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T-shirt with portrait of Putin

code: 100-13865
Color: Black Material: Cotton 100% Printing type: silk screen printing
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T-shirt with portrait of Putin
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Russians can buy a t - shirt with a portrait of Putin at the best price-only $17.in the "military Store". Delivery across the country.

t-Shirt with a portrait of Vladimir Putin

as you know, meet on clothes. A good t-shirt in the summer heat is the best gift for a real man.

today, many support the incumbent President. Patriots will appreciate t-shirts with a portrait of Putin, because they will be able to Express their solidarity to him.

If you:

you are ideal t-shirts with Putin's pattern.

all clothing is made of natural cotton. The color image is made in the technique of silk-screen printing on a black background. Contrast background makes the picture more vivid and brighter.

Want to buy a t-shirt with a portrait of Putin? You have three ways to get this beautiful item:

How much will you pay?

Only $13 for t-shirts with Putin in St. PETERSBURG and all Russia. For the money you get:

Relations between Russia and the United Kingdom in the second presidential term Vladimir Putin

Since Peter's time, Britain and Russia have been irreconcilable rivals. Only during the world wars London became an ally of Moscow.

in the middle of the noughties, there is a tendency to stabilize relations between the EU and Russia. But England was the exception. For example, British Prime Minister David Cameron in 2008 urged the G8 to exclude Russia from its ranks for "Russian aggression against Georgian democracy."

the Cynicism of the situation is added by the fact that Foggy Albion is actively involved in "peacekeeping" operations in the middle East, Afghanistan and third world countries. So, the torture of prisoners at Abu Ghraib have become the talk of the town. It is not uncommon for her Majesty's brave soldiers to trade their weapons for diamonds and drugs. It remains a mystery what kind of" peace " they bring to the conquered countries.

Vladimir Putin and the United Kingdom during the Ukrainian crisis

already strained relations with Russia finally deteriorated after the Ukrainian political crisis of 2013-2014. Britain was one of the first to impose economic and political sanctions against Russian business and a number of Ministers. Reached the public insults: the crown Prince Charles has publicly compared Putin with Adolf Hitler.

the Hysterical behavior of the United Kingdom is understandable: Britain acts strictly within the framework of American foreign policy. After world War I, the dying British Empire went into a debt hole in front of the Americans.

after world War II, there was no trace of the former greatness of England. In order to maintain its influence in the former colonies (especially in Africa), Britain entered into an Alliance with the United States.

however, and on Foggy Albion remain sane people. So, many leaders of the left parties oppose the ill-considered policy of London. Ordinary citizens are also in favor of rapprochement with Russia: a survey conducted by Galup International revealed that the citizens of England treat Russia most positively of all residents of Western Europe.

the Russians can buy a t-shirt with Putin's portrait at the best price - just $13. "Voenmag". Delivery across the country.


Information on delivery and payment: The minimum order amount is $17.


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