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Flashlights Nitecore

NiteCore — Innovations for Everyday Life




We are glad to see you on the page devoted to the technology of NiteCore, and specifically to the lanterns.

A bit of history: the company was founded in 2004. The developers of Nightcore made a bet on unique developments. Today the manufacturer has in its arsenal many patents that make their technique unique.


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Heavy-duty Nitecore flashkights are in great demand among special services around the world, for several reasons:


  • ALL flashkights are waterproof (in accordance with IPX8 standard)
  • EVERYONE has an impact-resistant casing (US MIL-STD-810F standard)
  • Has most convenient control
  • Flashkights have amazing power at relatively small sizes (in comparison with "classmates".


One of the bright (in the literal and figurative sense of the word) illustrations is the model:

Nitecore TM26  — is a "kid" with a capacity of 4000 lumens!


                                                                         full nitecore tm26 xm l2 u3 4000lm 4h18650190917


Thanks to the democratic pricing of the company and a large assortment, not only special forces and special agents deserve to be the owners of these "fireflies" from street lamps. The NiteCore technique is also available to ordinary people. By the way, it does not matter the purpose of the light source. A flashlight, a flashlight, an underbarrel or a searchlight - the quality of the work will always be on top!


Keychain flashlight: Nitecore Tube clear


                                                                           full nitecore tube clear 45lm 24m 2


LED lamp Nitecore to buy as a gift to a hunter or a fisherman - means to bring a really cool and necessary thing. Podtstylny lantern Nightcore is able to withstand the recoil of any weapon. And who else will be able to appreciate the power, reliability and small size, like not modern "mammoth getters"?


Flashlifgt Nitecore EAX HAMMER 2000Lm:


                                                              full nitecore eax hammer 2000lm190917


In Voentorg Voenmag there is a wide selection of flashlights, as well as аccumulators and accessories for any Nightcore flashlight.

A quality LED flashlight to buy in Moscow with delivery in Russia, without leaving home? It's quite simple. Orders on the site are processed around the clock. During business hours, you can apply by phone. The goods to the regions are delivered by the Post of Russia. For residents and visitors of the capital, there is a courier service and a point of self-transportation.

On any LED lantern Nitecore the price on our resource is set as attractive as possible. In addition, for all buyers of the Internet military machine Voenmag.Ru special discounts are provided!


Pleasant Acquisitions!

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