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Want to know some interesting facts before buying a keychain inexpensively?

• The time of amazing popularity of key fobs - from 18 to the second half of the 19th century. They were presented to the society with a dandy - each of them necessarily carried on a special chain a lot of charms, which, at his discretion, adorned with various precious stones and other valuable materials;

• that's why key chains in those days were considered an indicator of the status of the owner: their ringing informed of arrival long before the owner was showing up on the horizon.

• There were also special rules for wearing and combining key rings;

• French origin made an unpleasant surprise to the key fobs - mistakes in pronunciation. Since the "ok" in the French "breloque" (amulet) is not a suffix, a root, one must take into account certain rules of declension. Therefore, all the same, there will be "trinkets, trinkets, trinkets" and so on. Although lately confusion has been so often admitted that some consider the second option to be quite legitimate.

And what if you think that you do not need to buy a key chain? Imagine several situations when you can not do without this accessory.

• It's dark around, and you need to open the doors. A keychain with a built-in flashlight is very convenient to illuminate the keyhole for more accurate entry into it with a key. This will save, even if not a lot of time - but quite nerves.

• you gathered with friends to relax, but forgot the openers. No problem! You also have a wonderful keychain with an opener, which solves your problems in two clicks, and the surrounding will appreciate your reserve.

• you need to drop information. And at hand there is nothing - only the keys to the house and work. And more in fact anything also it is not necessary, if on keys there is a keychain-flash card! So you'll never forget the removable media - you just can not leave your house without it.

• I want to express myself. If earlier the status indicator was a keychain, now its place was confidently occupied by a mobile phone, and the key chain became simply a pleasant bonus. He, moreover, will be able to tell you about a lot: choose a keychain to match the character - and people will have another reason to talk with you.

• You need to use a tape measure, a compass, a powder box and much more. Now you can find almost any object built into the key chain - the choice is yours. Choose the thing you always need at your fingertips - and you'll never leave it at home.

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