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Military shop "Voentorg" - the richest collection of aviation signs at affordable prices

In military conditions, there is no better defender than a brave pilot who, in his fast fighter, can hit many units of enemy equipment. At an incredible height, the emotions of "mere mortals" are incredibly heated, and in fact the pilots of the Great Patriotic War carried out more than 600 rams right under the clouds! They were not afraid to go to the end, and at the last moment the German invaders were forced to retreat. The enemy assigned huge rewards for disabling Soviet aircraft, but they continued to terrorize the cowardly occupiers. The great courage and bravery of our compatriots fighting at the helm of bombers and stormtroopers was encouraged by the signs of aviation of the old and new model.

In our desire to convey the memory of our ancestors and their exploits to modern youth, we are constantly expanding our range. Having more than 20 thousand items in the catalog, we do not intend to stop and are happy to offer you the largest collection of Air Force signs in Russia.

What signs of aviation can be bought in the military "Voenmag"

In our catalog, you can choose a variety of signs to reward Russian pilots, be it departmental awards or badges of honor, established with the filing of public organizations.

The history of the development of the current VCS of Russia began from the distant 1910, when Emperor Nicholas II founded his military air fleet. Its existence did not last long - just before the October Revolution began. Nevertheless, a short period of existence was not a hindrance to the domestic fleet, and our pilots were soon able to make a huge contribution to the construction of a future foundation for modern aviation.

In honor of one of them - Efimov Mikhail Nikiforovich - we are pleased to offer you a memorable breastplate of aviation , established by the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Air Force. At the center of this sign-order is the pilot himself, and on the rim of the ellipse lie wreaths of celery and laurel. Behind the silver lining with the hero of the Soviet Union, which the pilot became later, is a propeller blade and anti-aircraft gun. By the way, these two symbols were successfully transferred to the modern VCS emblems.

As you might have guessed, the USSR Air Force was founded after the destruction of the Imperial Navy in 1918. By the way, at first it was called worker-peasant. It is interesting that by 1930 the Soviet air fleet numbered a large number of Polikarpov fighters and Tupolev bombers. Just at this time the Soviet Government established the badge-badge General of the USSR Air Force . This is a very rare sign, whose exact copy you can buy in our store at a reduced cost. We also have one more dumb witness of those years. Established also in the 1930s, this sign of aviation was issued specifically for the purpose of the development of the airspace. It was specially designed for the use of airspace, em "> Instructors-pilots FACING .

As soon as the planes appeared, the shortage of personnel began to be acutely felt, and the flight technical schools began to be opened urgently on the country.

For the first time Soviet pilots managed to test their aircraft in Spain in the civil war from 1936 to 1939. There, our flying devices successfully repulsed the onslaught of German fighters brand Messerschmitt.

During the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, mass production of MiG, Yak, LaGG , and Pe - up to 50 aircraft per day. Three months after the declaration of war, more than 100 planes per day were produced in our country. In honor of all these models in our catalog there are signs of aviation at very modest rates. The round sign shows the model of aircraft with the signatures to them. Moreover, only here you can buy signs in the form of helicopters КА-50, Ми-24, Ми-28 and other fighting vehicles. Browse through the pages of our catalog, and you will find many signs of civil aviation, as well as awards with the attributes of transport and long-range aviation. If you can not find the icon you need from among all the presented variety, you have the right to recruit our consultants by the toll-free number, which is presented in the card of any product, and ask for help.

After the victory over Germany, the Soviet Government decided to modernize the Air Force structure. Signs of class character and marks of excellent pupils of aircraft have been entered. By the way, the first ones are sold in full. There are signs of the first, second, and third classes. All these awards received after passing the qualification, we have in the version of the USSR and in a modern, modernized version.

Russia's air force in its current situation appeared in 1998, when the Air Force and the Air Defense Force were merged. This type of troops of the RF Armed Forces performs a very important role for the protection and strengthening of the state. They are designed to protect the airspace of our country and provide air support to other branches of the armed forces.

At present, the Russian Air Force consists of:

  1. anti-aircraft missiles,
  2. radio engineering,
  3. Special Forces
  4. and aviation.

