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Airborne Forces Medals VDV

Airborne Forces Medals

On sale there is a large selection of orders and medals of different types of troops. There are awards, both old and new, Soviet and Russian. The Internet store is responsible for the quality of the goods. Buy a medal at affordable prices in Moscow and not only, you can here. Just open the tab and make a couple of clicks. A wide range of medals and orders of the Airborne Forces has an excellent quality. Having made the order, the goods will be with you in a matter of days.

Airborne Forces Medals and their assortment

On the website of the online store, there is a large selection of medals from different years. There are copies that appeared in the era of the war in Afghanistan. Medals for different merits and successes, both in combat and in the world. You can also find medals of a new design, intended for Russian military forces, as well as for Novorossia. There are about 150 different awards. All at affordable prices and a deep interesting history of occurrence. You can buy them for yourself or as a gift. He will be valuable collectors, and other people. The medal is an excellent gift to the military, former military, veterans of the war.

Anniversary medals of the Airborne Forces

The paratroopers are always more proud of themselves than of the others. They are the elite of the fatherland. Defenders of their homeland. They are those to whom both military and peaceful citizens are equal.

In this online store, you can not buy expensive at modest prices, such jubilee medals and signs:

Medal of the "Airborne Forces 85". The award is not a state award. Timed to the 85th anniversary of the landing forces. The obverse depicts a soldier against the backdrop of a parachute and an airplane. The medal is made of brass. Proudly decorates the uniform of both a military man and a veteran. The price is more than affordable.

Medal of the "Airborne Forces 80". On the front side is an eagle. In the beak - a figure, a laurel branch and a ribbon. On the reverse side - the symbol of the Airborne Forces.

Jubilee awards of a memorable type. The price of a product of this type can be seen on the pages of the site. In most cases, they have inscriptions of this kind: "Veteran Airborne Forces", "For Airborne Troops Service", "General of the Army Margelov", etc.

The last in this list is the jubilee medal of the Airborne Forces, especially respected. It is issued by the "union of Russian paratroopers" as foreign citizens, and Russian, who made a huge contribution to military affairs. It can also be seen and purchased on the pages of the online store. Any Airborne Medal is a reward for a great deal, a significant contribution and courage.

Assortment of medals of VDV veterans

On the site there are several options for different years medals veterans Airborne. As a general plan, and for certain merits. The medal of the veteran is a sign of incredible valor, military stiffness and huge patriotism. The person who receives this medal has passed years of service, of war. And I was able not only to survive, but also to show myself well in military service. Buying such a medal will take an honorable place in your collection or it will be an excellent gift, especially to a former military paratrooper. In this online store you can buy such medals as:

• "War veteran"

• "Veteran of the local troops of the USSR and Russia"

• "Veteran of the Russian Armed Forces"

• "Veteran of military operations in the Caucasus"

• "Veteran of the Airborne Forces of Russia"

• "Veteran of the Airborne Forces. Military service »


Voentorg "Voenmag": the leader in the airborne awards market in Russia

In the military hypermarket "Voenmag" is represented the widest assortment of awards and medals in Russia for the elite of the Russian Armed Forces - Airborne Forces. We are happy to help you with the formulation of any order, if you want to buy an Airborne Medal with a certificate. Our online store accepts applications for the supply of wholesale parties of awards to the most remote regions of the country. Many years of work in the market, cooperation with proven manufacturers allows us to declare ourselves as the most qualitative supplier of awards, medals and orders in the Russian market. The quality of our products does not allow us to distinguish it from genuine Russian marks of honor. All presented lots are made of high-alloyed brass, and the organic enamel applied by the hot coating method will remain on the products in their original form for many decades.

What are the medals of the Airborne Forces of Russia you can buy in "Voenmag"

In our catalog there are awards for paratroopers, which were established by all kinds of veteran and public organizations. Moreover, we can buy medals of the Airborne Forces, which were issued by the Union of Russian Airborne Troops. There are rare and jubilee awards. If you are having trouble finding a certain medal, you can contact our managers via hotline phones that are published at the top of the site page. Always polite and good-natured to all buyers, our managers will not ignore any of your requests.

Among the very first it is worth noting a very beautiful and bright medal, which will please any paratrooper. It is a medal "For Fidelity to the Airborne Forces". Despite the fact that this sign of honor was established not by the government but by a public organization, it has great weight for everyone who served in the airborne troops. On the back of her side are engraved words that are sacred to the Airborne Forces - "Nobody except us!". An additional bonus to the lot is a blank ID card.

However, the most popular for today is the medal 85 years of the Airborne Forces. In the "Voenmag" you can buy any of the 12 favorite versions of this award.

Each with its value, the range of prices for the awards indicated varies between 16 and 22 USD for the most luxurious model, in contrast to competitors, where the lowest price per unit is 75 USD. Such awards will be an excellent addition to solemn ceremonies or to the meetings of veterans of VDV.

In addition to these 12 signs of honor, in our catalog you can find thrashers, badges and medals dedicated to this memorable date, as well as three crosses at a price of only $5. The most popular is the cross on a gilt plank with an eagle against the background of the Russian tricolor. Despite the fact that its founder is a non-governmental public organization of veterans of the Airborne Forces, the award is a jubilee. It is interesting that this sign of honor can be awarded to active military personnel, as well as veterans who have become residents of other countries. The citizenship does not influence it. Moreover, it can be attached to the tunic of individuals from peripheral organizations that cross the line of the Airborne Forces. Incredibly contrasting, a red cross with a white edging and with a white fine square will undoubtedly be seen on the chest from afar.

