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Men's military caps are unpretentious in their care, but several rules are worth knowing.

• FUR HATS need to be washed gently. Fat stains from sweat on the lining can be removed with special means that can be mixed with ordinary household soap. The resulting mass can be left on the hood until it is completely dry, and then rinsed with plain water. Freshen the fur hat at home in an old tried and tested way: fill it with a few grinded oat flakes on a coffee grinder. And for greater safety in off-season time, put the hat in the box, having wrapped it with paper and putting the anti-molder.

• A knitted cap is better by hand in water, not exceeding 30 degrees. Use a delicate wash with soft funds or a special gel: hard powders can destroy the fabric structure. To dry such headgear is better in a horizontal position in the decomposed kind: so it does not stretch on the rope. Do not forget to dry the product after walking in snow or rain.

• The WOOLEN WATER can not be washed in hot water, because the product will necessarily decrease. Therefore, it is better to wash woolen products in cold water, and then dry it on that will not let the cap lose its shape, - dummies or ordinary balls.

• All MILITANT WARNING MILITS are erased depending on the material they are made of. The only rule that differs from all the others - before washing, be sure to remove all the icons from it so that they do not come off during the washing process and do not damage the product and drum of the machine. But products with rigid elements (visors, frames, margins) are safer to wash by hand.

• SCREWS WITH LABELS, which you can buy inexpensively in our online store, are particularly at risk: the letters can be erased or discolored. Therefore, try to wash such items in a delicate mode or by hand. Do not use chemical agents that can dissolve the paint - it is better to use liquid detergents that are more economical.

Also read some universal tips before buying a hat in an online store:

• If your headdress produces spools, you can carefully remove them with a razor.

• If, after washing, the cap is jammed, flatten these places with a hot iron, using a wet textile product.

• Some stains are quickly removed by citric acid: it is enough to wipe the contaminated area, then rinse thoroughly. Now that you know how to properly care for men's hats, we suggest you choose the option you like in our online store inexpensively.

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