The structure of the latter is further subdivided into:

  • long distance
  • the military part of the VKS (includes assault, bomber, reconnaissance, fighter, special and transport aviation)
  • the military transport part of the VKS
  • and operational-tactical aviation

In the "Voentorg" catalog in a wide range you can find the attributes of all the listed parts of the VKS. Signs of long-range aviation or any other part are always ready for shipment to your city. All you need to do is place an order.

In 2015, there was a significant event for the history of the Russian Air Force - they joined the Air and Space Defense Forces. As a result, an entirely new kind of troops appeared - the Russian Air and Space Forces.

But, still fresh in the memory Russian aviation sign - yellow-blue developing flag with the emblem of the Air Force. It is sold in Voenmag at a symbolic cost. A set of this sign can be ordered USSR aviation sign with a red star and gray eagle wings on the same flag. Moreover, we recommend that you take a closer look at the new sign of the VCS , which was established only in 2015 year.

Pay attention to Aviation marks , which are available in a wide range in the windows of our online store . We also have a similar sign honored worker of the USSR Air Force .

A red cross with the inscription " Serving the Fatherland of the Air Force! will be a magnificent gift for the pilot." The low cost of such a mark makes it possible to award them on a large scale. For example, they can be awarded to all the men of your enterprise who served in the Air Force. If we compare our price lists with the prices of similar stores, then the odds will be clearly in our direction, so please contact us - we are happy to serve you!

Aviation identification marks

In 1943 the very first Soviet aviation identification mark was established. Both airplanes and helicopters used a red star with five ends and a border of white strips. A little later the rim became red too. More than once, Soviet pilots terrorized the enemy with their red star on the hull, which was visible from afar. Until now, it is with her that Russia is associated with foreign citizens.

In 2008, the Ministry of Defense decided to introduce a new emblem for the Air Force. With the submission of the federal authority, the legendary red star received a border in the color of the Russian flag. The decision was approved by the State Duma and because of the new emblem it was even intended to amend the Air Code. However, further disputes over the adoption of the new emblem began. So, a year later the Federation Council objected to the new symbols of the Russian Air Force, motivating its choice by the opponents' creeping into the holy heraldic symbols of our Motherland. As a result, the new emblem never received legal approval. The more interesting is the fact that all produced aircraft of modern Russia are decorated with the emblem of a new model. Moreover, even the May parade in the same year 2009 demonstrated a flying technique with new attributes of the Air Force.

Legal confirmation of new air force symbols came only in 2010, when the Russian government approved new emblems:

  • Civil aviation vessels are now decorated with a stylized image of the Russian flag
  • Military and border guard vessels are marked by aviation identification signs in the form of a five-fingered, burgundy star with a 3-color border in the style of the state flag of the Russian Federation.

Which VCS emblems exist today

In 2015, the Russian Ministry of Defense issued a decree approving three types of emblems of the Russian Federation Air Force:

  • small - on a diagonally crossed propeller with an antiaircraft gun, as well as on wings spread out in different directions, a golden star with 8 ends is located in the center.
  • medium - the central figure is the double-headed eagle, which holds a propeller and an anti-aircraft gun in its paws. On the bird's chest is a red shield, which is crowned with a golden crown. On the shield a rider is imprinted, who froze in battle with the dragon.
  • large - here in the center is a blue-colored heraldic shield with a small VCS emblem right in the middle. All this is framed with a wreath of woven celery leaves. Crowns the entire design of the emblem of the RF Armed Forces.

By the way, we have a unique a large emblem of the USSR Air Force . It is very different from the current one, but it will be more interesting for descendants. We also recommend that you pay attention to the looped emblem of the Air Force . This incredibly stylish accessory will be a worthy decoration for the cap or jacket.

How can I buy aviation marks in the Voenmag military escort

Now you know that in the military "Voenmag" you can always find the most diverse signs of the Air Force. We propose to proceed to the registration of the order. To do this, go to the card of the desired product and click the "Add to Cart" button. If you do not have time to fill out the online application form, you can talk to our specialists by phone. They will gladly answer all your questions, give you the necessary advice, and also take an order with your words. To make the process faster, it is advisable to inform the operator of the item code immediately after the phone number.

If you are interested in shipment of a large shipment of goods within an urgent time frame, we recommend contacting managers as soon as possible and discussing the situation personally. We always go to meet large customers, so we will help you to resolve the issue promptly and without any unnecessary hassle.

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