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Flashlights Fenix

Phoenix flashlights are also immortal like the legendary bird?


We are glad to see you on the page devoted to the lanterns of the Chinese brand - Fenix. Is there a choice of so many catchy and famous names for the company?




Even people far from mythology know that Phoenix is ​​a bird capable of rebirth. But not only this is a popular outlandish character. The bird had a bright yellow fire color and was associated with the cult of the sun.

What does the producer allude to such an impressive name? On supersky characteristics of a light stream or on a super-reliable "eternal" work?

Let's understand ...

The first thing you encounter when viewing the company's catalog, so it's with a huge and diverse assortment. It seems that they release everything! Bicycle, tourist lights, underbarrows, garden, headlong and much more.


Camping flashlights Fenix CL25R black: 




It should be noted and such an important fact as the cost. Please note that on Fenix ​​LED lights the price is focused on the average budget and the purchase of a quality mobile light source of this brand will not greatly affect your wallet.

The impact-resistant body, which each Phoenix lantern boasts, is constructed from a durable but light alloy of aviation aluminum. Lenses are made from tempered glass. In addition, high-quality and continuous operation of the LEDs is guaranteed during the ATTENTION: 50,000 hours. Making a simple calculation, we get: 2000 days or 6 years!


Onhead flashlight Fenix Headband:

                                                            111019 039a150917


Well, what is not a miracle bird Phoenix?


And more:


  • anti-reflection coating of lenses
  • watertightness
  • original design
  • Perfect specifications for the most demanding user


Pocket flashlight Fenix LD02:

                                                             fenix ld02 xp e2150917


Voentorg Voenmag proposes to buy a flashlight Fenix in Moscow with delivery throughout the country. In addition to mobile light sources, you will find Accumulators and Accessories for flashlights.


Optimal cost, a large selection (almost the entire line is represented), special discounts, the choice of payment methods and delivery.


Pleasant Acquisitions!

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