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Voentorg Voenmag welcomes you in the category of "Flashlights".

It is hardly necessary to talk about the benefits of flashlights in everyday life. Today it is not only a universal pocket flashlight, but also a reliable helper for any cases of life.

The overwhelming mass of modern LED flashlights. When choosing a portable light source, which is a flashlight, it is necessary to take into account specific tasks for which a thing is purchased.

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In addition to such important properties as light flux, color and beam range, presence of focusing, it is necessary to take into account the weight, size, operating time, protection from moisture and mechanical influences.

Unfortunately, as in any device, there is a direct relationship between power and operating time in the flashlights. It does not do without an additional increase in weight, because a battery or accumulator can significantly add weight for a hand torch.

Conditionally there are several types of streetlights: tourist, tactical, waterproof, special emergency.


This is the widest field of application of flashlights. The assortment is simply huge and everyone can choose what is needed specifically for him, focusing on the budget and technical specifications.

In addition to the usual and customary flashlights, headlights are in great demand. Convenience lies in free hands and in a light stream that hits exactly where the eye is directed.

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To buy Headlamp on our site will not be difficult. This useful device is useful to everyone from small to large. With it is convenient to read, carry out repairs, dig in the garden and so on. Use the search and choose the model you like and arrange the purchase.


All the innovative technologies have been assembled here, because these are serious lanterns designed for the special services and the army. In addition to the main function - lighting. These lanterns can be used simultaneously with weapons, as well as for disorientation and even blindness of the enemy.

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The technical requirements of this classification are quite high: anti-shock, convenience, brightness, the ability to attach to weapons - everything is important here!

Of course, tactical lights can be useful in everyday life, but it's worth to attend to mandatory powerful elements of nutrition.


Lantern for diving, which is quite natural, should be primarily moisture resistant.

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Extreme sports, such as underwater hunting, diving, snorkeling, also need an uninterrupted light source. In addition to the main factor of water resistance, lanterns must have a non-slip coating, withstand water pressure when submerging to a depth.

To buy a lantern for diving, for tourism or tactical in Moscow, we offer delivery throughout the country. Delivery is carried out in the regions by the Post of Russia. For residents and visitors of the capital, there is a courier service and a point of self-transportation.

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