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You can not just buy a jar of gift, but also tell a friend some interesting facts about this accessory!

• If now it is just a stylish accessory, then before it was worn it was vital. Therefore, in the Middle Ages, in the manufacture of such dishes, instead of the usual glass, leather and metal used any improvised means - from the skin to the coconut.

• on European balls of the 18th century it was popular to have it with you - but not at all in order to get drunk: small sizes of dishes did not allow it. From a small flask it was necessary to raise a toast for a successful hunt or beautiful there.

• Earlier it was believed that the silver from which the jar is made, gives the medicinal properties and improves taste, therefore silverware was especially appreciated in society.

• When in America there was a dry law, people arranged special places where it was possible to quickly and imperceptibly fill small bottles with alcohol. The dry law has gone, and the tradition has remained: they are still popular in America.

• The classic curved shape of the flask appeared because of the fact that it used to be worn before the thigh: a flask of this shape is like "hugging" the leg.

• Wehrmacht soldiers received just two flasks of wood at once.

• In the USSR it was possible to find glass flasks up to half liter, filled with cognac.

Culture of using a jar with drawings:

• Its contents are not shared with the first counter: this is a personal accessory.

• it does not pour cocktails: this place is only for pure drinks.

• so that it does not become saturated with the smell of alcohol, wash dishes more often - both inside and out. if you still could not avoid the smell, try to get into rice inside, pour warm water and shake a little. Rice will take with him all the smell.

• But chemical means do not need to be used: they are perfectly absorbed into the walls of the flask and affect the taste. It is better to use vinegar, water with lemon juice or baking soda, diluted with water.

• Remember that if you are in extreme danger, 30-35 grams of alcohol from your jar in the embroidered case can give you a sensible mind and activate forces a little more than half an hour. To abuse this, of course, is not worth it, but it's better to have a flask with you in potentially dangerous moments.

• for the flask there are many more accessories: cork-glasses, hinge, sets of cups, stick, etc. You can work out the work for the entire trip with just a jar. Definitely decided on the choice? We invite you to our online store with low prices.

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