers of the aircraft industry and other persons who contributed to the development of domestic aviation.

All listed persons can be legally awarded in accordance with the decrees of the head of the organization, the management of aviation clubs, commanders of military units, as well as leaders of veterans' associations.

There is also one more medal in our catalog, which was launched according to the decree of the same organization - 100 years to the Russian Air Force - a year earlier. This badge is awarded for special merits to the personnel, as well as veterans of the Air Force.

In 2009, the commission issued a decree to issue a medal named after II. Borzov, Marshall of aviation of Russia. Three years earlier, for the first time, the world saw a medal given to the personnel and veterans for their loyalty to the Air Force. It is noteworthy that the owners of this award can be workers at the country's aviation enterprises, as well as representatives of civil aviation. The basis for rewarding is the success in the development or maintenance of aircraft and aircraft.

In 2013, the Committee of War Veterans decided to issue a medal dedicated to the centennial of A.I. Pokryshkin, Marshal of Aviation. This award is very rare. The honor to wear such a medal on the tunic is awarded to a few servicemen - only those who stood out for special merits before the Motherland.

There is another anniversary jubilee medal in the air force's reward system - 100 years of Russian air defense troops. This honorary mark is marked by servicemen in the composition of air defense troops.

If you want to make a special gift for veterans, then we can find a wide selection of medals for veterans of the Air Force. Pay attention to such awards as medals for veterans of long-range aviation, veterans of the Russian Armed Forces, medals for veterans of the Air Force who performed their official duty outside the territory of the fatherland. For those servicemen who distinguished themselves with special feats for the glory of the Fatherland, we have a medal for the veterans of the Air Force "The Pride of the Country." Veterans who served in the Northern Fleet as part of naval aviation troops can be awarded a jubilee medal.

Do not forget about the beautiful presentation of your gift. To do this, our store provides a huge section with pads, boxes and cases for awards and certificates to them. In the military "Voenmag" you will find options for any budget and for any occasion. By the way, accessories for orders and medals are sold at very democratic prices. For example, a beautiful box for a medal can be purchased for only 25 rubles. For the Falerists, we have one more unique offer - a tablet for medals, signs and orders for 17 or 14 awards. Call our managers if you are at a loss to pick up a case for a certain reward. You will be consulted on a full list of accessories, including such items as balacrons and boxes for the next star.

All the above-described Air Force medals with an ID. Therefore, if your relative or just a dear person to you has lost a medal previously issued to him, then you can easily help him to restore a lost family relic without bureaucratic red tape, which stretches for months, and even more.

If you need Air Force medals to buy them in our online store is very simple. It is enough to fill several information fields when placing an order, or to leave an application via e-mail or by phone. If you want to get a discount, just share a link to the purchased product in any social network. The final cost will be lower. Enjoy your shopping!

Medals Aviation and Air Force

Military products can be bought not only in Moscow, but also in any other city in Russia and countries of the former Soviet Union. The prices indicated on the goods are lower than those of many other sellers. The quality of materials from which medals, orders and signs are made at the highest level. Buying this or that product will be an excellent gift for your loved one, especially if it is related to his service, work, interests. This gift will be the most pleasant and will take an important place in his collection.

Medals issued for service in the Air Force

Nowadays, Russia's air forces have gained such speed in their level of training and professionalism that there is practically no such pilot who does not have at least one medal. This indicates that the medals for the Air Force service, emphasize the strengths of our defenders, and their professional career in this not easy business will constantly develop, bringing new awards. Virtually no country in the world can match the level of the Air Force of the fatherland. Air Force Medals are widely available on the website of the military man. Some of them can be distinguished:

• "For Merit"

• "For service in the Air Force"

• "For the difference"

• Jubilee medals, such as: "100 Years of the Russian Air Fleet", "100 Years of Russian Naval Aviation", etc. All medals are available and available at modest prices. All information regarding this or that award can be easily found on the Internet. The appearance of medals and orders of this kind in your collection, or a gift to a loved one, will be an excellent acquisition. Aviation in our country has been used for more than 100 years. During this time, hundreds of thousands of orders and medals were issued. They received their asses for their services to their homeland, and you can buy it.

Famous Russian Air Force medals

Modern troops of the air force are aimed at protecting the territory in the sky, eliminating the enemy from the air and reconnaissance. Continuous development of the skill of pilots, improvement of technology leads to an increase in the power of the Russian army. There are new heroes, new records are breaking, awards are given out. The pilot's reward is like a record in a work record book, which can affect further employment or retirement. By the number of awards you can see the approximate level of the military. Air Force Medals Russia is also an indicator of the level of the pilot, and those Air Force employees who perform their duty on the ground, working, for example, as a signalman. The purchase of such medals, in our time, is not difficult and does not require large monetary investments. Acquisition can be made not expensive both in Moscow and abroad. Some medals and orders presented in the online store:

• Marshal of Aviation Igor Borzov. On one side is a portrait of Borzov, on the other a soaring plane.

• "For service in the Air Force"

• "Veteran of the Air Force of Russia"

• "100 years of military aviation in Russia"

• "For the Fidelity of the Air Force"

Most of the medals and decorations depict aircraft of different types hovering in the sky. Some carry the state's coat of arms. Most often, his image means merit in front of Russia. The medal of the veteran of air-missile forces bears the image of a soldier looking at the flying rockets. Each image carries a historically important information flow. The purchase of such a medal or order will bring a piece of defense and military power to the Air Force in your collection or collection of loved ones.

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