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Foreign awards

Awards and medals of the foreign states happen the most different! Listen story about the most interesting of them!

• Breastplate "Listener of the International courses of officers of training center of the US Coast Guard". The US Coast Guard was and remains to one of the most prestigious military services of America. Founded in 1790 by Alexander Hamilton, she still helps Americans to keep order in the country and only in military structure isn't tied to the Ministry of Defence. Therefore to fill up a collection of awards of the foreign states with the sign of students on training of fighters of protection which has prevented a set of illegal actions more than it is honourable.

• Memorable medallion of Royal regiments of Australia. In Australia there are two types of royal armed forces — Royal Australian Navy and the Royal Air Force of Australia. They were involved in many military operations — the First and Second world wars, the Korean and Vietnamese conflicts. The huge material resources only confirm prestigiousness of troops.

• Challenge coin groups of Seals of special troops of US Navies "Mal ad Osteo". "The only easy day was yesterday" — such is the motto of "seals". Strict selection, ability to be long in the closed space where there is no light at all, constantly to be in nervous tension have made of members of these groups of the real fighters capable to sustain everything. Therefore it is so interesting to buy foreign awards of this division.

• Challenge coin Royal artillery of Great Britain "Saint Barbara is the patroness of gunners". An honourable artillery company — one of the oldest regiments of army which works in Britain still.

• The memorable sign of prospecting and analytical department of the British contingent in Afghanistan "For operation Herrick". Such is the code name of one of the British operations in the war in Afghanistan from 2001 to 2014.

• Guerrilla star (Yugoslavia). The award of the Guerrilla star was handed to participants of People's liberation war in Yugoslavia, the number of winners is more than 12 thousand people. Has several degrees.

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