The best of the awards, established by the Union of Russian Airborne Troops, is rightly considered a medal in honor of Vasily Margelov. On the obverse side of it the commander-in-chief is depicted, in honor of which the air force was nicknamed "Uncle Vasya's army", and on its reverse side there is a parachute flanked by a laurel branch and two fighters on the sides. The moiré band with two shades of blue symbolizes a calm and stormy sky. After all, paratroopers in battle always go for a breakthrough, and no matter what the weather was set under the clouds.

It is interesting that it was Vasily Margelov who won from the Soviet government the right to wear vests for his wards. In order to distinguish the paratroopers from the sailors, it was decided to make strips on the airborne blue clothes. For those who are dear to the VDV's ammunition and everything connected with it, we have prepared an excellent gift - the medal "Telhyashka of my Soul" or "Telhyashka is Our Legend".

Very often paratroopers who have performed incredible feats in the name of the fatherland are singled out as Hero of Russia and awarded with the appropriate medals and orders. So, in the world famous battle in the Argun gorge, where a company of 90 soldiers could stop the advance of Khattab militants numbering 2,500 people, all the participants of the battle became Knights of the Order of Courage.

Our online store presents all the medals of the Airborne Forces with certificates in Russia. By purchasing one of these, you will pay your respects to those who have given part of their lives or all of its entire hard work as part of the airborne forces.

As a souvenir, you can buy commemorative airborne badges for a soldier dear to you or for a number of active and retired soldiers and officers. There is also an icon in the catalog, released in honor of the legendary Vasily Margelov. If you already have similar signs of honor, pay attention to the airborne badges, made in the form of flags. In the line of such icons, you can even find a special badge for those serving in the Airborne Forces Special Forces unit, as well as in all sorts of assault and assault units.

An excellent gift for the parachutist will serve any of the frakchniki represented in the Voenmag. Available in our online store and badges Airborne Beret. If you are at a loss with the choice, call the managers, and they will at any time help you find the corner you need for your case.

Everyone knows that in recent events in the Crimea, a large number of Russian paratroopers took part. We are pleased to offer our customers medals issued by various public organizations in honor of these events, for example, the medal "Combat Brotherhood", "We Stand for the Donbass" and many others.

An incredibly stylish medal to veterans of the Airborne Forces attracts the attention of not only employees, but also collectors-faleristov. The unusual design of both the bar and the medal itself, made in the form of a cross, will not leave it unnoticed among other awards. The plank here is not rectangular, as usual, but in the form of straightened eagle wings, instead of the trunk - the coat of arms. Below there are two crossed stars - red and gilded fine. In the center of the blue sky is an open parachute with two fighters at the edges. By the way, its cost is very modest - 15 USD.

It is worth paying special attention to the medal badge, which depicts an airborne bat. This is a black cross with eagles flying in four directions and a parachute located behind the bat. This sign symbolizes the fact that for the paratroopers there is no part of the world where they could not reach. A black bat, hanging over the world, means that for Russian intelligence there are no secrets.

A good gift at solemn ceremonies can also serve as an airborne badge with an eagle on the background of a white cross, a guards band and a parachute that is built into the bar. By the way, this award is issued at a price of symbolic $4.

Look through our catalog and see for yourself that we can buy you any sign of honor of the Airborne Forces. Modest prices, good quality and original design will not leave indifferent any paratrooper.

How to buy an Airborne Medal in Voenmag

To date, in Russia there are a huge number of Orders, badges and medals of the Airborne Forces. Therefore, it is rather difficult to determine the exact number of awards. The only thing that can be said for sure is that all the known signs of honor are collected in our store windows. Call us if you have found any unique award, which we do not have, and we will certainly replenish it with our assortment. A similar statement will be true to the frachnikam, accessories to the awards, as well as to the anniversary crosses in honor of the airborne troops - we can find everything!

If you are interested in airborne medals, you can buy them in our store by following a series of simple steps. After you have decided on the choice, you can postpone shopping in the basket, and then proceed to ordering. If you have any questions, you can get a free consultation with our specialists. All details about ordering are indicated in the relevant section of the site.

The order of rewarding with airborne medals

Orders and medals of the Airborne Forces can be awarded to:

  • Acting employee in the airborne forces;
  • servicemen of the airborne forces in reserve;
  • veterans of the Airborne Forces;
  • Airborne servicemen who received disability during the service, in local conflicts and during man-made disasters;
  • members of the families of airborne troops;
  • The persons conducting propaganda of service in the Airborne Forces.

Do not forget about a number of nuances. Remember that the jubilee medal for service in the Airborne Forces can only be awarded to veterans. For those who propagandize service in the Airborne Forces there is only one award, established by the Union of Russian Airborne Troops - "For loyalty to the landing fraternityor loyalty to the landing fraternityor loyalty to the landing fraternity".

Call us if you are on fire to open your own military trader in the city where you live. Our specialists will not only help you to assemble a basket with the most popular goods, but also will tell you about which lots are relevant in Russia for this or that period.

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