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Coat badges

Choose which coats to buy? Learn more about them!

• Originally, the thrashers were intended to be worn at balls. They were invented to wear tailcoats for informal events, where a full collection of awards would not correspond to the situation.

• There were no rules for wearing frachnikov in the Russian Empire. Although for official awards there was a whole body of laws. Formally, people tried to adhere to the rule of wearing the fracker of the award on the left side, and the badge of the breastplates on the right. But this rule was not strict either.

• Frachniki served as an unofficial sign of status: a few people could afford a miniature copy of a reward from a jeweler. For the master to create threshers of orders was laborious work, therefore it was evaluated accordingly.

• Later, the ruffians of organizations and departments, as well as the finacies in honor of graduation from universities or universities, became popular: from that time on, the fashion for small copies of official awards was fully adopted by the people.

Therefore, now the bad guys are buying so prestigious!

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• Military Airborne Troopers. In our online store you can buy inexpensively the most diverse matchsticks of the presented category, without fear of losing quality.

• frachnik MES. This category of goods is rightfully one of the most elite, so we recommend that you pay attention to it.

• Fascists of the FSB of Russia. Now you can feel yourself as part of this huge mechanism - what do you say when you put on a similar sign?

• Foreign Minister of the USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs. Pay attention to this category of products if you are interested in history. Perhaps you'll be lucky enough to look at the story with different eyes!

• and other instances. So, what do you get, once you decide to buy a fake sign in the online store?

• The corporate spirit. They show your unity with other members of the club's association. We can buy thongs wholesale, so any member of your team will be able to wear on the jacket a distinctive sign that will remind him of the prestige of the company.

• aesthetics. Fraches are made from high-quality (and even precious) metals, so a small-sized sign will laconically select you from the crowd. His modesty only emphasizes the best qualities of the owner, and at the same time - the refined taste.

• Convenience. After the coffins were invented in order not to wear heavy rewards, but at the same time show their belonging to them - take advantage of the situation! Try to find something that you like, and the order does not take much time!


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