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Emblems Embroidered and Pendants

See before you embroidered coat of arms? Did you know that:

• Three crowns on the Russian emblem symbolize the independence of both the country and each federation separately; scepter and power mean that the state and its power are one; and the horseman who kills the dragon, denotes the eternal struggle of good and evil.

• The double-headed eagle is not only a Russian symbol. It was also used as a state sign for the Hittite kingdom and shahs from Persia (the Sassanid dynasty).

• The ancient Romans believed that the eagle is the imperial sign, which symbolizes the highest power. Therefore, legends say that Julius Caesar considered a good sign, when before the entry of the commander to Rome, an eagle killed two kites. Then he thought that the second eagle would not hurt the Roman eagle. Therefore, buying a coat of arms is a good idea for someone who lacks power.

• And when in 1472 John the Third married Byzantine Sophia Palaeologus, on whose coat of arms was a two-headed bird, he connected this sign with his - George the Victorious, who kills the snake. A little later, there was already a disconnect: the bird remained on the arms of the country, and the hero - on the coat of arms of Moscow.

• The heated debate was about whether or not Maltese symbols should be included in the coat of arms. So, Pavel 1 ordered to do this, after which Alexander I again removed them from the Russian symbols.

• Gold and red colors were used in the emblem symbols at the end of the 15th century, and they knew such a picture even in the times of Peter the Great.

You can see the two-headed eagle not only if you buy the coat of arms of the Russian Federation in Moscow. After all, such a bird is present on the arms of several other states:

• Albania, one of the noble families of which - Castrioti - lent the coat of arms from Byzantium. Representatives of his family were leaders in the struggle for the sovereignty of Albania from Turkey. Moreover, "Albania" is translated from the local language as "the country of eagles", so it is not surprising that in it to buy a coat of arms with an eagle as simple as we do.

• Montenegro, where the double-headed eagle is explained by the unity of the Church and the State. Here the emblem is the same as it was during the reign of the first royal family of Montenegro - the Petrovic dynasty.

• In Greece, Turkey, Cyprus and Sri Lanka, such a bird is a symbol of the armed forces and police.

• The serebras depicted a red shield on the chest of the ora, on which four flaps (the so-called Serbian cross) are painted, which one to one repeats the coat of arms of the Obrenovic dynasty. Do you see how interesting the history of the usual coat of arms is? Maybe now you want to better consider it? Then arm with our online catalog - and choose the best embroidered coat of arms. With him you will never forget the smallest details of the symbolism!

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