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Universal medals, suitable for everyone and everyone, are an excellent purchase! Funny medals will be a wonderful and unusual gift!

Аrmy hypermarket "Voenmag": an individual approach to each buyer

The assortment of awards presented in the war veterans' catalog "Voenmag" covers all types of awards existing in Russia and the post-Soviet space. Each lot is made in accordance with the highest quality standards accepted in the industry. The samples themselves are made of high-alloyed brass, and instead of the usual paint, the hot-annealing enamel was used, which belongs to the class of innovative organic coatings. Products painted in this technology will last for the owner for years. In addition, in terms of costs, this method of manufacturing medals does not require huge investment, so in our store you can buy quite inexpensive medals. Moreover, we have held not one-time, but permanent promotions. Simply share a link to the product with your friends on the social network and get a small discount.

Unlike other sales outlets, you can buy medals in Voenmag wholesale lots, as the storehouse of our online store is replenished daily. Moreover, if you have difficulty with the choice of a medal, or are poorly guided by the catalog and model series of awards, you can dial our managers by the numbers presented at the very top of the page. You will receive an exhaustive consultation on the issues that interest you. We can also pick up for your own store a basket of goods, the most attractive for the buyers of your city. Is urgent delivery required? Just contact us, and we will meet you and discuss the individual conditions.

What medals can be purchased in the military shop "Voenmag":

USSR medals

Prices for medals in this section start from 7 USD. Agree, this is a bit for exact copies of jubilee medals issued almost a century ago. Unlike the Orders, the first medal in the Soviet Union was cast in 1938. Surely, many of your relatives, and most likely parents, took part in the country's greatest construction. And maybe they even saw each other for the first time. Imagine what kind of joy and occasion for pleasant nostalgia they will receive from you as a gift a medal "For Construction of the Baikal-Amur Railway". Look through this section of our catalog, and find medals for the participants of the Second World War, for taking different cities during the war, for labor and maternal feats, as well as for a great many other awards that were issued up to 1988.

Our medals are highly realistic and close to the originals. On the reverse side of the medals of the USSR, even a pin was retained, which was distributed in the Soviet Union.

Awards issued under the decree of the Ministry of Defense of Russia

After the days of the Soviet Union ended, there was a gap in the Russian award system. Old-style medals did not always go well with the awarding ceremony. Particularly acute attitude to this was the military service, because within three years after 1992 the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia could use only one medal "For Distinction in Military Service". Despite the fact that this award was issued in the first (gold) and second (silver) degrees (by the way, both variants can be bought in our store), and came up to any occasion due to its neutral symbolism, the signs of honor clearly did not suffice.

Therefore, the Government of the Russian Federation decided to give the Ministry of Defense "green light" for the release of a new series of awards. March 27, 1995 was followed by the first decree of the above-mentioned institution on the gradual introduction of a large collection of medals and orders intended for a specific contribution to the protection of the state.

Among the first was the award "For Strengthening the Military Commonwealth". It is interesting that this medal can be awarded not only to Russian servicemen, but also to the subjects of friendly states, which contributed to the joint operative solution of the tasks assigned to the united army.

A large series of medals was instituted in honor of Major-General and General of the Army Khrulev, Margelov, Aleksandrov, Komarovsky, Dutov, Marshall of artillery Boychuk, Admiral of the fleet Kuznetsov. In light of recent events in Ukraine in 2014, a medal was issued for those who took an active and worthy participation in the operation to return the Crimea to Russia.

Today, even those who contribute to the perpetuation of the memory of the defenders of the Motherland, who died in battle, can receive special awards from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. So if you have friends who are fond of archeology and excavations, and who managed to find something important related to the Second World War, you can present them medals of this kind without thinking about the gift for weeks.

To make it easier for you to order a medal in the field of state protection, you should know that all Russian awards are divided into:

  • medals for feats and differences in battle (in Afghanistan, the Caucasus, the Crimea, as well as for all arms of the armed forces);
  • jubilee medals in honor of memorable events;
  • badges of honor of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia (also divided into military arms).

If you could not find the reward you need, it does not mean that it is not in our catalog. Please, contuct us, and it will certainly be there.

Medals issued under the decree of various structures and departments of the Russian Federation or departmental awards

To this class of medals can be attributed the signs of honor, intended to reward representatives of the executive power of the Russian Federation, in particular those related to federal bodies. By the way, a governmental award can be received both by citizens of the Russian Federation and by other states not connected with the aforementioned branch of Russian legislation (do not confuse it with government and state awards).

Awards of a departmental class have been issued since 1995 and are being manufactured to this day. The first to be honored were citizens who distinguished themselves in the field of physical culture and sports. The last award, which has so far been released in Russia was the Primakov Medal (March 16, 2016).

I want to draw the attention of buyers to a huge selection of medals for border guards. If you find it necessary to buy these medals, the price for them will include an empty form of identification. Our catalog contains the largest collection of badges for Border Troops. This is a reward for excellent service in the composition of these troops - the first, second and third degree. By the way, these exact copies of the signs of honor on the special plate are only $3. And this despite the fact that all awards are issued from high-alloy brass.

A large section in our assortment is reserved for the Russian law enforcement agencies and the Interior Ministry troops, where you can find medals and badges for the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate, and the Police.

For employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, firefighters, people involved in the liquidation of various fires, divers, sappers, there must be one or several medals on the pages of the military office "Voenmag". We also have jubilee medals for all Russian ministries, which can be awarded to individual employees, as well as entire units and departments.

And, of course, we can reward our clients with awards for employees of the special service of Russia - the FSB, FSO - and even more unreleased medals for those serving in the KGB or the Cheka.

Medals issued by order of public Russian organizations

All sorts of veteran or simply public organizations in due time made a considerable stir in the harmonious ranks of the Russian award system. Today, all these signs of honor have taken firm positions in the RF incentive system and are an integral part of our life. The product line "Voenmag" includes the largest collection of medals from public organizations in Russia, each lot of which can come in handy in the most unexpected perspective. All this is provided not only by a diverse design of the awards presented, but also by a huge layer of citizens who can be awarded with these medals.

No matter what event you would like to note, in our list you can find a gift medal even for the sailors of the Flying Dutchman. In our windows you can see modern awards of the Russian Federation, executed in the form of crosses. By the way, such awards-crosses can be purchased for only $7.

Very demanded in recent years have become the medals of the Cossacks. We can buy medals and orders for the awarding of Cossacks in the price range from $4 to $60 for a luxurious "gold" medal named after Platov. We can satisfy all your needs. Do you want to reward the wives of officers, ordinary Cossacks and order a wholesale batch of medals for them, or do you plan to honor the eminent ataman, we will accept and process the order in the shortest possible time.


Joke medals 

This section will seem most attractive for young people, hunters, fishermen, lovers of sauna bathing, lying on the couch, drinking Russian beer, lying on the beaches of foreign resorts and just for the tireless organizers of various celebrations. The sale of medals of the comic genre is not punishable by law, so you are free to choose any and reward the person you need. You can easily drop by the parents' committee and award the class teacher of your son or daughter with the medal "Honored Worker of Education".

Want to present an unusual gift to your beloved? She will surely be flattered if you reward her with the medal "To my beauty queen", standing on one leg, and in the other holding a bouquet of luxurious white lilies. To the next time not to repeat, you can pay attention to the awards for merits before the husband or simply loved ones.

How to attach to the clothes medals bought in the military "Voenmag"

All products are securely attached to the tunic or to the wearer's clothing. Manufacturers with which the military hardware hypermarket "Voenmag" cooperates, equips medals with modern fasteners "butterfly" (ordinary and double), tapes with carbines, which tightly fasten the shoe to any kind of fabric. You can meet with us and fastening with a screw-nut, pin with a pad, steel pin, needle without a clamp and a collet clamp, and even a clamp fixing. If in the list of your tasks for today it means to buy orders and medals of high quality, then you are our client, and we are always glad to serve you!

To buy award medals in our online store simply!

Looking for where to buy medals? We offer you a wide range of different medals - from the awards of the combatant to the awards for comic merits!

Combat awards of the USSR, medals of special forces, jubilee medals of Afghanistan, medals of the USSR armed forces, maternity medal of the USSR, medal for service in the WWII, medal for service to the fatherland, medals for the russia, medal for services in sport, medals hunting, funny comic medals.

For a long time dreamed of buying USSR medals?

Or, maybe you want to have orders and medals of the Great Patriotic War or a medal for work? Whatever product you are interested in, it certainly will be found in our online store at an affordable price. Choosing a valuable souvenir for yourself or your friends, pay attention to the following categories presented by us.

  • Hishistorical medals. If you have been interested in a certain area of ​​history for a long time, but you have seen all the awards only in pictures, we suggest you touch the story with your own hands! A huge range of military awards, medals of the Soviet era, medals and medals of the Great Patriotic War is not a complete list of what you will find in our country. And if you are interested in the distant past, pay attention to the medal of Elizabeth or the medal of Nicholas 1: the price will not disappoint you!
  • Departmental medals. jubilee medals in two, a medal for distinction in the military service of FSB or medals in the WWS is easy to buy! Just go to our online store and take delivery. Our consultant will contact you when it is convenient for you.
  • Labor medals. We also provide a wide selection of labor awards of a very different time. Look at how you celebrated labor valor in the USSR or hold the medal for the development of railways in your hands - this will surely give you motivation for new achievements!
  • Universal medals. If you want to initially encourage your employees or participants of the competitions that you organize, you can buy medals for rewarding and hand them to people in a solemn atmosphere. You can get a medal for valorous work, a medal for achievements in sports, as well as for merits in various fields - from medicine to education. And you have a familiar schoolboy, he certainly will be pleased to receive from you a small gift - a medal at the end of the school year.
  • Joke medals. Have you admired the unusual qualities of your friends for a long time? It's time to present them with an original gift! Buy a medal is an excellent driver or reward the wife of a paratrooper - means to provide a good mood to yourself and your friends.

Cheap medals are easy to buy!

You just need to choose the medal you are interested in in our online store, and our employee will call you back at a convenient time. The whole range of goods can be bought both wholesale and retail. Try to buy a medal award right now, and we will provide you:

  • quality;
  • diverse assortment;
  • convenient online store interface;
  • politeness of managers;
  • delivery.
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