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Gift plastic bags

When buying gift plastic bags, pay attention to the material from which they are made.

• LDPE packages (high pressure polyethylene) have a smooth surface, do not rustle and are strong enough. They can easily be printed with a logo, so it's great for corporate packages. They can also be with a handle-loop or a carved handle. However, this is the most expensive option, so think about whether you need this high quality.

• HDPE (low pressure polyethylene) will rustle and easily crumple, so it's not nice to look. Therefore, it is better not to buy packages from such material: they will obviously make a bad impression on the person to whom you gave it. Moreover, the difference in price with the next category is not so high as to sacrifice quality.

• but products made of medium pressure polyethylene (POD) are the golden mean: strong and not rough, but not as high-quality as the LDPE package. If you do not need the perfect quality, it's better to stop on this option.

And do you know interesting facts that will make you look at gift plastic bags on the other hand?

• Before the advent of paper in China, instead of such packages, leaves, animal skin and expensive textiles were used: mass paper was bought only in the 6th century and other more rich fabrics gradually survived from the market.

• The first gift packages in Europe appeared not earlier than the 16th century: they were first heard about in 1509. The British packed gifts into paper rectangles, decorated them with various drawings and materials. However, it was only the "grandfather" of the gift package, which is known to us.

• but packets with pens appeared much later. It is believed that the first to use this method were French nuns: they distributed gifts to the children of parishioners, packing them in neat packages.

• Massive steel packages were created only in the middle of the 19th century: then Francis Voyle issued a patent for a special machine that could create packages in large quantities.

• A package with two handles, which can be carried without difficulty in the hand, was invented only in 1906 and nicknamed it "free hand": before this opportunity to release at least one hand from purchases did not exist.

• They say that the creation of the film "American Beauty" by screenwriter Alan Ball was inspired by a flying package before the World Trade Center. The theme of a faraway package later became central in the film. Who knows, maybe buying a plastic bag in our online store will also inspire you to create a masterpiece? Look in our catalog, and you are sure to find the right option in it.

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