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Flashlights Armytek

Flashlights Armytek — military technology for a peaceful life!


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The company "Armytek" was established in Canada in 2007. Unlike many other manufacturers, Armetik entered the market through ... exhibitions. Yes, yes before the start of sales and registration of the official legal brand, the company earned an excellent reputation, taking part in various shows, as if teasing a consumer.

Flashlight Armytek Barracuda:

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The main secret of each lantern is Armitik - the balance of price and quality. The engineers of the company created a unique product that combines innovative developments at low cost. A kind of "Chinese" price with a "European" Q-factor.

Flashlight Armytek Tiara A1:

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The LED Street Lantern Armytek is really cool! Still would! After all, it collected all the development of the military and space industry!

Virtually all the lanterns of Armitik are literally "unshieldable"! They are made of ultra-shockproof material and, as the manufacturer claims, they can be thrown without damage from the 10th floor and immersed to a depth of 50 meters - it will withstand everything! And brave souls were found! Here the subscription is appropriate: Attention! The trick is done by a professional. Do not try to repeat!


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On the Internet on the lights of Armytek reviews are almost always unambiguous and they can be reduced to three terms: Power, Reliability, Quality!

Voentorg Voenmag offers a wide range of products from Armytek Optoelectronics Inc ... On our website you can not only buy Armitik lanterns in Russia at the best price, but also purchase accessories for flashlights and accumulators of this manufacturer.

Delivery is carried out in all regions of the Europe, USA, Australia and others. For residents and visitors of Moscow, there is a courier service and a point of self-transportation.

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